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So alicorns are all eldritch abominations. And what we see is a fake form, for reality can't take what their actual form looks like. Got it. I think.

So basically, Pony POV Series alicorns. Got it.

I dont know what that is but okay.

Honestly want to see some kind of spinoff or something to continue a tiny bit more. Perhaps one that tries to explain a bit more.

Or one where Twilight rejects all of it and tries to fight back or revive the old twilight. Or failing that basically not trust herself and hints to her friends something is very wrong and she has to run to keep them safe.

Well no one said Ascension was a pretty process... So pretty much the "Real" Alicorns are eldritch abominations "that to look upon is to invite madness" who luckily exist on another plain and thier pony form is just and extension into normal space. Just too bad Twilight had to ruin a perfectly good body in the process, but I guess mortal flesh just can't handle it. Would explain why Alicorns can shape shift easy if thier "bodies" are just magic constructs that look alive so they can make them look like what ever they like.

Well. That's incredibly inconvenient, she's going to have to replace the entire bed! Hopefully Celestia's up for helping her student hide a body.

Is this gonna be a regular thing? If Twilight has to get rid of a corpse every morning that's gonna get old really fast.

…So did we just learn that Twilight Sparkle is Hermaeus Mora?

And now I'm reminded of an Anon story where Anon learns, much to his profound horror, that Tia and Luna are eldritch abominations and, much worse from his perspective, that they think he's also one. Specifically, that's he a type meant to protect/nourish young. And they decide that it'd be a right shame not to put him to use in his "intended" role :rainbowlaugh:.

It's been some time since I last heard that series mentioned, but IIRC, it's basically everyone is messed up in the head and Equestria is fucked.

The concept sure is intriguing. Would be real nice if we get to see how Yog-sothoth Twilight act from a third-person perspective here.

I would gladly provide, but it seems I never actually bothered to save that story, in either my site library or my USB library. Because I dug through both of them, wanting to reread it, and absolutely could not find the fucker.

It's ok, but notify me if you ever find it

I would like to read it also



Well… that happened. Wouldn’t mind finding out a bit more but where it stopped is great also.

Horrifically fascinating, and vice versa. That does often describe the miracle of birth, after all. Nice bit of gore with actual, terrible purpose.

That description only applies to some arcs that are eventually resolved in the good guys favour.

Hermaeus Mora ?

Well, eldritch doesn't automatically mean malicious or hazardous. And if they are neither, does it matter overmuch? Perhaps this is less impactful than it appears.

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