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Fitting chapter titel. Also overall very entertaining story. You sure have a great talent for writen adult art :yay:

Very good. Does alicorn milk taste like normal cow milk or is there some magic flavoring included in it?

Now we at least need a chapter of Luna's time with Big Mac.

i second this.

“I…I’m glad you were able to come, Big Mac ~ can I call you Big Mac?” she softly inquired.

oh I knew it. of COURSE its big mac

NBQ #6 · July 14th · · ·

More like ordinary horse milk :trollestia:

Sorry boss, I don't normally point these things out especially to a pro such as yourself, But this typo offends me on a personal level.

Had it been a guard, maid, or anypony who usually haunted her castle-

Yay! Natural order has bean restored to the universe.


I fucking swear, there's always something that slips through the cracks

For those interested: 1357788 on Derpibooru.

You fund it, I’ll second comission it

Well damn, that was a good read.

Rexy #12 · July 17th · · ·

Can’t say I didn’t enjoy reading it- it’s not at all what I expected.
Can you make a story either about Luna’s experience with Big Macintosh or the birth of Luna’s and Celestia’s foals?


sheepishly pulls out a notebook :twilightsheepish:

…he’d obliged her with all the stoic tact for which he was renowned.

Well aware of how tactic and practically mute her visitor was, she sheepishly smiled.

...he was definitely, without the slightest bit of down, the most well-hung pony she’d ever crossed paths with.

…ancestors forgive her, the taste of his sweat and sundered what little control she had left.

Doing to pull back, she found herself unable to move…

…if anything, they great more impassioned with every passing moment.

I will say, that I don't normally find this many errors in your work, so I'm going to blithely assume that this piece got you particularly hot under the collar. It was a really good one.

One very minor thing I think you missed out on was Celestia filled up with goo when going down on him. Then she went head down on the carpet... :rainbowwild:

I tweaked the issues

Thanks for the assist!

This was a awesomely wild is this Luna one a story if so tell me it's name if not can you make a prequel to this of it and a sequel with a three way and another sequel with him and Twilight.

Sooo mutch re-reading Fun :eeyup:

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