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"Fine. I'll do it myself." -Horndog (the recently revived fetish-powered zombie resurected by the power of the mighty Model M), having run out of porn containing his specific fetishes.

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Very nice. The way they talk definitely begs for more chapters.


I really need to finish some of my other stories first, but I sure wouldn't mind writing more of these goofballs.

This was both very hot and enjoyable, but the chemistry and banter between all three was honestly very nice as well. Good job :twilightsmile:


Thank you! Honestly, at times I had to remind myself that this was a clopfic and that I couldn't just get carried away with the banter. Vinyl and Octy just work together so well!

Even with/without lewds, these three have a great dynamic with each other and I hope we can see them together again someday.


I hope so too, honestly, they were a ton of fun to write.

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