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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Good fiction!!! Well done.

Don't see much good rapid preg stuff. Good work!

So good... :rainbowwild:

“ Duh !” he countered, leaning over with a pair of towels in his hands. “What do you think happens at the end of a pregnancy? Anyways, I’m going to need you to push.”

I see Discord has retained his usual tact.

Hearing his reassuring words was a spell in and of itself, practically hanging a weight on her eyelids. As she drifted off to sleep, lovingly holding her babs, she somehow knew everything would be alright - sure, the road ahead would be full of worries and unforeseen events that could and probably would stress her to no end, but that wasn’t important. So long as she had her family and her tall, charming, and playful mate, she knew everything was going to be alright…

Well... That all happened rather fast

As his tongue glided between her meaty lower lips, she shivered. He really was a wondrous caring lover and impeccable father, but therein lay an issue. With four healthy children between them, having been produced over the span of a mere afternoon, she was left conflicted. On one hoof, she was happy as could be - on the other, she could already tell that she could already tell it would only be a matter of time until she wanted the full, nearly year long experience of growing gravid to have another foal or three…

Yeah, I kinda figured Flutters would want the genuine mother experience. Discord's approach was novel, yes, but a bit... Spontaneous, perhaps.

:twilightoops: They what?!
:moustache: Wanted to share their happiness
:yay: Everypony gets baby bunnies!
:raritystarry: Oh dear, Precious Scales
:facehoof: Bunnies?
:moustache: It's Discord were dealing with here
:duck: Bunnies...

for not finishing art school,”

so that's why he became evil

Kinks Include: Male on Female, Female on Male, Impregnation, Hyper Accelerated Pregnancy, Pregnant Sex, Breast Expansion, Lactation, Birthing, a Bit of Masturbation, and Lots of Lewd Hijinks

That's surprisingly tame for Discord.

I'm not surprised to see you're involved with this, you degenerate!

well glad to see more of you fantastic work and hope everything is going great

several octaves louder this time,

octaves are a measure of pitch not loudness...

he silently enjoyed the view while she lightly thrusted up to meet her


her legs braced braced and entrance yawned open



Fuck if I know why, but I have skaven-isms - repeating words on occasion

Pony thing write-write more lewds, yes yes! :pinkiecrazy:

Fun Fact

My chinese zodiac sign is actually the Rat

PFFT. I love how Discord is being his usual cavalier self even while his lover is literally birthing triplets.

I am only disappointed at the missed opportunity for hyper pregnancy.

Heh, would be better than a changeling were it not for the puns. 😅😇

Absolutely thrilled to see kinky breeding play (except whoops it's not play since actual offspring happened lol) for fluttercord. Would love to see more. Sweetly kinky monsterfucky fluttercord is the best.

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