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In Manehattan there is a strange ape-like creature that is being held in a lab. Its injuries bear the distinctive marks of illegal sport hunting by exotic game poachers.

What's strange is that there's an entire section in books on natural life about this creature designating its kind maned apes. What's even stranger is that there are accounts throughout Equestria's history about maned apes turning up.

The maned ape, given the moniker Big Red by the scientists holding it, is given over to the crown and transferred to Ponyville for safe keeping. The Mane 6 comb through Equestria's historical texts and oral account to try and find where the maned apes come from.

This is an HiE story that starts in Season 1 shortly after Apple Buck Season.

EDIT: 6-8-2022 Featured! Woo-hoo!

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I'll follow for a bit.


Vaalintine #2 · Last Friday · · · 1 ·

Now this is going to throw everyone for a loop. Finding out that they weren't wild animals but people being slaughtered for their parts is going to require they escalate. After all it would mean that these "poachers" are actually a group of organized Serial Killers.

Hopefully he doesn't speak their language so that the ponies have to slowly piece together his level of sapiency over time.
Also curios what's with the 4, 5, 6 fingers thing.
Tentatively interested.

The story is fascinating and I love that it's different because you don't really see human hunting in these situations in any other stories for the very fact that there's Hunters will go out of their way to hunt a rare or endangered species like a human florinstents and " THE ONLY ONE OF ITS IT'S KIND", And in existence it's maddening not seeing that ugly reality in magic land! I'll wait patiently for the next chapter!

This should be good. I can only wonder what "Big Red's" first reaction is going to be.

Theresa #6 · Last Friday · · · 1 ·

Weird genetics stuff. Considering genetics sometimes does Weird things most of the time we fix so the person can be as normal physically as possible depending upon how it goes.

This is really interesting.

DMDash71 #8 · Saturday · · · 2 ·

Seeing the “memory palace” reminded me of the same phrase used by Thomas Harris in his Hannibal Lecter novels.

Vaalintine #9 · Saturday · · · 2 ·

So the ponies seem to be taking this seriously, good. Although it feels very out of place for him and the ponies to suddenly be close and trusting enough to cuddle each other after what happened to him.

Fetch #10 · Saturday · · · 2 ·

Computer, scan for temporal anomalies between Equus and Terra.
-There is an unstable temporal wormhole between Equus and Terra. The Equus end is fixed temporally, the Terra end is not. Neither end has a stable physical endpoint.-
-The wormhole can open anywhere on Equus, and can open anywhere and anywhen on Terra.-

That redshirt that appeared must have been without his universal translator OR had it, but it was having difficulty processing the language of Equus.

Samos30 #11 · Saturday · · · 2 ·

I feel like the title is a typo, is it just me? Still I'll give it a look.

rikithemonk #12 · Saturday · · 1 · 2 ·

I'm so hoping that this story lives. There have been a few stories similar to this in the past and they all suffered extremely early deaths.

Which is a shame because this is a great story idea.

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I feel like the title is a typo, is it just me? Still I'll give it a look.

I doubt it, I believe that the idea was the word mane. Since humans could be considered to have manes.

“A spider’s got to spider.” -Scarheart

Samos30 #15 · Saturday · · · 2 ·

No, not the "maned" part. "Aped", I feel like that should either be "Apes" or just "Ape".

Huh, didn't expect to see cuddles here.

But I will say that since Angel has shown in the show to have a level of intelligence on par with Equestrian ponies (and thus humans) to also be sapient, Big Red being sapient but not speaking the same language as ponies shouldn't affect Fluttershy's ability to speak to him. Unless there's more to it than a simple language barrier that even sapient animals that just can't speak ponish and ponies (not named Fluttershy) usually have.

But humans and ponies having a language barrier is always interesting to see though.

Liked and watching, can’t wait for the next one!!

this is the first time i've seen the idea of wrighting down the alphabet of each langrige then drawing simple things like bed/cat/ape/dog/apple/food/water, to try to find a way to conmucate.

Sozmioi #19 · Sunday · · · 2 ·


Has Angel written, though?

grochek1 #20 · Sunday · · · 2 ·

I have a question.
I am assuming that 4 fingered humans are from EQG universe and 5 fingered humans are from our Earth (or at least use our Earth as a reference point - Hello UFP).

Here is my question. Where are the 6 fingered humans from? The only 6 fingered human I can think of is a connoisseur of pain who it looking to write the definitive work on the subject as well as modified the suction pump.

FanOfSun #21 · Sunday · · · 2 ·

Really like this story so far!

sykko #22 · Sunday · · · 2 ·

Each of the different numbered fingers humans comes from a different universe where environmental pressures caused them to evolve in different ways.

ThinkTank #23 · Sunday · · · 2 ·

Well for Red's side of it there are 2 things.
1. He was attacked by griffons and iron wolves, not ponies.
2. When he woke up he saw that his wounds had been treated, he was hooked up to an IV, and he was in some sort of medical observation room.
That and him being given a moment to have a small freak out by himself probably helped

On the ponies side, Fluttershy came to a conclusion, took a leap of faith, and opened the way for the others.

So while it may be a bit fast, it isn't that much of a crazy leap. A little bit of friendliness and hope in what appears at first to be a hostle land.


He hasn't, but with the level intelligence that seems to go beyond sentience, he probably could learn to write if he really wanted to.

redandready45 #25 · Sunday · · · 1 ·

A lot of stories like this make everypony into brutal monsters who hate humans for no good reason. I like how you avoid making the Mane 6 into human-destroying monsters.

Twilight waved off Applejack's comment. "No offense taken, Applejack. Mom used to say that the Canterlot royals had their noses jammed so far up their own plots that they would have to cough just to take a shit."

Twilight Sparkle should be Twilight Savage!:twilightblush:



Also, Red is smart enough to know that cooperating with his potential captors is his best chance at survival.

redandready45 #27 · Sunday · · · 2 ·

"Smart monkey peed in bucket.", Spike muttered as he scribbled down notes.

I'd write any zoology book written by Spike.

this seems like it could go any of many wonderful ways.

I am loving this story so far, and l eagerly look forward to the next chapter.

TomRedlion #30 · Sunday · · · 2 ·


That redshirt that appeared must have been without his universal translator OR had it, but it was having difficulty processing the language of Equus.

That or his translator relies on communications with the massive database and processors of his Starfleet base station or the starship he belongs to.
I'm sure if I tried to use the google translate app on my cell phone in a location where I don't have any useful signal, it wouldn't translate anything.

CrimsonR4ge #31 · Sunday · · · 2 ·

Its obviously Stanford Pines.

Ear scritches? Okay, I’m in.

Theresa #33 · 8 hours ago · · · 2 ·

True but language isn't learnt overnight and learning a new one takes time which with the barrier is going to take a while.

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