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On a visit to the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle pieces together clues and evidence to paint an unmistakable conclusion: her so-called friend Rarity has somehow seduced her brother Shining Armour into betraying his beloved wife. There is no possible other explanation. She must confront this homewrecker and expose the truth!

UPDATE: There is now a voice recording of Homewrecker, by Skijaramaz - Tone Shift. It is very high quality. Check it out right here!

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Good shit, lol. I’m a third added into a marriage so I love this very much.

Twilight thought of the family dinner that same night, to which Rarity had been inexplicably invited. She kept giving strange looks to Cadance the whole time, staring at her while Cadance wasn’t looking. There was a glint in Rarity’s eyes that Twilight had just barely noticed, before Rarity had caught her looking and snapped back to small talk.

“Evil looks at Cadance,” she wrote. “Hmmmm…”

I understand that Shining and Rarity are free to fuck each other without Cadance. But since we do learn that Cadance is also fucking Rarity.

Then why hell was Rarity glaring at her for?

“I really must catch up with them, Twilight dearest, but we’ll talk after you’ve gotten some rest, hmm?”

Will we ever get to see that conversation? I would love to hear the story how these three got together.

Twilight is misreading Rarity's "Oh I'm gonna do soooo many things to this mare" look as a "Oh I'm gonna ruin this mare's life" look. Note that when Twi is remembering it and we're sort of seeing what happened, it's just "a glint in Rarity's eyes;" it's only when she writes it down and we get really subjective that that glint turns into "Evil looks."

Oh! Well crap, I should have figured that one out. Thanks for answering my question:twilightblush:

Ponies are better than humans.

Getting dragged away from cuddling with the gf to beta-read this last night was the single greatest thing to ever happen to me, 11/10 would recommend:raritywink:

:moustache: Rarity, Who you fucking? I got a blister in my pecker!
:raritystarry: Oops . . .
:facehoof: Spike too?

This was hilarious :rainbowlaugh: Now I wonder what would happen if she did send that letter to the princess!

To be honest. What did they think was going to happen?

Why was Twilight even there at the empire along with Rarity to begin with?

I mean it should have been obvious that Twilight was going notice something weird going on. Especially since Shining and Rarity were doing a terrible job at hiding it and Rarity clearly never told Twilight.

I hope those 3 don't go too hard on Twi when they explain things. Because they should have been more cautious if they were planning to keep this whole thing a secret.

"Oh darlings, I was sure I'd told Twilight already but I suppose it must have slipped my mind..."
"You just wanted a little more drama, didn't you Rarity."
"Maybe a tiny bit."

I can't help but think that there's more to it than what you're telling, Rarity and I would like to write a sequel to this story to present everything in more detail.

Did you get my PM?

Then there was the New Years’ address. Cadance had been calming Flurry after one of her tantrums, so Shining had delivered it…

Rarity had whispered in his ear as he went to the balcony, and Shining had blushed. Then her big brother had asked Rarity, not Twilight, to stand in for Cadance. That wasn’t normal, was it?

Everytime I read this line. I can't for the life of me, understand what it means:rainbowhuh: Just what exactly is the context behind this?

Traditionally the monarchs would appear together for royal addresses and the like, but since Cadance has to calm Flurry Heart, Twilight expected -as a princess and as Shining's sister- that he would ask her to stand in for Cadance. Instead, he got Rarity, who as far as the crystal ponies are concerned is just some random unicorn. This is Shining being a bit of a himbo and not wanting to ask too much of Twi, but Twi takes it as a snub.


Now I have all the info I need:pinkiehappy:

Typical Twilighting moment. Lol. If Shiny and Cady are spicing things up with a third party, I wonder if they had another stallion as well.

Funny little one shot. Nice work!

I absolutely ADORED this little fic! The characterization of Princess Twilight was immaculate and perfectly suited to how she can notice a ton of little tiny details and get tunnel vision over them, and in her fits of mania, make assumptions and blow up.

I do want to make special mention, and give particular praise, to how casually you wrote the nature of Cadence and Shining's open relationship with Rarity! Such a thing is far more normal than people give it credit for, and moreover, it shouldn't be treated with any stigma! Just a lovely fic overall, top-notch dialogue, prose, and characterization!

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