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Equestria is a haven for the magical pony race. Ruled under the beloved and benevolent Alicorn Sisters spanning hundreds of miles, it's our heroes' job to travel across it. But not just Equestria, no. They must go further beyond Equestria, Equus even! Griffonia and Zebrica are in need of some help too y'know. But before our little ponies can even leave Ponyville, they'll have to settle some domestic issues first...

This story takes place during season 6 after "Gauntlet of Fire" before 'No Second Prance's' for obvious reasons. Also, the season five finale, the season five episode 'Party Pooped', The season six two-parter, 'The Crystalling,' and the rest of season six onward are not canon to this AU.

Parts of this story are no longer Canon, as of 10/23/23 this work is now considered partial canon.

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With a strange glow on each of their Cutie Marks and pins

Wait, pins? What pins?

Comment posted by Slippin_Sweetie deleted Aug 5th, 2022

Not literal pins, but their Cutie Marks were placed across Equestria, similar to the Our Town and Starlight Glimmer two parter episodes from season 4.

One week, we’ll each have one week to settle our affairs;

Let's hope this delay doesn't cause those friendship problems to get worse.:unsuresweetie:

“No offense, Rarity, but maybe you should tone down the uh…frou·frou-ness of your outfits.” Rainbow Dash said, attempting to put her down gently.

I would have thought she would have figured this out by now. Oh well. It fills up the word count at least.:twilightsheepish:

“Fluttershy, Discord isn’t a filly or…baby…or….hatchling?.... He’s fully grown, is what I mean!” Huffed Twilight, “He can take care of himself.”

A Foal is the word you're looking for Twilight. Although some would argue he is as needy as one.:ajsmug:

“Unorthodox, I was going to say unorthodox.”

What's wrong with being unorthodox Starlight Glimmer?:trixieshiftright:

“Twilight tried to give Applebloom a cutie mark, but it didn’t work. How could she give us a Cutie mark?”

Because I'm the fandom damned Starlight Glimmer Kid!:twilightangry2:

Honestly I had forgotten that even happened. Live and learn huh?:twilightblush:

A wave of lethargy crashed against the fillies as they lazily looked at one another, “Anyone else feeling kinda…over this here lemonade stand?” Asked Applebloom.

“I don’t even feel like doing THAT.” groaned Scootaloo as she barely moved for Applebloom to loaf next to her.

No! Not best fillies!:fluttershbad:

Bad Starlight Glimmer! Bad girl!:flutterrage:

“Did we even really care about those Cutie Marks in the end?” questioned Scootaloo.

Ahh yes indeed. That is the question.:unsuresweetie:

I love this Chapter. You write Starlight's character perfectly with just the right blend of sophistication charm and pettiness. Looking forward to more of this.:pinkiehappy:

“We’ll never be friends.” Spat Twilight.

“So long, Twilight Sparkle; if it’s any consolidation, you’ll make a great meal for the Timber Wolves!”

Things have gotten serious now. I wonder if Starlight ends up in Tartarus this time?:rainbowderp:

“I do trust him, Spike; I trust that he’ll make the clouds cotton candy, flood the town with chocolate milk, and make door knobs sticky!”

Seriously has the guy done anything helpful at this point in time? Like one thing?:ajbemused:

She gets sent somewhere worse, Brazil.

Story's getting good can't wait for the next chapter

“Oh my gosh, stop being so helpful; it’s freaking me out!” Snapped Rainbow Dash.

You know bad things are about to go down when Discord is helpful. It's a welcome change of pace though.

“I promise.” Smiled Rarity as she picked up Sweetie Belle, and left the room.

Aww! Sisterly bonding time!

"Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, wait up!" Shouted Spike.

Join us again next time for more Rainbow Dash freakouts!

Aw great! now I'm hungry for some apple pie!

Wow! Using three innocent fillies as a way to get revenge on The Mane 6, that's pretty low even for you Starlight !

Wait what happened to Sweetie Belle?:rainbowhuh: Was she cured off screen?:rainbowderp:

Comment posted by Slippin_Sweetie deleted Aug 14th, 2022

Hey what about Sweetie Belle?

I wonder how Discord's gonna take care of Ponyville
Of course they're worried he'll throw Equestria in chaos
But I'm betting when they get back Ponyville will be completely normal which will leave Twilight shocked, confused,and speechless! I'd like to see that! I hope they catch Starlight

Applebloom and Scootaloo looked at one another, a bit miffed at the mundane answer to how Sweetie Belle conquered the spell.

Applebloom you did cure yourself by baking a pie, so maybe be a little less miffed.:unsuresweetie:

“Wait! You’ll tear up the fabric, you guys!” Whined Sweetie Belle as she frantically looked at her friends.

Poor Sweetie Belle. I hope she manages to save her quilt.:pinkiesad2:

The Unicorn gasped as her look of shock turned to rage, “You’re supposed to be dead!” snarled Starlight, “How are you alive!?”

And not a invisibility spell in sight.

Standing at a safe distance, Twilight watched in muted horror as the Castle of Friendship toppled over and smashed into the ground, shattering like glass and echoing throughout Ponyville.

Where will Twilight live now?! Up a Tree?!

It was already bad enough when Tirek destroyed the Golden Oaks Library, But now Starlight's gone too far!:twilightangry2: Oh my gosh wait was Owlowisious in there too!?

This is why I will always prefer how Hasbro handled Starlight post-season 5's finale.

Let me know via messager or here about any criticism you have.

I hope you haven't stopped the story

There's a sequel in the works don't worry!

I've had apple juice mixed with lemonade before, for the record, it tastes like pineapple juice.

and make door knobs sticky!

Ooh! What's that? Is it sticky? A sticky-icky? Sticky doorknob.

I really liked this story. You did a great job. Now I'm wondering about the cutie map journey they have to take and how Discord will handle the town.

“Ooooohhhh.” sighed everyone, relieved it was THAT talk and not ‘that’ talk. Applejack rolled her eyes before sighing, “Alright, y’all, let’s get a move on and pack up; a week ain’t that long to get ready for a trip like this.”

Why!? c mon dude

Twilight fought the urge to roll her eyes out of respect for her friend. Truth be told, she and most other ponies found Discord to be irritable and untrustworthy. But, she did like Fluttershy, and she did understand the importance of having an at least cordial relationship with the Draconequus.


I understand he can be annoying and choatic at times.
But he isn't a monster, he is just being himself. And true friends have trust in each other.


Discord could unleash all the chaos in Equestria if he wanted to; he ate the rehabilitation spells and practically disabled the Elements of Harmony. Effectively securing his freedom and possible chaos indefinitely, that fact alone put her on edge.

If he wants to, HE SHOULD'VE DONE IT BY NOW.

Before they knew it, Starlight finished the spell, and they quickly looked amongst themselves. They noticed their new Cutie Marks adorning their flanks. A plain, grey, equal sign plastered on their backsides.


“Look, Discord, we appreciate your help, but it’s fairly reasonable that we don’t….” Applejack paused, seeming uneasy to finish her sentence.


This takes place before Season 6, so no he hasn't.

Randomly giving a artifact to Twilight that he got from the villian he enabled to be a threat in the first place, doesn't count.

By that logic, it's actually Tirek himself who saved Equestria. Where's his express reformation?

Why didn't you answer my question?

The table’s eyes widened as their brows raised in shock, “Gross, TMI, Applejack!” Groaned Rainbow Dash.

Oh gosh kind of gross guys of thinking

Fluttershy gave a rather unimpressed look at Twilight, “Then why is Spike coming?”

Yeah Fluttershy has a good point

Well this was a very interesting start of a story here so it looks like Twilight got some in by the Cutie map and apparently not just only her but her friends as well traveling across Equestria and apparently this will take them at least a few days a few months or even a year that's what she said so it looks like everybody is getting ready to prepare and it looks like Applejack is going to talk with Apple Bloom about this whole situation including Big Mac running the apple orchard and it looks like Fluttershy has to explain Discord what's going on with Twilight so this should be very interesting

“Plans always fall through, and besides, everypony has a responsibility here. Applejack’s orchard, Fluttershy’s animals, even something that seems insignificant like Pinkie Pie’s parties are important.” Fretted Discord

Whoa I was not expecting Discord actually was concerned about not just only Fluttershy's but the other ponies of Fluttershy's friends important jobs that's new

“Oh, I plan to.” Discord said with a smile as he watched Twilight flee the scene, slowly summoning a bag of popcorn from the aether, “Trust me.”

Of course what did I expect from Discord he's just basically trolling Twilight

Well that could have gone well so Discord was basically by himself towing with Angel no surprises there but then Twilight and Fluttershy arrived to inform him that all of them are going on a trip try to solve a friendship problem and basically there's nobody here to protect them but he said he would like to help but Twilight insist that she can find somebody since he done a lot so with that she tried to find somebody desperately and Discord knows about it figures

Starlight had observed from a distance in whatever brambles, bush, or whatever crowd she could blend into, studying the enemy. She was to be awarded a fabulous prize through her studies and patience, an opportunity to achieve the revenge she had so desperately longed for.

So this is during the time in season 5 because Starlight really want to get even with Twilight and her friends

Scanning them all, she quickly noticed their blank flanks, seeming to smile at the sight; perhaps she could give a ‘friendship lesson’ of her own.

Oh dear and this is during the time before the episode the crusaders of the lost mark came around oh no don't you dare Starlight

Before they knew it, Starlight finished the spell, and they quickly looked amongst themselves. They noticed their new Cutie Marks adorning their flanks. A plain, grey, equal sign plastered on their backsides.

You evil son of a guns n' roses 😡

Oh dear this is so not good so it looks like Twilight is still trying to find another way but unknown to her Starlight is here and apparently she's already causing trouble already she already met with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and they don't have their cutie marks yet and starlight gave them a cutie mark but unfortunately it's the same magic that give them the equal sign and now they're just down and everything this is so not cool starlight

Rarity gasped, “Oh my goodness, are you ill? Did you catch a fever? Why can’t you stand up!?” She’d quickly looked over to Sweetie’s flank and turned pale. Recognizing that gray cutie mark from her encounter with Starlight Glimmer and ‘Our Town.’

Well at least Rarity saw it but seriously they still don't know what starlight's town name is

Oh my goodness the Cutie Marks Crusaders looks a messed up when they got to Rarity's house they really have no energy luckily Rarity saw them asking what's wrong with them they told her that they got their cutie marks but unfortunately Rarity knows what it is and she's worried about them when they saw the equal sign and she knows that Starlight is here so she put them into bed called for Twilight help meanwhile at the castle he's still trying to find a potential Pony to keep an eye on on the town but unfortunately she can't think of anybody but Rarity got to her and told her Starlight was here and did something to the Cutie Mark Crusaders so they had to figure out what to do how to get rid of the equal sign

“So what you’re saying is, Starlight removed their…personality? Oh my goodness!” Rarity quickly turned to Sweetie Bell, “Sweetie, this isn’t true; don’t you want to do something? Knitting, perhaps?”

Oh sweet mother of Celestia that's so low starlight

Comment posted by Yoshifan30 deleted Oct 1st, 2022

I would say very clever Starlight not only adding more problem you wanted Twilight out of the castle so you can check out the cutie map but you won't get away with that so Twilight tried to figure out how to take out that equal sign off of the Cutie Mark Crusaders but no luck and then Discord showed up asking what's the situation and Twilight told him about Starlight then he gave hurt some advice about being a villain and so they can find Starlight and they only location is the everfree forest so now she's heading down with the girls but unfortunately she won't be there

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