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It had finally happened. He was in another world, one of adventure and excitement. Many would be concerned, but he knew the rules of that game. He was a pro! The best! With a new sword in mouth, he set out to conquer that new world.

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I don't see this going well once reality starts to set in... though going by how everything's behaving according to Button's expectations, that may take a while. We'll see how this goes.

If button is happy overgrinding an area, if the deves didnt Dark Brotherhood the code and cripple the XP gain at what they class as too different a level, and things work just like his game, he already knows all the side quests and stealth paths and items trees?

Depends if the game allows full heal on auto level up on aquiring enough XP, as he can seriously abuse that trick to get ressurection class behaviour without using a rare or unique phoenix down etc.? :unsuresweetie:

So many different game mechanics in RPGs, lets see just how Button breaks this one. Oh hay, a Unique Item. Pinkies Cupcake. Fully restores All Health, Abilities etc. :pinkiehappy:

Curious about the setup. Discord?

One of the best videos for MLP is "Don't Mine At Night" with Sweetie Belle & him. I'd post a link but my laptop is broken.


Or if it's one of the games where when you die you wake up in the church instead of having to reload a save.

Unless he comes across a save point?


I think the worse one I had was the wake point was in a bed in a , doctors.

What was even worse, I think there was at least one stat got XP from it. :rainbowderp:

If you like I could post the link for you.

Will do.

Don't Mine at Night MLP

He squinted at the knife. No special stats, just numbers. "And the bats." He set out the wooden swords in a line and began examaning each in turn. Squinting, he could make out which were better and how. "You." He plucked up the bbest of the wooden swords. "You cause poison. How?" Whatever, RPGs did not always have to make sense. He tucked the rest away. His pockets shouldn't have held so much stuff, but easily dismissed as more RPG logic.

the best of

A Wooden sword with Poison could have it from someone accidentally or deliberatly using a poisonous wood, or dipped thorns, or even alternate growths that could carry neuro toxin for paralysis or hallucinatory confusion, or the extremely rare Death? Total paralysis including breathing and heartbeat? For those enemies that had such organs and responded to such compounds?

One shot halfling. :pinkiesad2:

Ah, economics. Truly the darkest sorcery of all.

Still, Button’s making commendable progress. Though there’s still the question of whether there’s anything left to save the world from aside from random encounters.

Trapped in a game with no win condition. I didn't expect this to get so philosophical about life...

The Sword Maiden will return from the starting village, keeping it in the notifications?

At least Button has a reliable income from monster harvesting, if not farming, as that means stying in one place, unless he can set up a delegated farmstead in each location, but that then needs a common inventory or account notification etc?

Looks like Buttons new aquaintance is one step below full blown dragon? Pretty hefty member if recruitable into the party?:unsuresweetie:

If he has to save the world to leave, and the world's already been saved, then the first thing he needs to do is put the world in danger again.

There is a certain logic here...

Button being an incorrigible child with his interactions will not be getting old anytime soon!

Button followed, adjusting hit hat as he went. "You don't need to be so pushy all the time."

Should be
adjusting his hat

"That place." Burning did not slow in his approach. "It is only with the blessing of the guild that we can operate. To do so outside of it is to invite trouble on yourself and all other adventurers. He pushed open the door with a hoof and stood there, holding it open.

Missing double quote mark
other adventurers." He pushed

Fixed, with some other booboos.

But, swiping left to right closes the book.

No wonder I keep breaking game engines if I dont realise theres more pages and options, so just keep A grinding until I can pretty much brute force the next result, with only occasional tweaks for certain obnoxious anti physical bosses. :twilightoops:

Hehe that’s rather cute p

Does this count as Reality Ensues? I feel like this counts.

Be worse it could run into the spiffing Britt lolo

I'm sure it's a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.

Really gotta be careful with how the coders decided teh game scales with your parties capabilities. Especially if the coders are games, and expect players with similar competancy to themselves to play the game, rathre than newbies or players just along for the story, graphics, enviroment etc? :twilightoops:

Something that keeps me from writing a MLP/D&D (or other fantasy RPG) crossover is that the typical fantasy races don't make sense in a world of ponies. I have no idea what a half-orc unicorn is supposed to look like.

"That I am not. I am of the 'It's late and I need to sleep and I will start mashing heads together if I have to' class. Very rare. Do you want a demonstration?"

Ha! Nice.

It can get extremely annoying with the complexities of enemy elemental weakness, depending on if it gets better or worse when you start to get decorative items wit combination effects, or even parts of armor that not only have defense but also offence, like gauntlets with shocking aura or chest plate with poisonous aura, so you can end up in a fight you cant cause any damage, yet when the enemy hits you they get poisoned, but depending on the engine, go down completely, or are left at 1 HP you cant finish and you end up in a stall lock? :twilightoops:

Ah, so Button's Scan is kind of like Cyrus's special ability in Octopath Traveler. Neat, that definitely is handy!

I feel like this is probably where things are about to go sideways. Meta knowledge isn't much good if the boss isn't polite enough to let you decide your party's actions before attacking.

Intresting how slow lightning is, as its supposed to hit before you even manage to announce the attack?

Lipstick Taser. :duck:

Button has a fire and ice spell, last I checked.

Lol. Yeah bosses that point out how rude adventures are by taking their things.

If Sidestep goes back with Buttons?


We're going to need a bigger desk.:pinkiegasp:

How frustrating, a person is taking his loot.

Or he's taking her loot...

Or both?

They are both thieves, yes. :twilightsmile:

Its abuse like this is why I dont play games like this.

Its nice to get away from real life for a while, that why games are imaginary.

Button did not try to take Sweetie's loot, but instead acknowledged that she was legitimately there first.

But it seems that at least one of Sweetie's companions isn't above trying to steal a treasure that Button has earned by doing the right things to solve the puzzle in order to unlock the chest.

Wasn’t expecting sweetie Belle to be here for some reason. Lol Buffon goifn to get real peeved at loot snipers. Confused as to why she there though. Or if anyone who plays the game somehow has an avatar there

Button considered arcade multiplayer coop where different teams specialise more and so trade chest contents over who actually opens them occasionally?

Instead of 100% with one crew, get 100% with two crews?

Huzzah, the completion has been Doubled? :trollestia:

"wait, you can do that?" 😄

"Sheets?" She laughed at the idea. "I know this whole... thing feels like the game, but we don't have sheets, um, outside the guild anyway."

Hmm, so Sweetie doesn't have Button's ability to see stats and whatnot? I wonder what her quirk is...

Wenches are cool, but party members are more useful!

Oh no, he called the recruit! Well no worry, there will be others...

"meta. It's really hard to explain, but it's basically that I know things I can't know just by being here. Call it outside knowledge, if you will."
Very interesting that the characters externally know about all the stats and things. But that's the game!

Skins! The most important part of any RPG.

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