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I feel like this ain't done yet.

P.S. Little disappointed that Big Mac didn't get a Titjob from her. But, your story I guess. 😐

Shouldn't this have an anthro tag?

Unfortunately, the full version of the cover image is protected if you don't have a Twitter account, and doesn't seem to be on Derpybooru. :fluttershysad:

The good news is that you can view it if you plug the source URL into ThreadReaderApp. :scootangel:

EDIT: Turns out the original image (the source URL is a modified GIF) is 2727696.

B_25 #4 · June 24th · · ·

Great work, bud!

In the interest of You Not Getting Into Trouble, you need to take the link to source down. Fimfiction doesn't allow links to visual sexual content even for stories with sexual content. You can, however, mention what Alzrius found (i.e. "Derpi 2727696").

Also you should add the Anthro tag (as another commenter mentioned).

Moar! :flutterrage:


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