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No need to feel stupid - I'll delete my comment too. Just take in the time to soak in the information you see, double check it - don't be hasty and stuff. There's always multiple things to take into account.

Nice reference to the SAS

Thanks! I'm really happy someone picked up on this! Wanted to write a bit of a homage and a nice comparative way to show how serious these guys are. All the way down to the staircase grenade, eheh.

Yup. The Iranian Embassy Siege. I watched a movie about it a while ago. Can't remember the name, but it was really good.

6 Days from 2017? That's the only one I'm aware of so far I'm afraid.

casually lifts gatling autocannon

Does Discord appear in this story?

Most likely not I'm afraid - in the Equestria at War universe Discord is either just idly watching things unfold, or has gone missing. I do plan to use him in one way tho - but I was thinking more-so for the sequel to this story.

The Handler shook his head. "No. Not in my line of work, Abba. At the least however, once I do questionable things, I merely opt not to comment. On the other hand, committing acts of slaughter while trying to present yourself as the force of "good" just means you're in denial. It's like every other shitbag - entering another country on the pretense of conducting some sort of special military operation to then practice genocide - and then try your best to use subversion and propaganda to gaslight the world into believing you're right."

Hmm this seems awfully realistic

Ain't no better muse for fiction than real life, eh.

"'Cause you just don't stick your dick in crazy, Gomer. That's why." Colton stated, deadpan.

Colton spitting all fax, no printer.

The most tactical advice a team leader can give

"It's not just about the coffee." Umfuni smiled. "Coffee can also be...a ticket. You can just buy a cheap espresso, and spend the time here. And to spend time here means a lot of things. For one, this is a place to get a newspaper, and also discuss it with others. This place is also popular among intellectuals, so one may expect to find philosophers, scientists, and artists here." The zebra explained - as happy to speak as a musician to freely play a fiddle. "And it's also been reported to be the place for many of the world's finest, or at-least most interesting. The elements of harmony certainly must've been here. Well-known communists might've come here too. I even asked the staff earlier; rumor has it they even saw not-then Président Vérany sitting a table away from not-then dictator Beakolini. Some believed that even Posada was having a conversation here with Serov, and it ended with Posada calling him a "jingoistic false revolutionary", storming out and leaving the stallion to pay the bill. Heard somepony call it the "red versus blue" incident."

Is that a reference to the Vienna coffee house thing with the ol' dictators?

Yes!!! I'm really happy that was caught onto, albeit I may have made it a bit obvious. I really liked the idea of such a place and thought given the history, it'd be cool to see it in EaW. And I kinda thought vibe-wise, Crystal City worked out.

Team should pack bug spray from here on out

Bugmom is gonna get busted and possible Nightmare Cadence soon?

Hehe, the next chapter is gonna show not one, not two, not three, but four ex-villain unicorns. So it's more than likely.

Wonder what name would work. Heartbreak? Does Cadence have a fanon Nightmare name?

Not any in specific, though my preference is Heartbreaker (name parallels to the other princesses) and one of my favorite renditions has to be Mournful Frost.

Has Cozy Glow ever appeared in any Equestria At War stories?

"<<Demon here - copy loud and clear. Ready to rock and roll.>>" Said the orange mare with a fiery mane as she stopped looking through the binoculars, and disappeared into the turret of her M41 Walker Bulldog - joining the banter and conversation with the gunner, loader, and driver.


Not sure, I'll ask in the Discord server!

These next few chapters are me indulging in all my favorite reformed unicorns, hehehehe

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