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It had finally happened. He was in another world, one of adventure and excitement. Many would be concerned, but he knew the rules of that game. He was a pro! The best! With a new sword in mouth, he set out to conquer that new world.

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I don't see this going well once reality starts to set in... though going by how everything's behaving according to Button's expectations, that may take a while. We'll see how this goes.

If button is happy overgrinding an area, if the deves didnt Dark Brotherhood the code and cripple the XP gain at what they class as too different a level, and things work just like his game, he already knows all the side quests and stealth paths and items trees?

Depends if the game allows full heal on auto level up on aquiring enough XP, as he can seriously abuse that trick to get ressurection class behaviour without using a rare or unique phoenix down etc.? :unsuresweetie:

So many different game mechanics in RPGs, lets see just how Button breaks this one. Oh hay, a Unique Item. Pinkies Cupcake. Fully restores All Health, Abilities etc. :pinkiehappy:

Curious about the setup. Discord?

One of the best videos for MLP is "Don't Mine At Night" with Sweetie Belle & him. I'd post a link but my laptop is broken.


Or if it's one of the games where when you die you wake up in the church instead of having to reload a save.

Unless he comes across a save point?


I think the worse one I had was the wake point was in a bed in a , doctors.

What was even worse, I think there was at least one stat got XP from it. :rainbowderp:

If you like I could post the link for you.

Will do.

Don't Mine at Night MLP

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