• Published 5th Aug 2022
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The Equestria Chronicles: Chaotic Preparations - Slippin_Sweetie

After being altered by the Cutie Map, our heroes must take the laborious task of preparing for a very long road ahead of them. But even getting on the road will prove to be a challenge.

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A New Day

Author's Note:

This is my first story ever, and because of new viewers coming in I have to warn everyone coming in this isn't my best work. I didn't have a beta or my co-author. The reason it's a separate story is that I wanted to make my fan fics more episodic. But now, it's mostly due to the stark contrast in quality, in my opinion. If you can stomach through my first fic, please read some of my other work it's much better. You really don't need to read this story to enjoy the sequels either.

Awaking from her slumber, Twilight Sparkle didn’t hesitate to stick to her ‘perfected’ routine. Carefully slipping out from under the covers and neatly making her bed. The Alicorn quickly made her way to the kitchen to have her breakfast of one sunny-side-up egg, a slice of toast (light butter), and a cup of herbal tea.

A fine, perfectly average morning. Carefully using her silverware, she sliced the golden yolk allowing the delicious compound of nutrients to spill out across the plate, before sopping it up with a piece of her toast.

Letting out a gentle sigh, she listened to the symphony of the birds outside, their soft chirps with the occasional coo from a mourning dove. The little things made waking in the morning worth it for her. Much to the disagreement of Spike, who was still sleeping in the bedroom for a few more hours. She didn’t mind; however, Spike was still a baby dragon despite his experience and intelligence.

She had occasionally forgotten that fact, more than she would like to admit. Spike had shown resolve and maturity; that was clear in the face of danger. He was immortalized with his heroic triumph over King Sombra’s attempted takeover of the Crystal Empire. Idolized by the Crystal populace for years to come, but before she could reminisce, a massive bright light pulsated.

She nearly fell out of her seat in surprise as she quickly looked down. Her cutie mark glowed white. She quickly scarfed down her meal and cleaned her plate. Before she made haste, galloping through the vast halls of her castle as she burst through the throne room’s doors. The bright light that encompassed her cutie mark was nothing compared to the map of Equestria. The beams of light engulfed the map in light shooting across the world. Twilight stood, her mouth a gap as she cautiously approached the table.

Throughout the world, Twilight and her friend’s cutie marks were pinned across Equestria, even to the far-off Griffon Kingdoms. Before she could wrap her head around this newfound list of Friendship problems, her train of thought was interrupted by her companion’s familiar and groggy voice.

“Twilight?” murmured Spike, staggered into the room, loudly yawning as he stretched, “What’s going on,” he yawned again before smacking his parched dry mouth, “It was so bright for a minute there….”

“I’m not sure, Spike; the map is covered with friendship problems, from here, across all of Equestria and the Griffin lands!”

The dragon rubbed his tired eyes before shuffling toward the table; his emerald green eyes widened in disbelief, “Woah…do you realize what this means?”

“We’ll have to pack, gather everyone, arrange plans for Ponyville in our absence, and we may be gone for months, years even!” Fretted Twilight.

“I was going to say road trip, but I guess you’re right about that.” shrugged Spike.

I was trying to catch some z’s before my cutie mark woke me up!” Huffed Rainbow Dash, the Pegasus must have been grumpy and irritable before looking over to the table and staring at the map, “Woah…Woah…. that’s a lot of friendship problems.... but do you know what this means?

“A massive burden on all of us that will be the ultimate test of our friendship abilities and skills?” blurted Twilight again.

“I was going to say ‘road trip,’ but you kinda ruined it by freaking out.” Huffed Rainbow Dash with a sarcastic eye roll and a soured expression.

Twilight paused for a moment, looking between Rainbow Dash and Spike before shaking her head, snapping out of her mild confusion before she elaborated, “We need to gather everypony here; Rainbow Dash, get everyone.”

“On it!” Saluted the Pegasus before zipping off in a rainbow streak and out the castle.

Twilight quickly turned to Spike, “Spike.”

“Yes, Twilight?” Approached the dragon, eagerly tapping his claws together, excited for what task she had in store for him.

“Could you make some tea and coffee for the girls?” She asked sweetly, pairing her request with an endearing smile.

Spike was not amused; his eagerness immediately turned to begrudging acceptance as he grumbled his way to the kitchen.

Not long after, the six mares gathered around the map, drinking tea and coffee to wake themselves up, while Spike fought his gnawing drowsiness. After all, caffeine would stunt Spike’s growth, or at least, that’s what Twilight and Fluttershy preached. Spike rested his head on his left claw as his arm rested on the throne arm. As Twilight began to speak;

“Sooo, you’re probably wondering why I gathered you all here today,” Twilight said with a nervous smile.

“Is it about our glowing cutie marks and the map?” Sarcastically replied Rainbow Dash before quickly getting shhhd by Applejack, “What? It’s exactly why we’re here!” she groaned.

“Ahem, yes…” Twilight said awkwardly, fumbling with her words for a moment, before collecting herself once more, “We are gathered here today because the map has given us quite a journey across Equestria.”

“Well, it can’t be too bad.” Insisted Rainbow Dash, “We’ve done it once before, and Pinkie and I have more experience considering we traveled to Griffonstone alone.”

“Yeah!” exclaimed Pinkie before gasping as she quickly held her hooves to her face in disbelief. “Do you know what this means!?”

Twilight sighed, “Road trip?” She suggested tiredly.

“Road trip!” Exclaimed the girls, just before a hardy laugh was shared between them, excluding Fluttershy, and Applejack, who seemed just as nervous and uneasy as Twilight. Twilight stared at them, absolutely dumbfounded; how could they be excited about this?

“You’re not nervous?” Twilight asked.

“This is an opportunity to travel the world, see Equestria, and more. I could use cultural influences for my newest fashion lineup. I’ll call it ‘The Rarity’s Equestria world tour.’”

“Now wait just an apple-picking minute.” Raised Applejack, “Some of us can’t leave Ponyville for so long. I got an orchard to take care of.”

“A-and, I have my animals to tend to….” Whispered Fluttershy.

Twilight leaned back in her throne, sighing as she rubbed her temple with her hoof attempting to formulate a solution as the gears began turning in her head. The table leaned closer toward her as they eagerly awaited Twilight’s answer.

“One week, we’ll each have one week to settle our affairs; we need to pack our things; of course, I’ll organize.” Beamed Twilight, “I’ll handle the cartography, transportation, and supplies, everyone else, you know what to do.”

Applejack sighed, “I suppose it’s time for me and Applebloom to have…’ the talk.’”

The table’s eyes widened as their brows raised in shock, “Gross, TMI, Applejack!” Groaned Rainbow Dash.

“Oh horse-apples, y’all, I’m talking about her taking care of the orchard.” Huffed Applejack.

“Ooooohhhh.” sighed everyone, relieved it was THAT talk and not ‘that’ talk. Applejack rolled her eyes before sighing, “Alright, y’all, let’s get a move on and pack up; a week ain’t that long to get ready for a trip like this.”

“Ou, ou! I should throw a going away party; it’ll be the biggest party Ponyville has ever seen! It’ll have cake, and fireworks, and ice cream, and balloons, and I was thinking about getting a second party cannon-”

“Pinkie!” Interrupted Twilight, “While it might be fun to host a party like that, Applejack’s right; a week really isn’t a lot of time to prepare for a journey like this.” Pinkie Pie deflated like a balloon as she let out a disappointed “Okay”’ before peeling herself off the throne; she sat in, “Well….I guess I could make a party out of our adventure, maybe just a small cake and a little bit of ice cream?” Pleaded Pinkie as she ogled Twilight with a pair of weepy puppy dog eyes. She leered closer before pressing her face against hers, staring into Twilight’s eyes intensely.

Twilight sighed before giving a gentle smile to her friend, “Alright, but only a SMALL cake and SOME ice cream, okay?”

“Okie Doki Loki!” Exclaimed Pinkie Pie as she happily plonked out the door.

“Given the nature of our journey, I will take on the burden of making clothing for all of us. It seems we’ll be trekking through all kinds of weather. I will ensure we can look our best while we travel.” Proclaimed Rarity.

“No offense, Rarity, but maybe you should tone down the uh…frou·frou-ness of your outfits.” Rainbow Dash said, attempting to put her down gently.

Applejack’s face hoofed herself as she shook her head, knowing what was about to come next; “Frou Frou? How dare you, my outfits are both practical AND stylish.”

“What Rainbow Dash is tryin’ to say is; that we wouldn’t want you to put in too much work in making our clothes pretty when we’ll be getting dirty and wearin’ them out.” Insisted Applejack, giving Rarity a humble smile.

“Hm…when you put it like that, I suppose you do make a lot of sense, Applejack. I will focus purely on practicality. I’ll see you all in a few days!” Bowed Rarity as she happily pranced out of the throne room as ideas for jackets and coats permeated her brain.

“Right then, I suppose I’d better mosey on outta here myself, see y’all in a week.” Nodded Applejack as she soon left the room, “Yeah, later!” Replied Rainbow Dash as she zipped out of the throne room, leaving only Twilight and Fluttershy together.

Twilight turned her attention to the timid mare sitting awkwardly to herself as she idly rubbed her left leg; Twilight gave her a sympathetic smile, “Is there something else you want to talk about, Fluttershy?”

“Oh yes, thank you. It’s just my poor little animals won’t have anyone to take care of them, a-and I wouldn’t want to leave them alone, especially my poor sweet Angel Bunny, “insisted Fluttershy.

Twilight nodded; she did have her responsibilities to the woodland creatures, that much was obvious, but her cutie mark was on every single pin, signifying her importance to the journey at hoof. “Fluttershy, you’re just as important as everypony else; we need you to come with us; why don’t you ask your friend Tree Hugger to help tend with the animals, or maybe Discord?”

Fluttershy seemed to slink deeper into her throne at the mention of Discord, her voice becoming even quieter than before, “That’s another thing…Discord would be alone, and we have our rituals like our weekly tea time with cucumber sandwiches.”

Twilight fought the urge to roll her eyes out of respect for her friend. Truth be told, she and most other ponies found Discord to be irritable and untrustworthy. But, she did like Fluttershy, and she did understand the importance of having an at least cordial relationship with the Draconequus.

Discord could unleash all the chaos in Equestria if he wanted to; he ate the rehabilitation spells and practically disabled the Elements of Harmony. Effectively securing his freedom and possible chaos indefinitely, that fact alone put her on edge.

She quickly shelved those thoughts as she promptly retained her attention on Fluttershy, “Fluttershy, Discord isn’t a filly or…baby…or….hatchling?.... He’s fully grown, is what I mean!” Huffed Twilight, “He can take care of himself.”

Fluttershy raised a brow at Twilight before awkwardly shuffling in her seat, “Well, will Spike be coming with us?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t he?” Replied Twilight.

“And, since Applejack’s gone, Big Macintosh will have to work double time on the orchard, right?”

“Well…yes.” nodded Twilight, “Where are you going with this?” she inquired.

“Well, with two of his friends leaving town and one of them becoming extra busy, Discord is going to be so lonely.” Fretted Fluttershy, “Surely we could take him with us?”

Twilight smiled awkwardly, optimistic that would suffice as an answer, remaining still with the hopes that somehow Fluttershy would both be unable to see her and simultaneously instantly forget what she was talking about.


Twilight remained frozen, staring intently at Fluttershy as she remained still, confusing Fluttershy’s confusion for the statistically improbable chance that she did indeed both become invisible and made her forget the previously stated question.

“Twilight!” Shouted Fluttershy slamming her hooves on the map, snapping Twilight out of her trance, “Oop, sorry hehe…what were we talking about?”

“I was asking you if Discord could come on the trip with us.” reaffirmed Fluttershy as she returned to her more dolce state, slipping back into the throne.

“Eeeehhhhhhh…..weeeelll…” Twilight’s eyes scanned the room until they locked on the map, “Discord can’t come because the map never specifically said he could! Yup, we wouldn’t want to compromise a friendship problem and potentially make it worse, would we?”

Fluttershy gave a rather unimpressed look at Twilight, “Then why is Spike coming?”

“Whatever do you mean, Fluttershy? Of course, he’s coming.”She’d quickly look over to him,” I mean, you want to come, right Spike?”

Spike looked between the two sensing the rising tension in the room as he slowly rose from his throne, “Yeah…in fact, I think I’ll start packing now; see you later, Fluttershy.” Bidding farewell to her as he ran out the room.

“Bye, Spike,” She smiled at the small dragon before quickly returning her attention to Twilight, “Well, I guess I’ll go talk to Discord and tell him the news. Then you can explain things so that he can understand the situation better (and help me understand too…).” She mumbled.

Twilight quickly sat there, playing a series of possible fumbles in her mind; Discord was…attached to Fluttershy, to say the least; it’d be endearing if it weren’t an arbiter of chaos magic becoming easily jealous. The incident with Tree Hugger and the GrandGallopingg Gala served well as a point of reference for her.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you later then?” Assumed Twilight as she began to rise from her throne.

“Well, I would like it if you came with me back to the cottage and talked with him.” She stammered, nervously smiling at Twilight as she gave her a pleading look with her eyes.

Twilight quietly gnawed at her cheek as her lip quivered. A feeling of uneasiness washed over her. “....Sssssuuuuurrrrreeee let’s talk to him together, Let me just write a list for Spike, and we’ll be on our way.” she quickly acquired a nearby quill and paper, scribbling down a list of essentials for Spike to fulfill.

“Let’s see, books on geography, cartography, and about a dozen books on the dozens of local Cities, townships, and Griffin Kingdoms. Do you think I should grab books on Travel? You’re right. I should, shouldn’t I?” She said with certainty, nearly slipping into her own organized little world.

“Erm…I didn’t say anything, Twilight.” Fluttershy awkwardly corrected, once again pulling Twilight back to reality.

“You didn’t? Oh, haha…sorry.” Twilight bashfully rubbed the back of her head as she gave Fluttershy a full smile before neatly rolling up the paper into a scroll, placing it on the map, and clearing her throat, “Alright, ready.”