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"Remember, it's the present that matters. Not the past or future. What you do today shapes tomorrow, not the other way around. So Love Today, and Seize All Tomorrows."


3 Months after the defeat of Nightmare Moon, Aurora Shimmer, a student of Princess Celestia is sent to Ponyville in order to learn about the Magic of Love in a similar Manner to how Twilight Sparkle was sent to learn about the Magic of Friendship. While there, she will discover the true magic and harmony that comes with Love and Friendship.

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this is interesting so far

Honestly, I'm not too proud of it. It felt cluttered. I'm honestly disappointed in my writing for this fanfic in general. I'm used to creating linear stories rather than Slice of Life. This is my first time doing this kind of fanfic.

Thank you. I agree this time.

Just wait until you read the next chapter.

An interesting story to read. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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