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Hank always did love isekai, now he's got a chance to live it as the OP hero of a brand new adventure! Too bad he can't turn down the OPness of his spells...


Just a light jab at the isekai genre. Enjoy.

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Loved the story.

This is something I always wanted to see ether in a light novel or FF. Seeing someone be overpowered to the point of it being a detriment (and it actually being a detriment) is something I always wanted to see expanded on.

I did consider trying to write a real story like this, but I honestly could not figure out a good conflict or villain. Obviously the big problem with an OP main character like this is that he could solve any issue or kill any villain with one spell. Maybe two. So you need a conflict or villain that can't be overcome by one spell, OP or not. So... how do you do that? I came up with two ways.

A mystery. As long as Hank doesn't know what is causing the problem he can't cast a super spell to deal with it. He first has to gather clues and put the pieces together while not blowing up his friends and allies along the way. It could work, but why can't he use a super spell to gather the clues instantly?

The second kind of conflict that could challenge even Hank would be if there is a problem with society itself. That's not a villain you can simply blow up and there are serious moral questions about casting a mind altering spell that might fix a population with corrupted morals or whatever.

That's honestly as far as I got before I gave up and decided to just write a silly intro poking a bit of fun at the genre. Maybe if I gave the idea a couple of hours I could come up with an actual plot that would be interesting and not feel forced, but... I'm lazy. I'm glad you enjoyed what I did write though. I always appreciate a happy reader! :twilightsmile:

Maybe not about defending or saving or having an enemy, but about his day to day life mini series. Just him trying to actually live his life with all his power.

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