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Velvet Sky is the best chess player in her school. In fact, the difference in strength is so wide that no one is a match for her.

So does anyone like playing against her?

They shouldn‘t, why would they play if they only lose?

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This was a delightful little story that should have more views and upvotes. Once Pinkie appeared, I thought "she's going to pull out the Bongcloud Attack!" Pleased that I read her correctly.

Velvet's probably what, Class A? Maybe a borderline Expert? Darn good for a high schooler, but with plenty of room to grow over the next decade.

it's an alright story. Decent for me in my opinion.

So does anyone like playing against her?

They shouldn‘t, why would they play if they only lose?

*Cozy Glow has entered the Chat*

(Good story btw)

I really like this story. I think a reader doesn't have to be a chess expert to understand and appreciate it, either.


Also, good use of Pinkie Pie as a character imho.

In the story I set her to be Class A, correct guess! That‘s what I wanted, a very good player compared to a High School, but not when you compare her to other prodigies etc.

Vordt Of The Boreal Valley Theme starts playing.

Thank you all for the comments! ^^

To think that it all began with us playing a single game. She was white and began normally with the king‘s pawn moving two squares forwards, to which I responded the same. Once she moved her king forward and smirked as if she did something smart, I knew what she had done. I repeated her move, only for her to move the king back to its home square. We repeated the moves and then agreed to draw.

Ah, the famous Carlsen - Nakamura game.

Shout-out to r/AnarchyChess for making chess jokes, no matter how unfunny and repetitive they are :pinkiehappy:

Well, now I wonder whether their reaction to being accused of cheating would rival Tigran Petrosian... (Also, I'm sure Velvet doesn't hang the piece on move 6 and immediately finds Ra4)

Are you kidding ??? What the **** are you talking about man ? You are a biggest looser i ever seen in my life !

She saw Ra4, she just didn‘t like it.

Cozy Glow was doing pipi in her pampers when Velvet already played chess xD
Also, she had Ra4 for three moves in a row.

If by Chance you’re implying Cozy Glow would lose:

-Friendly reminder that her Pony version ALONE was able to device and execute a Plan that went basically perfect and managed to out-smart Twilight(mentioned to have a very gifted mind since Temp 1), Celestia (thousands-years old ruler wise and experienced) and pretty much the rest of Equestria since everyone was either on her side,didn’t Know what was happening or where left powerless to stop her.

Literally she only Lose because she forced the Script of the show into Deus-Ex machina.

-her Human version is likely even more Mind-blowing Intelligent because her world has today’s advances in Technology and the internet for her to Improve her smarts unlike her Pony self who was limited by Equestria’s current development and is strong Focus on Magic-based advance.

-her Cutie Mark is a literal Chess Rook Piece for crying out loud.

So ye, srry for velvet but she would be comprehensively Out-matched if theoretically Human Cozy Glow Decided is a good Idea to show herself around Canterlot HS.

I‘m gonna add this, not saying that Cozy Glow wouldn‘t win, but why the arguments are not really an argument:

Velvet Sky is with Twilight Sparkle and Micro Chips in the same school, canonically the best students with all A+ grades (maybe not in sports), Velvet Sky was said in this fic to not have those grades. To add, Twilight Sparkle was also the best student in Crystal Prep High School.

Yet, she is stronger than both of them. That‘s not due to her being the most intelligent or smarter than both, she is talented for chess (even if she downplays it in the story) and puts a lot of time in getting better or just playing the game. Her strength in chess is due to her high interest and a lot of effort she puts into this game.

For Cozy Glow to be better, it won‘t matter if she‘s smarter or highly intelligent than anyone else unless she also puts a lot of time to get better at chess. If she‘s just barely playing, she will lose, if she just started playing and even is talented, she will lose due to Velvet‘s experiences. For her to become better she will have to study and learn and play a lot of chess.

In short, high intelligence or smartness won‘t automatically result in better chess player.

Well, in chess there's also the factor of experience. I managed to win against some theoretically higher-rated kids by immediately steering away from the popular opening variations. Like, many talented kids will play 20 moves of perfect main line Ruy Lopez, but will stumble in Scotch Gambit or something. On Wednesday I played in my chess club against a guy who made huge progress recently (I can't beat him easily with black pieces anymore, we reached drawn endgames). With me as white it's different: he apparently started learning Caro-Kann, but admitted after the game he only looked at classical and advance variation. The game went 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. f3!? (Fantasy variation) dxe4 (e6 is apparently more common, but I wouldn't play it either because that's basically French) 4. fxe4 e5! (4. ... Nf6? 5. e5) 5. Nf3 (5. dxe5? Qh4+! - I actually had this position with black in a classical game where my opponent apparently forgot his prep, played 5. c3? and after Qh4+ managed to spend 18 moves trying to defend a hopeless position) exd4?! 6. Bc4 (Maroczy Gambit. Aside from countless online games, I had this position in a rapid team tournament, in a match against the winners of the whole event. We lost the match 3:1 but we almost drew it, which would be a major upset since they had an IM on board 1. Anyway, my opponent on board 3, rated around 1750 FIDE, got stuck in this position for over 2 minutes, in a 10+5 game. He eventually played Nd7 or h6 or something like that, 7. O-O Nf6 8. e5 and here he played Bc5, perhaps threatening nasty discoveries with d3, but I just took on f6 and he eventually lost on time in a worse position) Bg4? and all hell broke loose after 7. Bxf7+! Kxf7 8. Ne5+ and I won after a brief attack on the king. He'd probably avoid it if he knew this line (or realise that there's a lot of tactics involving bishop on g4 in it; I think this actually lost the 1750 FIDE guy - he realised neither 6. Bg4 nor 6. Nf6 were moves and then had to move fast due to being low on time). Well, there is a chance that Cozy would be a GM at 12, but even then she'd still have a lot to learn, I think.

Huh, well I suppose that does makes sense.

I believe that unlike the pony one, Human Cozy would not be as Evil(or at least not so focused on Megalomaniac tendencies) so she would focus more on other things, Chess included so she at least should have more experience that her Pony-self(who granted we never see her actually playing chess so it can’t be say her level of expertise.)

Both your comments gived me some actual perspective and understanding, so I arrived at a conclusion:
On the first, second and just maybe third game there is a fair Chance of Velvet getting around Cozy’s Talent and winning. Mind you, it still wouldn’t be easy and dare I say it would be Velvet’s harder match in a long time for not saying Probably Ever.

Should Velvet Win,This could Cause tree different reactions out of Cozy:
A)like her pony-Self she suffers from Anger problems and flips the Board at her first Lose and Storms off.

B)she get her Pride wounded and Claim for A Re-match,but her Feelings get the Best of her and starts to play worse and lose again and reclaim for more.Velvet notices and simply refuse to play Further against a opponent who is not in a clean state of Mind.

C)Cozy gets surprised at Velvet Skill and ask her a Couple of Games more.

Now sure, being a Legit Genius maybe doesn’t necessarily makes Cozy Glow Automatically Good at Chess…but rather Makes her Good at LEARNING about Chess and Quite Quickly too.

Your average Kid already is Said to absorb Knowledge like A Sponge.well then it’s just logical that a Gifted one the level of Cozy does it double the effective and Double the Quick.

Long story Short:the Chances of Velvet Winning Against Cozy will shrink Considerably for every Game they Play at a alarming rate do to Cozy learning all she can from the tactics of such a Prime Player like Velvet.

Thanks you two,I appreciate the Chance of Expanding on thoughts like this because I find it genuinely Fun.

Excellent story. But all these comments talking about Chess and here I am going "Ah, this is a story about Pinkie helping someone who is out of wavelength with her peers and feels like everyone resents her for no reason learn to connect more socially, both for herself and for those who might look up to her."

As an autistic former kid I recognize myself a lot in this and chess means nothing to me. Thank you for this.

She could probably still both have fun and get something out of the chess club meetings by using it to work on variations that she's not a fan of. Weak against hypermodern openings? Play whoever in the club likes using the King's Indian Attack, and give them knight odds if necessary.

Honestly my favourite comment. Pinkie Pie here played an important role helping her out, glad you empathized it and huge thanks for these kind words :twilightsmile:

Dear Celestia, this story had so many left and rights, but that's to be expected with Pinkie Pie in the story. It also makes me curious to know if you play chess irl or did you spend a lot of time researching chess strategies and matches? Other people have left comments similar to how I feel so I wont rehash them.

I play chess in real life. Who knows how much of Velvet's part and thoughts are coming from personal experience. :trixieshiftright:

well written ponk means good fic. Also I love chess (even tough I'm not particularly good at it lol), it's always fun to see it used on a story

Ponksie Poo is best girl.

I think with Cozy Glow, two things come to the forefront on why she would be a good chess player.

One is her superb recall. In the final when she's turned into a Alicorn, she picks up how to do magic almost immediately.

What's interesting is that all of the spells she does are variations of spells that have been pulled off in front of her which (combined with her implied limited contact with magic) suggest she learned them from memory, despite sometimes having only observed the spell in question once or extremely briefly.

Then there's her manipulation tactics (IE reading people and figuring out what they want) which she's implied to have been doing for a while now.

She cottons onto the cutie mark crusaders desire to attend the school fairly quickly despite having only known them a few days, and her question to them when they first meet suggests that she's no stranger to dealing with people who want something from her.

Throughout Season 8 and 9 she's constantly reading and utilizing the intentions of everyone around her for her own benefit, and her only real slip up with Rusty Bucket is more or less implied by the final to be a result of bad attitude brought on by the cold.

So, you've got a girl who's good at figuring out the intentions of others and who can probably remember most of the moves you make with little effort. Two natural talents which would lend themselves well to any game of chess, regardless of how talented the other player is.

It's not a guarantee she'd win, but she'd have a significant leg up, even without a substantial amount of practice.

And since cutely talking people into things is her bread and butter, and her recall is more or less innate, it seems unlikely that she'd let either of those talents grow slack naturally.

She hates the cold, which is a factor, but it given what we've seen, it seems unlikely that anything above freezing temperatures would throw off her game too much.

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