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good, I look forward to continuing

Dont get me wrong, i really like this concept but... what is this grammar!?? Where are the comas and the full stops? This is missing so much punctuation.
Im telling you this not because i want to hate on you or your editor, but because i want this story to succeed and be good.

A good tip i can give you is to write your chapters in google docs since its auto correct is really good at punctuation.

Btw, sick cover art ;>


thanks, I promise to improve

Proofread? My guy, there are a lot of errors.



Hi, I am the one responsible for the lack of punctuation in this story, I should've paid more attention when translating the story, I'm sorry that I made it harder to enjoy a very solid chapter with much potential, please give this story a chance it is worth the read... and L., sorry I let you down in this one man, I know you said you this fic was very important to you, I'll do my best not to let this happen again... once again, sorry.

thank you very much and don't worry I know you've been busy just take it easier next time

Dont worry my man, i would read this story with errors and all, but i am glad you will put some more effort into it. I believe this story can be great even with its flaws
Take your time, it makes the overall quality better as opposed to if you just burnt yourself out in 2 chapters :)

As someone suggested, Google docs is great to help with spelling etc, but used in combination with Grammerly (A free add on) you can usally get 99% of errors. Highly recommend that combo.

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