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This story is a sequel to Crystal Heart Mystery

After Flurry Heart destroyed the Crystal Heart It caused a new room to appear under the castle... almost as If the Crystal Heart itself was hiding it from plain view

Chapter 2 of H.O.P.E. series

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unshore if good or bad.

It's no Code Lyoko: EG but it can get there and it is prabably just this start thats troughing me off. Not a bad thing. it is good to see who wrighters can buck a trend.

I don't like Equestria girls so my version will stick on Ponies

Also I've been working on this long before Code Lyoko: EG

Why is the Crystal part of Crystal Heart in bold?

Oh, that never was a problem. I only mention it becous it is the best Lyoko crossover that I know on this site and again you buck the trend by haveing it take place in Equestria rather then EQG.

And dont mind the coments to much. It is your story, you do whit it as you pleas.

i do this because the few that have done an Equestria focused lyoko story ended up dying. It's annoying nobody else takes the initiative

Interestingly, they will explain to us later how a character who has never even been in the crystal empire managed to get into the space, the entrance to which they have not even had time to unearth. It's just that the appearance of Caper here feels somehow unreasonable, like it's "a piano in the bush necessary only for the plot to happen."

Other than that, the plot is intriguing.

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