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Smolder has been sneaking through the School of Friendship, getting wondering looks from her friends and her teachers. Then one night, when Smolder thought that everyone was asleep, Smolder's friends, Starlight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie followed Smolder to the catacombs, where they find Smolder with another dragon. And to surprise them all, the dragon she's with was once a human boy named Aaron Blazer.

The group wanted to know how Aaron got to Equestria in the first place. And they even wanted to know why Smolder was keeping Aaron hidden from her friends and the teachers. And, eventually, they're gonna have to find a way to get Aaron back to his home before his family starts to worry. They contacted new High Princess, Twilight Sparkle, to see if they can find a way to get Aaron back to his world.

But it would take time for Twilight to find the right spell to send Aaron home, so Smolder spent as much time with Aaron, trying to teach him how to fly like a dragon, and avoid causing fire damage with the fire breath he now has. And maybe, the two hang out.

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wondering looks

Don't you mean weird looks?

Oh a new story cool

This looks to be a very good story. :pinkiehappy:

Is blazer a brony

Great job and wow Aaron backstory is revealed and tells him of how he got there. And told the group of how they are just a tv show in his world, hah that would be their reactions all right. And I think Aaron will fit just fine and I wonder if he decided to stay in equestria because that wish brought him here for a reason, to start again. Anyway, great work, keep up the awesome job

Can't wait to read the next chapter.

I loved this chapter also I always found it funny how they missed that one clone

This Story is amazing:pinkiesmile:
But I an confuse when is this set:applejackconfused:

I say that you would include 06 in the third Mobian era if that's the case and it plays like the original 06 wouldn't everyone lose their memories if Elise puts out Solaris flame

This is set during the massive time skip in the Season 9/Series finale.

I loved this chapter and it's funny how spike ate dog treats

Did you notice that the legend of ragnarok the reaper is similar to shen's backstory from kung fu panda 2

Out of all three options, I'm going for the bowling alley.
Also, I know the dragon in the legend is named Ragnarok, but I might end up calling him "Roktavor" since Ragnarok is called Roktavor in the English dub of the Beyblade Burst series.

Oh god the moment I saw those lines I instantly knew where they were from and started laughing also option 1 obviously

I'm a Beyblade fan as well. I thought it was funny that you'd use Roktavor instead of Ragnarok.

I wonder what the next chapter will bring.

"Boring?" Applejack asked. "Now, hold on fer a minute. Not all o' mah lessons are that boring. Ah'm just teaching the importance of honesty. None of mah lessons would be able to put ya ta sleep."

"'Past few nights?" Applejack asked. "Ya've been drowsy and fallin' asleep in class fer 'bout a month. Ya mind tellin' me what ya've been doin'?"

Smolder fell asleep in class for a month and yet seconds earlier Applejack denied anyone falling asleep in her class? :facehoof: Never seen many stories contradict themselves this quickly. Usually I have to wait for future chapters instead of the same scene.

Applejack scrunched her face and said, "She's lyin'. Ah can tell when somepony's lyin'. Or in this case, somedragon."

This old annoying fandom cliche. Typical... Not to mention it didn't exist earlier otherwise she wouldn't have denied someone sleeping in class when told, despite said dragon doing it for a month straight.

This seems ok. The dialogue feels kinds of cringy and forced, but in a charming so bad it's good kind of way, despite the contradiction I found, but it's minor and I hope you improve on preventing that in your stories in the future by proofreading them.

"It was due to that computer that proved to me that he was human," Smolder said.

And yet she didn't think they would believe him. If that convinced her why wouldn't it convinced them the same way, if they wouldn't have taken his word for it? Then she would have revealed him earlier since he has proof from his world. Great, a plot breaking plot hole. :facehoof:

I loved this chapter and the ending was funny keep up the good work

Is it necessary to get "rid" of the last Pinkie clone? She didn't do anything wrong.

I'm actually wondering if that computer has some kind of nuclear battery. A normal computer would be dead after several days to a week without a source to recharge.

Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Maybe Sparkle’s Little Dusk IV will come after this story.

Really loving this so far, keep it up

I loved this chapter keep up the good work

Ferris Wheel. Nice chapter as always.

Haunted house, admittedly because I want to know what an Equestrian one looks like.:trixieshiftright:

torn between haunted house or ferris wheel.

my vote is haunted house though!

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