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Spike and Rarity enjoy being together on a nice winter walk before a sudden blizzard forces them to head for Rarity's house where Spike would have to stay for the night. But nothing a little hot chocolate and snuggling in front of the fire to make the situation better.

Inspired by artwork of GeorgeGarza01, whom owns the cover art image

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Now that's wholesome!

It's a pity that it's not Christmas, otherwise I'd be listening to a Christmas jingle while reading this.

But seriously, great work, Wildcard! Rarity's a girl worth fighting for and Spike's one lucky dude!

Thank you so much

Short, but EXTREMELY sweet! An imaginary match made in Heaven!

MLPMekarm #4 · June 7th · · 2 ·

now this is sweet. i hope it won't give me a cavity.

I heard Christmas in July but not Christmas in June. Ah well, good oneshot regardless Wildcard. :twilightsmile:

Fiction97 #8 · June 7th · · 2 ·

This romantic Sparity short is just as great as your last one. And I find them both to be some of the absolute best underage stories you’ve created.
Don’t let no one tell ya any different Wild boy.

This was such a wholesome one shot. I will never get tired of Sparity stories, and yours are no exception, Wildcard.

Who says you can’t? Go ahead and play that Christmas music, brother!

Honestly, that’s probably the ideal time for a pseudo-Christmas, it’s the true halfway point between Christmases.

I can already tell I am going to like this story.
I will put and EDIT COMMENT below this.

Yup, I definitely enjoyed it. It was sweet like a marshmallow.

What a cute story

Stares at comments
Looks like someone was so touched by the story that it affected his mind and assumed the Thumbs Down was the Thumbs Up.

Like this comment... soonish...

Hillbe #15 · June 8th · · 1 ·

:ajbemused: College ? What a bunch of highbrow hogwash , I'm going to trade school
:rainbowkiss: I'm going Air Force! Thumb down this loser!
:pinkiehappy: I'm already working with the Cakes!
:flutterrage: I'm doing Veterinary stuff as it is...
:raritywink: Spike and I have our plans [GOVERNMENT EMPLOYMENT] City Beautification Department Darling
:twilightblush: How would you two know?
:moustache: Remember our trip to Las Pegasus?
:twilightsmile: Yea It was great until you two were lost...
:moustache: Lost? We went to the Walk Through Elvis Wedding Chapel and won a million bucks:derpytongue2:
:twilightoops: It was a Chapel and not the stage show???
:duck: Details Darling Details
:trollestia: That's my little nephew Spike,,, Thinking ahead :facehoof:
:trixieshiftright: Trixie sees you "The red thumb upthebutter button pusher!" - "Be gone you, you"...

Hillbe #16 · June 8th · · 1 ·

:moustache: Well what do ya know, It got you too
:duck: Indeed Precious Scales, Quite unfashionable for winter designs...

Magic135 #17 · June 8th · · 1 ·

I love it, as a Sparity shipper, this became a favorite. Well done, Wild, and can't wait for more Spike and Rarity stuff in the future.

PPEF1 #18 · June 8th · · 1 ·

I was also gonna do a fic based off one of his pieces. just didn't know how i was gonna write it

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