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The Sequel to Taionia05


This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls 3: Friendship Games

With multiple accomplishments such as academics and behavior. The principles have planned a exciting trip at Camp Everfree for all of the students and teachers at CHS. Everyone is excited to visit Camp Everfree, but things aren’t going quite normal.

The counselors are acting distant towards the campers, students are going missing, and the girls have unlocked strange abilities that they definitely don’t need at the moment.

It’s up to the Chaos Rainbooms to get to the bottom of things until they find a proper answer.

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you gonna get your other stories back??

Oh yeah that's what im talking about and im so excited for this story😄😄

From the first chapter, I have changed the story from the original, so I have a few ideas for the future if I follow through

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