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I'm not new to writing MLP fan fiction or fan fiction in general. I like to do crossovers among other things.

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I think this need a sequel where Glimmer has a mommy.

this is a really nice story, i like it <3

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Fun read keep it up

11287175 I have to agree. Might even be cute to have Spike get in on the fun as a caretaker, I'm sure he'd love having a "baby sister". :rainbowkiss:

Nice idea

Bunch of parts seemed to have a “ and then” sort of flow. Shrug

11287484 Well, there aren't many padded fics where Spike is the caretaker.

We should make a group with caretaker filter

Any suggestions for fixing it?

Some moments of inner thoughts of the characters, using senses like smell or touch or taste. varies on situation
for example, wasn't really needed for the story to describe everything she grabbed to have her meal.

everyone writing is different though. Just a bit jarring to see action after action described without other bits in between.
Grammer looked good though so that is a plus. best advice, read other stories and just see how author mix actions with other things. hmm hope i am making sense.

Not gonna lie, this was adorable. Especially knowing that Flurry Heart made a poopie too like Starlight did XD. That’s so adorable

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