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Our job is not to give readers what they want; our job is to show them things they never imagined. --Walt Williams


Five years ago, a disaster left low-Equus orbits swamped with orbital debris. The husks of dead ships careened through the aether, threatening any that might try to leave the planet. But now, it’s under control. Debris trawlers roam the skies, picking up those husks and carefully gathering smaller shards. Thanks to their efforts, bit by bit, space is becoming usable again.

Mesonox is a newbie on one of those trawling crews, recently hired to fly on DT Heavenly View. She’s aced the sims. She knows her ships. She knows her tools. She knows her techniques. And her crew just got assigned to grab a typical wreck. It’s a straightforward job: clean up the small debris, get the large debris under control to haul back to the scrapyard. The perfect task for a rookie like her.

Time to get to work.

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Well isn't this interesting? Always good to see something in this early-spaceflight genre, rather rare it is.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes.

The sleeping bit bugs me a bit as she seems to be having more issues with sleeping in space than people that already sleep in space with less options.

Sleeping bags, tie downs, velcro?

They even have the awesome artificial gravity which they can turn on and off.
If they can turn it on and off why not run it at a different setting?
They could set it at like 1-10% gravity and get most of the relaxing quality without the floating about bit.
If you wanted weighted sheets you could get really heavy weighted sheets that would be normal at your prefered gravity setting.

Assuming weight isn't cost prohibitive to get into space in your verse anyway.

Was thinking about the sleeping bag myself. I suppose one answer might be that pegasai/thestrals just really hate being tied down/confined, and so that option might trigger the claustrophobia?

As to the gravity, it's probably SMR, or Stupid Magic Rules (technical term) mandating that there's either gravity or there isn't. Think about early air conditioning technology used in movie theatres, people would go at the height of summer in their t-shirts or whatever, but bring winter coats because the cooling systems couldn't be made warmer than like 40 degrees or summat.

Fascinating setting. I haven't seen too many works of fiction with a concept like this.

Eagerly awaiting to see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

Now this kind of setting from you? It's a fic all-too perfect for my tastes. Looking forward to this a great deal.

Have you ever seen the anime Planetes? It's some of the best hard sci-fi I've ever seen.

You and your space stories. Last one was pretty sick; I'll keep an eye on this one, too.

That is an amazing bit of history I had not heard! What decade(s) was/were that?


Unfortunately I can't remember where I originally read it, but I can tell you that the technology got its start in the mid 1920's and Mr. Carrier the inventor picked the theater industry as the first group to pitch his invention to.

Yeeesss, more ponies in space. :pinkiehappy:

Quartz glass wouldn't be my first choice for a window in space; it's transparent to hard UV. < <;

I was just thinking "Ponytes", myself. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this!

Glen was a little short, although he made up for it in muscle (even though you didn’t need muscle in zero-G).

A little pedantic but this isn't strictly true. Things that are hard to move in gravity will be equally or more difficult, and probably more dangerous, to move in microgravity. They've still got the same mass and momentum's a pain. Hauling crates and turning wrenches will be roughly as physically intensive. Using a spacesuit, depending on it's design, will likely be very difficult and exhausting to use. So being physically fit is of great utility. Of course tech and magic could make all of this irrelevant. If all your crates haul themselves, there are no wrenches to turn, and drones do all the hazardous work physical capabilities become far less important.

Though this could be a neat little detail indicating Glen is one of a few or the only terrestrially born and raised crew members. Maybe he isn't all that short or muscular, but just seems like it relative to all the spacers since he grew up down a gravity well.

Anyways, pretty interesting start to a story. Looking forward to see were this leads.

Oh, I like this. This is the kind of sci-fi I can appreciate, where the lens starts close and gradually pulls back to give the broader context. And I’ll always applaud stories that can stand up with a cast of engaging original characters while still delivering a story that feels grounded in the source material. I’ll be watching with interest!

Soundtrack for the story.


Soundtrack for the story.

Yes! I certainly agree there.

(For future SIG: in the event that the video gets Memory Hole'd by Youtube, the video is the Hardspace: Shipbreaker OST)

Coheed and Cambria's The Hollow would also fit for that initial preparation and suiting up bit before they deploy

Fine atmosphere you've got going on here, enjoying every moment of it.

I'm hoping the plot picks up once they're in the Solar Wind. We basically have nothing but worldbuilding and character introductions so far.

I quite like the worldbuilding here, and I enjoy the paced-out information about the cascade very much. The world feels lived in, there isn't too much technobabble, and the characters are believable---although I don't really understand the reasoning behind having Knight speak in a difficult-to-understand dialect but then giving the direct translation right afterward. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool detail, it just seems extraneous without supplying something for the story. Maybe the translation software will break or something and the crew will have to figure out things around it alongside the reader.

Getting back to it, though, this is a very strong start! I can see the groundwork being laid for something being found aboard the Solar Wind and if all the talk of old parts being pushed to their limit for the sake of economical efficiency isn't foreshadowing for a chaotic breakdown, well that would just be a crying shame in my opinion. I'm excited to get to know the crew more, to find out more about the cascade, and I really can't wait to see what they find on board!

This is a great beginning to a story, and once the plot kicks off, that'll seal the deal for me. Looking forward to it!

Came here from "The Needle" and I'm really enjoying this story. You've done an excellent job of setting up the background and now we get to see what you've cooked up for us onboard the ship!

An update, excellent! This is some fascinating stuff, you've really gone deep into the worldbuilding, and it shows. Keep up the good work!

Man I am actually loving space salvage
the world ya built for it is certainly interesting and the characters aswell
I want more


This is pretty fun. So far it's been kinda slice-of-life-y, which I always appreciate, but looking at that [drama] tag… I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Nice update! The details about the world are cool, particularly this line:

Considering the damage it’d done, fuck that one screw.

The implication there is immense, and it really makes me want to know more about the cascade and the effects it had on people. I'm intrigued by the experimental ship, too. I can't help but feel like there's been a whole lot of guns put on the mantle so far, so I'm excited to see what the crew will face within the derelict. Keep it up!

Im not likin the possible implementation here, Its like hearing about Teachers KK drive, that impossibly work in a gravity well without becoming a singularity.

Experimental ships can have all Sorts of upsetting to the wrong people technologies on board.

Overdriving the debris filters to create a reverse wave flow on the generating ship sounds like an Impulse drive?:trixieshiftright:

“ Rockhoof -class debris trawler,” replied Mesonox. “One of the older models, but very reliable. Chosen because it’s the aethernautical equivalent of the Tokara Haylux: you could drop a building on it and it’d still run.”

For the unenlightened:

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