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One day, on 379th Acorn Avenue, Sunset Shimmer, the Daughter of her mother Solar Eclipse is preparing breakfast for herself when she finds a mysterious letter, she is then jumping for joy when she finds out that it's an acceptance letter to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Her mother was excited and proud of her daughter. After saying farewell to her mother, she heads off to Diagon Alley. After getting supplies from Diagon Alley, she gets help by three sisters to get to Platform nine and three quarters in order to get to the Hogwarts Express. Once she gets to Hogwarts, she encounters the three sisters again named, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata. Even though Adagio and Sonata are pretty neutral and friendly, Aria appears to be the meanest of the three, as she would antagonize her own sisters as much as other students.

As all students were then escorted to the great hall, each student is called so the sorting hat can place each student into their proper house. When Sunset Shimmer is called up, the sorting hat puts her into Slytherin due to her calm nature and eagerness to learn. She also makes friends with others along the way.

If studying many spells or dealing with bullies was bad enough, there appears to be a dark force that is after a relic known as a spectrometer, a device that can absorb magic out of a person's body. Can Sunset and her new friends stop this evil as well as complete their studies?

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/looknamtcn/art/Hogwarts-AU-846672428

Credit for Cover Art goes to: LookNamTCN

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Does Harry Potter, his friends, or even you-know-who ( Voldemort ) exist here too? Or this is a heavily alternate Wizarding world, where only MLP/Equestria Girls exist?

When Harry goes to Hogwarts, it will be during either Sunset's 3rd or 4th year at Hogwarts.


Will they still be important characters too? Since it seems we are heavily focused on the MLP/Equestria Girls characters.

If my math is correct she should've graduated 3 years ago by then, as her first year is 1981-1982, since Harry was just given to the Dursleys and Sunset got her letter the day after, this is ten years before Harry Potter's first year and Hogwarts only teaches up to seven years.

"Mom, I like him," Sunset said. "A lot more than Dumbridge."

Hey, that's an insult to dummies and bridges everywhere! :rainbowwild:

This is an interesting premise, and after reading your first chapter I think your story has potential. But I have one critique, the pacing seems too fast. You’ve tried to fit at least three chapters worth of story into one which gives little time to really process what’s going on. In truth it would have perhaps been better to have one chapter focus on Sunset receiving the letter to Hogwarts. Another at diagon alley, and another on the hogwarts express. This way there’s more time to develop Sunset’s home life, relationship with Solar and her feelings in the letter in the first chapter. Then in the second you could spend more time interweaving meeting the different characters with Sunset actually shopping. This could lead to the narrative feel more like a scene than a list of characters being introduced. And give you more time for them to interact with each other. Currently I worry they’re being introduced and not given room to interact. For example when meeting Discord Sunset could have asked why he’s taking he’s DADA job, especially if it’s cursed. Or with Twilight she could talk about Owlisicous and how Sunset might want an owl.
Just consider these little interactions and it’ll help your story come alive just that little bit more.

A question:

Will your story resemble the video game "Hogwarts Mystery"?

"Dumbuldore" ?

LET'S GO!!!!! HYPE!!!!!!

Guau increíble historia, pero me gustaría saber si el dibujo de la portada es de usted :pinkiesad2:

"Oh, Discord, nothing really, just getting rid of a pest," Solar Eclipse said. "Sunset, this is Professor Discord, a friend of the family, and your defense against the dark arts teacher for this year."

Oooh...knowing what I know, and what happened to Quirrel...I might need to hold my breath.

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