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when writing hasn't failed me yet - flutterdash, rarijack and pony twipie are everything to me


There always seems to be problems with long-distance, isn't there? All the people questioning the decision as if it were pure insanity and even bringing up infidelity. Fluttershy and Rainbow are in this position, and long-distance proves to be a burden to both of them.

One day after Fluttershy's final exams, she decides to surprise Rainbow with a surprise visit. It all goes well until someone mentions all the problems with long-distance, and even brings up that Rainbow might not be as loyal as people think.

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Appul #1 · Saturday · · ·

Not a bad fan fiction, I'm glad that people still like the flutterdash ship, which is why I see new fan fiction for this ship. Good job.

thank you much! yes I've realized like a few months ago that I could never stop loving flutterdash even years after.

Appul #3 · Saturday · · ·

I'm also the kind of person who won't stop loving Flutterdash, in fact I like it more than FlutterCord. So I hope to see even more fanfiction on these two characters.

I know it's a bit controversial but I never liked fluttercord as a ship, but I respect it. flutterdash though has always been my first ship that I ever loved:heart:

Appul #5 · Yesterday · · ·

I understand and respect you for that.

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