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Waking up bright and early has its benefits, but today is an unfortunate exception. With a strange glow illuminating their Cutie Marks and a myriad of new friendship problems popping up all over the map, the group must prepare themselves for the long journey ahead and make sure Ponyville avoids calamity during their absence.

This story takes place after season four, and this series of mini-fics should be treated as an alternate season of Friendship is magic. (After season 4 respectively.)

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With a strange glow on each of their Cutie Marks and pins

Wait, pins? What pins?

Comment posted by LouisJustLouis deleted Last Friday

Not literal pins, but their Cutie Marks were placed across Equestria, similar to the Our Town and Starlight Glimmer two parter episodes from season 4.

One week, we’ll each have one week to settle our affairs;

Let's hope this delay doesn't cause those friendship problems to get worse.:unsuresweetie:

“No offense, Rarity, but maybe you should tone down the uh…frou·frou-ness of your outfits.” Rainbow Dash said, attempting to put her down gently.

I would have thought she would have figured this out by now. Oh well. It fills up the word count at least.:twilightsheepish:

“Fluttershy, Discord isn’t a filly or…baby…or….hatchling?.... He’s fully grown, is what I mean!” Huffed Twilight, “He can take care of himself.”

A Foal is the word you're looking for Twilight. Although some would argue he is as needy as one.:ajsmug:

“Unorthodox, I was going to say unorthodox.”

What's wrong with being unorthodox Starlight Glimmer?:trixieshiftright:

“Twilight tried to give Applebloom a cutie mark, but it didn’t work. How could she give us a Cutie mark?”

Because I'm the fandom damned Starlight Glimmer Kid!:twilightangry2:

Honestly I had forgotten that even happened. Live and learn huh?:twilightblush:

A wave of lethargy crashed against the fillies as they lazily looked at one another, “Anyone else feeling kinda…over this here lemonade stand?” Asked Applebloom.

“I don’t even feel like doing THAT.” groaned Scootaloo as she barely moved for Applebloom to loaf next to her.

No! Not best fillies!:fluttershbad:

Bad Starlight Glimmer! Bad girl!:flutterrage:

“Did we even really care about those Cutie Marks in the end?” questioned Scootaloo.

Ahh yes indeed. That is the question.:unsuresweetie:

I love this Chapter. You write Starlight's character perfectly with just the right blend of sophistication charm and pettiness. Looking forward to more of this.:pinkiehappy:

“We’ll never be friends.” Spat Twilight.

“So long, Twilight Sparkle; if it’s any consolidation, you’ll make a great meal for the Timber Wolves!”

Things have gotten serious now. I wonder if Starlight ends up in Tartarus this time?:rainbowderp:

“I do trust him, Spike; I trust that he’ll make the clouds cotton candy, flood the town with chocolate milk, and make door knobs sticky!”

Seriously has the guy done anything helpful at this point in time? Like one thing?:ajbemused:

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