• Published 25th May 2022
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Kingdom Hearts: Chronicles Throughout Equestria and Beyond - snivygamer97

The Mane 6 and Spike help Sora, Kairi, and friends save the worlds from darkness.

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The Guard Armor and New Friends

“Gawrsh, there’s nobody here. Sure is spooky!” Goofy nervously brought up his worries as he, Spike, and Donald were walking through the Alleyway of the Second District.
“Yeah. But I’m not scared!” Spike lied, trying to be brave.
“Really? That’s great!” Goofy said cheerfully.
“W-Well actually, I’m really scared. But if we are to find our loved ones and save the worlds, we can’t afford to be scared! We gotta keep moving!” Spike admitted.
“That’s pretty mature of ya!” Goofy complimented.
“Really? Thank you!” Spike said with a blush.
“Aw, phooey. Unlike you two, I’m not scared,” Donald said only to be proven wrong as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He screamed and leaped into the air, landing and hanging onto Goofy’s bac, shivering as he did so.
“Yeah. Totally not scared,” Spike rolled his eyes sarcastically.
“Excuse me. Did the king send you?” The trio heard a female voice say.
“Wait. The king?!” Donald was surprised as he calmed down and turned around, with Goofy and Spike turning with him. They saw a young woman with flowing brown hair tied in a bow. She wears a long pink dress and brown boots. She smiles at the trio.
“Oh, hello there, young lady! Do you know where we can find Leon?” Goofy asked.
“It’s very important that we find him and this Keybl-,” Spike said only for Donald to jump down from Goofy’s back and cover his mouth.
“Remember, world order!” Donald reminded Spike.
“Sorry!” Spike mumbled as Donald finally uncovered his mouth. “So, if you can point us in the right direction we’ll be able to get going Miss…”
“Aerith. And don’t worry. I can lead you to Leon. But first, we should get inside and away from the Heartless before we continue talking,” The woman said as she led them into the hotel.
Soon after, Sora is starting to wake up…
“Ow, my head! That was really rough. You all okay?” Sora asked the group only to see that the others were indeed conscious, but still aching from the earlier fight.
“Well, we’re alive and I don’t think this pain will be permanent, so I think we’ll be fine,” Kairi said.
“Yeah. Because having a splitting headache is definitely making us all peachy,” Twilight snarked.
“Agreed, Twilight. Man, I just wish I coulda won that fight with the swordsman guy!” Rainbow Dash said annoyed.
“Because winning a fight is very important right now!” Twilight grumbled.
“You’re looking kinda irritable right now, Twilight. You okay?” Kairi asked in concern.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry. It’s just that I’m aching really bad right now,” Twilight apologized. “Also, where did all your Keyblades go?”
“What are you talking about? Mine’s right… Oh no! They’re gone!” Rainbow Dash cried out in worry.
“This is bad! Where did they go?!” Sora worried.
“I don’t know. But hopefully we can find them inside of this…hotel room?” Kairi said, confused.
“I think you’re right, Kairi. Luckily, aside from our Keyblades being gone, I guess we’ll be fine. But still…my head is aching. Also, which of you brought us all here?” Sora asked.
“We did,” Yuffie answered as the group turned to her as she was entering the room, with the man, Leon, from earlier following. “Well, looks like you’re all awake. Sorry for the headaches, though. I think you might’ve overdone it, Squall.”
The tall man from before walks into the green room. “That’s Leon,” The man said as it turned out he was holding the three Keyblades and he put them down, leaning against the wall.
“Ah, so there’s our Keyblades! I thought for a moment we lost them,” Rainbow sighed in relief.
“But…why did you take them away from us?” Kairi asked.
“Yeah, sorry about that, too. We had to get it away from you to shake off those creatures. It turns out that’s how they were tracking you,” Yuffie revealed.
“Wait. How does that work?” Twilight asked, confused.
Leon answered, crossing his arms, “The Keyblade has massive magical power, connected to the strength of the user’s heart. Taking them away from you was the only way to conceal your heart from them. But it won’t work for long.” Sora sits on the bed, staring down at the floor. “Still hard to believe that you of all people are the chosen one. Or that we’d be in the presence of three Keyblade wielders.” Leon picks up the Kingdom Key Keyblade and swings it in the air. It flashes out of his hand and back into Sora’s, with the other two Keyblades returning to Kairi and Rainbow a moment later. Leon walks over to him. “Well, I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.”
“Why don’t you start making sense! What’s going on here?” Sora demanded.
“I agree! Give us answers as to what is going on!” Twilight agreed.
“Especially if you want us to trust you,” Rainbow yelled out.
“Pardon if we’re being rude, but can you please tell us what is going on here?” Kairi pleaded.

At this point in time, Aerith has led Donald, Spike and Goofy to the adjacent red room.
“Okay, you know there are many other worlds out there besides your castle and this town, right?” Aerith asked the trio.
“Yeah,” Donald answered.
“I suppose that Equestria is another one of these worlds then, right?” Spike asked curiously.
“That’s right,” Aerith confirmed.
“But they’re supposed to be a secret,” Goofy responds as he covers his mouth.
“Yeah! That’s what I’ve been told at least,” Spike said.
“They’ve been secret because they’ve never been connected. Until now. There haven’t been many ways to enter different worlds before, but now the walls between worlds have weakened,” Aerith confirmed as her thoughts drift to nearly a decade earlier. “When the Heartless came, everything changed.”

Back with Sora and the others…
“The Heartless?” Sora asked.
“The ones who attacked you guys, you remember?” Yuffie confirmed.
“So, those are what those shadow monsters are called,” Kairi said.
“Sounds like a pretty cool name, though. I wonder what their deal is, though,” Rainbow Dash noted.
“Yeah, What exactly are these Heartless, anyways?” Twilight asked.
“That’s simple. Those without hearts,” Leon answered.
“But…hearts pump blood throughout someone’s body!” Kairi yelled out.
“Yeah! How could they function without blood?” Rainbow Dash demanded.
“Are they zombies?!” Sora was getting nervous.
“The hearts they lack are different. Hearts are the core that make up a person. What allows them to feel and truly exist as an individual,” Leon explained.
“Oh,” Sora said as Rainbow and him blushed in embarrassment.
“The darkness in people’s hearts—that’s what attracts them,” Yuffie said.
“And there is darkness within every heart,” Leon said.
“Well…that sounds depressing,” Sora noted.
“Maybe…does that mean any one of us could become a Heartless then?” Twilight nervously asked.
“It’s possible,” Yuffie confirmed. “But, you’d have to fall to your darkness or be attacked by the Heartless and lose for that to happen.”
“Well, on the bright side, we can avoid falling to darkness if we’re careful,” Kairi said.
“Yeah! Bring on these Heartless! We can take them on!” Rainbow flew up and sliced the air with her Keyblade, only for Twilight to grab her with her telekinesis.
“We can’t just charge in recklessly! We need to come up with a plan!” Twilight yelled out.
Yuffie looks toward Sora and the others before aksing, “Hey, have you heard of someone named Ansem?”

“Ansem?” Goofy asks as he places a hand to his chin.
“He was studying the Heartless. He recorded all of his findings in a very detailed report,” Aerith explained.
“Well, that sounds pretty handy! Maybe with it we can understand what these Heartless are doing! And why!” Spike started to feel hopeful. Donald crosses his arms and taps his foot on the wood floor.
“Gawrsh, uh, can we see it?” Goofy asked politely.
“Please! We need it to stop the Heartless!” Spike asked.
Aerith shook her head, however. “It’s pages are scattered everywhere.”
Donald asked, confused, “Scattered?” Donald stops tapping.
“To many worlds,” Aerith continued.
“Oh, then maybe the king went to find ‘em,” Goofy guessed. He slams a fist down into his hand and Donald nods.
“Yes, those were my thoughts exactly,” Aerith agreed.
“Sounds a bit reckless, though. He could have brought someone with him at least,” Spike said, shocking Donald and Goofy. “Sorry! Just… thinking aloud. I’m sure he’s fine wherever he ended up.”
“It’s okay, Spike. But regardless, we’ve gotta find him quick!” Goofy said.
“Wait! Not yet, you two!” Donald yelled. “First, we need that “key”! The Kingdom Key!”
“That’s right. The Keyblade,” Aerith confirmed.

“So...this is the key? The one that will save us all?” Sora asked as he holds up the Keyblade.
Yuffie nods in confirmation, “Exactly!”
“Sounds like a lot of responsibility, though,” Kairi noted.
“I think it’s kinda cool. We’re heroes!” Rainbow Dash cheered.
“But…why are the Heartless after us so much? Are we really that susceptible to darkness?” Twilight asked, wanting answers.
“It’s simple, Twilight. The Heartless have great fear of the Keyblade,” Leon answers. He walks over to the door.
“So, why do they fear the Keyblade?” Kairi asked.
“I was just about to ask the same thing,” Twilight said.
“Simple. If a Heartless is slain by the Keyblade, or by any weapon within close proximity to the Keyblade, that Heartless will never reform. Their heart will be free and the individual may eventually return to being whole again,” Yuffie answered.
“That’s why they’ll keep coming after you no matter what,” Leon finished.
“Sounds kinda cool to have the constant action, though I could still use breaks from fighting, so I’m a little mixed on this magic destiny,” Rainbow admitted.
“I agree with Rainbow Dash. I didn’t ask for this,” Sora said.
“Yeah, we’re just kids. As much as I’d like to play a part in saving the worlds, I’m not sure how we’d do. So, is it possible to give the Keyblade to someone else?” Kairi asked.
“I’m afraid not. Once you get a Keyblade, the power to use one remains with you for life. A specific Keyblade can be destroyed or lost, but you can obtain a new one,” Yuffie explained.
“But…what causes one to gain a Keyblade to begin with?” Twilight asked.
“Either you have it passed down from someone else or, quite simply, the Keyblade chooses its master. And it chose you, Sora,” Yuffie answered.
“So tough luck,” Leon stated as he leans against the door.
“How did all this happen? I remember being in my room…,” Sora tried to retrace his steps. He suddenly gasps sharply, standing up and looking at them frantically. “Wait a minute! What happened to my home? My island? Riku! He may have fallen to darkness! And what about my other friends and family?!”
“Yeah! And my brother and assistant Spike? Or Princess Celestia?!” Twilight agreed.
“Not that I’m worried, but Fluttershy and Applejack and everyone else in Ponyville could also be in trouble,” Rainbow Dash said, lying to the others and herself.
“Yeah…it looks like many innocents may have fallen with their worlds. What do we do?” Kairi asked in concern.
“You know what? I really don’t know,” Leon sadly, but sternly admitted.
Sora and the others all look down sadly. Yuffie tries to change the subject. “Hey, cheer up! I’ve heard that the Keyblade can open all sorts of locks. Give it a try the next time you find a treasure chest or door lock!”
“Heh. I guess the Keyblade can be used for more than fighting then,” Kairi said with a smile, her mood lifting a bit.
“Hey, look! There’s a treasure chest right there!” Rainbow Dash noticed a chest on the table. “Here, I’ll open it!” Rainbow said as she tried to use her hooves to open it, only for it to remain shut.
“Um, Rainbow Dash? Maybe the Keyblade should be used to open it?” Twilight suggested.
“Hey! I just found out about them. Don’t judge me!” Rainbow protested.
“Here, let me try,” Kairi said as she tapped the chest with a Keyblade, it opening and revealing an Elixir inside.
“Wow, we got ourselves an Elixir!” Sora cheered.
“Cool! What’s an Elixir?” Rainbow asked, Twilight.
“I have no idea, to be honest,” Twilight admitted.
“Wow! And here I thought you were a genius that knew a lot,” Rainbow teased.
“Just because I know a lot doesn’t mean I know everything, Rainbow. This type of stuff is new to me as much as it is to you,” Twilight pointed out.
“An Elixir is a special, but rare drink that fully restores the drinker to their full power and energy. Could come in handy for the journey ahead,” Kairi explained.
“Yes, and you’d best get yourselves prepared, seeing as how sooner or later, the Heartless will find you guys,” Leon warned.
“Prepare myself?” Sora asked.
“To fight for your life. Are you all ready?” Leon asked.
“Wait. Wait. Wait. We just found out all this dangerous destiny stuff and you’re expecting us to fight for our lives?” Twilight protested.
“I don’t think we have a choice, Twilight. We’re going to have to fight one way or another. I do wish things could have been differently, though,” Kairi admitted.
“Fine. But, I just hope things don’t go wrong,” Twilight reluctantly agreed.
“I’m in! This fighting stuff is pretty cool and could be fun. What about you, Sora? Are you ready?” Rainbow asked Sora.
Sora sat on the bed for a good minute, thinking things over. He agreed with Twilight that he wasn’t exactly keen on endangering himself and the others fighting these Heartless. However, like Kairi said, they didn’t have many options seeing as how the Keyblade was stuck with them, and Sora’s being the one that would apparently stop the Heartless for good. So, he finally decided, “I’m ready!”
“Okay then. Yuffie, let’s go join Aerith. She should be there now with the other visitors,” Leon said.
“Wait. Other visitors?” Twilight was confused.
“There are others here in Traverse Town searching for a way to stop the destruction of our worlds,” Leon answered.
“Maybe this means that we can have help fighting the Heartless,” Kairi said, her mood lifting.
“And maybe Riku and the others are okay!” Sora agreed.
“You think Spike is among them?” Twilight asked.
“Could be, but we won’t know if we don’t check on the- Wait! Leon!” Yuffie points to the other end of the room as a Soldier Heartless appears, clattering awkwardly. Leon runs forward with his Gunblade out once more.
“Yuffie, go!” Leon commands his friend. Yuffie runs into the Red Room, squashing Donald behind it with a squawk. Aerith’s face turns serious.
“Yuffie?” Aerith was initially confused as she followed after her friend.
“Everyone, let’s go!” Leon commands as he slams the Heartless through the window of the room and it flies over the balcony and down to the Alleyway below. Leon runs after it, Sora and the others following.The Red Room door closes and Goofy and Spike stare at Donald flattened
against the wall.
“So, what do you think just happened?” Goofy wondered.
“Seems like trouble! Maybe those Heartless that we were told about!” Spike said, trying to ignore his growing fear. “Let’s go!” Spike yelled as he and Goofy picked up Donald and ran to look for a way out.
Down in the Alleyway, more Heartless have appeared around the group. Twilight was able to stop ten of the Soldiers with her telekinesis, but she was straining to do so. “Hurry up and do something! Please!” Twilight cried out.
“Got it!” Rainbow yelled as she hit four of the Soldiers with combos, eventually slaying the Heartless. “Anyone else want some?” Suddenly, one Soldier jumped up and hit Rainbow Dash from behind. Just as the six Heartless were about to all attack the dazed Keyblade wielder, Sora and Kairi attacked and slayed the six remaining Heartless with Keyblade slashes.
“Phew! That was a close call!” Sora sighed in relief.
“Are you okay, Rainbow Dash? That was a bit of a close call,” Kairi asked as she helped Rainbow get back up.
“You know, I could have handled that on my own,” Rainbow claimed, trying to save face.
“Sure you could,” Kairi said in a good natured joking way, annoying Rainbow a bit.
“Well, I’d say we probably reduced the Heartless’s numbers by quite a bit, right?” Sora guessed.
“Compared to the number there are out in the worlds, I’d say we’re not even close to winning at this point,” Leon bluntly put it.
“Really?! Aw man!” Sora wasn’t happy.
“So, what do we do? If the Heartless will just keep coming, how can we stop them?” Twilight asked, worry present in her voice.
“Simple. We don’t bother with the small fry if we can help it. Find the leader! Let’s go!” Leon yelled as he went back into the Second District through the nearby door.
“Which Heartless do you think is the leader, you guys?” Sora asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe we should fight each one until we find him or her!” Rainbow suggested as she held out her Keyblade.
“But Leon said not to bother with the smaller ones’ though. Maybe the leader is a much bigger Heartless,” Kairi suggested.
“Yeah! I agree with Kairi! Let’s get out of this alley and start looking for a giant Heartless!” Twilight cried out.
As Sora and his friends fight Heartless, they looked around for any signs of a bigger Heartless that could be the leader. At first, they had no luck as they only ran into Shadows and Soldiers. Eventually, however, the group found their way to the Third District.
Sora and the others run down the stairs into the square as Goofy watches from a high balcony. Goofy turns around as Heartless appears around him, Spike, and Donald. He takes out his shield. “Gawrsh, are these the Heartless guys?” Goofy wondered.
“Well, seeing as how they’re scary looking monsters that could potentially eat dragons, I’d say yes!” Spike nervously said as he tried to regain his courage.
Donald swings his wand in front of him “Don’t be afraid, Spike! You’re with us! Now, let’s go get ‘em, Goofy and Spike!”
Sadly, in spite of their best efforts, the trio, with a loud crash, were blasted off the balcony, though not without defeating a few Heartless first. The group turns, hearing the commotion, and everyone tries to run as Donald, Spike, and Goofy fall on top of them. Stars appear around their heads before they see the Keyblade.
“The key!” Donald and Goofy smile as they see the Keyblade Aerith showed them a picture of earlier.
“I know! Looks like we managed to find the Kingdom Key! First step accomplished!” Spike cheered.
“Wait a second. Was that…,” Twilight muttered as she got out of the pile and saw Spike.
“Tw-Twilight? Is that you?” Spike asked as he looked overwhelmed by emotion, tears in his eyes.
Tears also entered Twilight’s eyes as she rushed to hug, tackling him to the ground. “Spike! Thank goodness! After all that happened, I was afraid you fell to darkness like Equestria and that I’d never see you again!”
“I know! I know it’s only been a few days, but I missed you so much!” Spike hugged Twilight back.
“Aw, this is so sweet!” Kairi found the sight cute.
“I know, right? Two friends, reunited. Well, family in this case,” Sora agreed.
“Well…I guess this is cute. I can’t believe I said that,” Rainbow was a bit annoyed of herself.
“Well, Donald, looks like Spike found his older sister already! Isn’t that great?” Goofy asked his friend.
“Maybe. But…can everyone please get off me?!” Donald freaked out.
Just as everyone was getting back up, however, the District starts to rumble and they look
around. Large blocks appear from the ground and cover the exits. Several Soldier Heartless surround them as they stand up, ready to fight.
“Ha! Only a few Heartless? These guys underestimate us! We can take them down one each with ease!” Rainbow boasted.
“Um, you do know that these guys are tough, right? I mean, we did just get defeated by a bunch of them a few minutes back,” Spike reluctantly admitted.
“Yeah, but they didn’t have this!” Sora cried out as he brought out his Keyblade.
“Don’t forget. You’re not the only one with a Keyblade, Sora! We can help you!” Kairi reminded Sora as she summoned her Keyblade as well.
“Whoa! Donald, looks like there are multiple Keyblades! And here I thought the king was the only other one still out there with a Keyblade!” Goofy was amazed.
“Not now, Goofy! We need to fight the Heartless! And this time we get serious!” Donald yelled out as he shot out a few Fire spells, destroying the three Heartless he fired at. Goofy, meanwhile, rushed towards a few Heartless, ramming them into one of the walls.
Twilight was surprised and amazed to see the strange form of magic be used. She wanted to ask about it, but realized that now wasn’t the time for that.
“Um, right!” Spike agreed as he shot out a small flame at one Soldier. Thankfully for him, the Heartless was slain. Happy to see this, Spike gained a bit of confidence and went after another Heartless.
Twilight, meanwhile, was blasting several Heartless with her magic, dispelling them one by one. Just as one was about to hit her from behind, Rainbow Dash sliced one that tried to scratch Twilight from behind. “Need some help?” Rainbow asked.
“Wha?!” Twilight was a bit freaked out by the sudden voice, only to look a bit annoyed at Rainbow upon seeing her. “You know, you didn’t have to risk giving me a heart attack!”
“I know, but you almost got hurt by one of the Heartless while you were busy using your fancy magic. Still, you did a great job at defeating them, though. But I bet that we’d do even better working together,” Rainbow said as she held out her hoof. Twilight looked at her hoof for a while before grabbing it and returning to the battle, with Rainbow slicing Heartless with her Keyblade and Twilight covering her with her magic, making some easier to hit with telekinesis and blasting those that got close to Rainbow Dash.
Kairi, meanwhile, was having a bit of trouble fighting the Heartless as she wasn’t as used to fighting as Sora and Riku were. She missed a few blows and even got hit a few times. However, she did manage to defeat a few Heartless with her Keyblade. She turned to see that Sora, in contrast, was like a natural fighting Heartless, slaying them one by one with his Keyblade. Kairi looked at Sora in admiration, hoping that one day she would be as skilled fighting Heartless as he was.
It took a few short minutes, but eventually all of the Soldier Heartless were defeated by the group.
“Aw yeah! They’re all down! Heroes one, Heartless zero!” Rainbow cheered.
“Well, now that we have a chance to talk, it’s nice to finally meet you,” Donald greeted Sora.
“Yeah! We’ve been looking for you for some time, Mr. Kingdom Key wielder!” Goofy greeted as well.
“Um, his name’s Sora. And I’m Kairi. Strange to see a talking duck here, but seeing as how we’re friends with talking ponies, we shouldn’t be rude,” Kairi said.
“So, first question. Who are you and why are you helping us?!” Twilight asked nervously.
“Well you see…,” Goofy began.
“Maybe we should wait on the pleasantries, you guys,” Spike said.
“Why’s that, Spike was it?” Rainbow asked.
“Because the Heartless sent out one more big guy to fight us,” Spike answered with fear in his voice as he pointed to behind the group.
Spike was right, as a massive armed Heartless was forming behind him. Strangely enough, the massive Heartless consisted of only a pair of legs, hands, a body, and a head. However, the Heartless was still dangerous looking and much bigger than any of the Heartless they had faced so far.
“Whoa! We now have to face that?!” Sora was shocked.
“I know, right?!” Spike nervously agreed.
“Do we even have enough in us to face this thing?” Donald wondered.
“I don’t know…,' Twilight said with uncertainty as she looked around the area.
“We can’t just give up now! Everything and everyone is at stake right now! If we don’t stop this thing, then who will?!” Rainbow Dash asked.
Twilight stood there for a moment, not sure how to feel. However, after thinking about what was at stake, namely the fate of many innocents, she decided, “Rainbow is right! We have to stop this guy. Remember, we outnumber him greatly!”
“Uh huh! Plus, it may be easier if we each focus on one part at a time,” Kairi suggested.
“Good idea, Kairi!” Sora cheered.
“I agree! Donald, what do you think?” Goofy asked his friend.
Donald started to walk forward as he lifted his staff and shot a fireball at the Heartless’s left leg. “Let’s get him!” Donald cried out.
And so, the group combined their power and worked to fight off the massive Guard Armor. Sora and Kairi sliced at the legs of the Heartless while Rainbow sliced at the head. Spike burned the legs along with Sora and Kairi’s slices as Goofy rushed at the legs as well. As for Donald and Twilight, they used their respective magics to attack the body and arms.
The Guard Armor, however, was still fighting back. He stomped at the heroes with his feet and sliced at them with his hands. They were able to dodge most of the Heartless’s attacks, but they did get hit by a few attacks.
Eventually, the Heartless’s hands and feet were destroyed, leaving just his body and head. However, that didn’t mean the fight was easier. The Guard Armor spun his body around the small field into the heroes and also created energy blasts and lasers from the bottom of his body. By this point, both the Heartless and the heroes were both running out of steam. However, Sora and Kairi managed to jump up and hit the Heartless in the head, defeating him and releasing his heart as he collapsed and vanished.
A few minutes later, Leon and Yuffie joined the group.
“Phew! That was one intense fight!” Rainbow said as she was panting.
“I know! For a moment there, I doubted we had it in us,” Spike sighed in relief.
“But we did! And we won!” Sora cheered.
“Yeah! Maybe now there will be less Heartless around Traverse Town now,” Kairi agreed.
“Hopefully you’re right, Kairi,” Twilight said.
“Um, fellas? Is it okay if we finish talkin’ to ya now?” Goofy asked them.
“I guess so. Sora?” Kairi asked her friend, who agreed to talk with the duo.
“So, you were looking for me?” Sora asked Donald and Goofy.
Donald & Goofy nod and confirm, “Uh-huh!”
Leon, with arms crossed, says, “They, too, have been seeking the wielder of the Kingdom Key Keyblade.”
Yuffie nods, before saying, “They’re out there trying to save the worlds just like you.”
“Yuffie is right! Maybe we can all work together,” Spike suggested.
“Maybe. I don’t know, though…,” Twilight was reluctant to accept the help and endanger others.
“Aw, don’t worry! We don’t bite!” Goofy tries to console before suggesting, “Hey, why don’t you come with us? We can go to other worlds on our vessel.”
Sora is sad and facing downward as he says, “I wonder if I could find Riku.” Leon closes his eyes, understanding what Sora is feeling.
“Of course,” Donald says. At this, Sora looks up at them with hope in his eyes.
“You see, Sora? Maybe we can find Riku along with Rainbow and Twilight’s friends.
“Uh…I don’t really do friends. But…I guess I could use some help looking for the princess,” Twilight admitted.
Goofy asks Donald, “Are you sure?”
Donald whispers to Goofy, “Who knows? But we need him and his pals to come with us to help us find the king.”
“Wait! What did you say?!” Rainbow demanded only for her to get interrupted by Leon.
Leon steps forward and says, “Sora, Kairi, go with them. Especially if you want to find your friends.”

Sora halfheartedly mumbled, “Yeah, I guess.”
Kairi noticed that Sora was miserable and put a hand on his shoulder. “Sora?”
“But you can’t come along looking like that. Understand?” Donald asks in genuine concern as he wags a finger. “No frowning. No sad face. Okay?”
Goofy interjects, “Yeah, ya gotta look funny, like us!”
Donald pushes him away, saying, “This boat runs on happy faces.”
“Um, is that figurative or literal?” Rainbow asks.
“Believe it or not, it’s literal,” Spike confirms.
“What?! But that makes no sense!” Twilight complained.
“We have magic and we’re ponies! I don’t think you should complain!” Rainbow pointed out.
“So, Sora? You think you can be at least a little happy for now?” Kairi gently asked.
“Happy?” Sora asks as Donald and Goofy smile. Sora bends down and reveals a huge cheesy grin. Getting no response from them, he stops awkwardly. Donald and Goofy burst out laughing.
Goofy points at Sora, saying, “That’s one funny face!”
Sora stands up tall, saying, “Okay, why not? I’ll go with you guys.”
“Um what about us?” Rainbow asked Sora, reminding him of the others.
“Oh, right! What do you guys think?” Sora asked the others.
“They seem pretty nice and they can help us find Riku. So, why not go with them?” Kairi agreed.
“I can feel something a bit off, Kairi. But…okay. If it’ll help us find anypony else,” Rainbow answered.
“I’ve already gone with them this far. Why not continue going with them? Twilight?” Spike agreed as well as he asked his older sister.
“Sorry, but Spike and I can find the princess on our own,” Twilight apologized.
“But…these two are offering to help us find the others! Why don’t we just stick with them for now?” Spike asked pleadingly.
Twilight stood there for a moment, not sure if she wanted to go along for this trip. After all, she still wasn’t on the best terms with these people yet. However, realizing that this may be the only way to return home and find the princess, she reluctantly agreed, “Fine. The name’s Twilight.” said as she held out her hoof.
“Kairi’s my name,” Kairi introduced herself as she held out her hand.
“Name’s Rainbow Dash! Got it memorized?” Rainbow introduced herself while holding out her hoof.
Donald held out a hand, saying, “Donald Duck.”
Goofy did the same, “Name’s Goofy.”
Sora did the same, “I’m Sora.”
“All for one, one for all,” Goofy said cheerfully as everyone placed their hands and hooves together.
Meanwhile, in a room full of darkness, a group with equally dark intentions gaze at an image of the trio on a round table.
“That little squirt and his pals took down that Heartless! Who’d have thought it?” Hades grumbled in shock. The fiery man looks over to a thin man with a staff.
The man with the staff, Jafar, replies, “Such is the power of the Keyblade. The child’s strength is not his own.”
The large woman next to him gazes down cunningly at the image, water dripping off her many appendages. The woman, named Ursula offers, “Why don’t we turn him into a Heartless?” She cackles loudly. “That’ll settle things quick enough.”
“Maybe. I’d rather deal with those ponies personally. After all, they dared to try and oppose my rule in Equestria. Best to get rid of any threats before they can threaten us,” Nightmare Moon suggested.
A man, Captain Hook, standing next to her pipes up, “And the brat’s friends are the king’s lackeys. Swoggle me eyes, they’re all bilge rats by the look of them.”
“You’re no prize yourself, Hook. Maybe you’re right, ladies. Why don’t we stop them now?” Oogie Boogie agrees as the ghostly figure beside the man laughs loudly and the man brandishes a silver hook as his left hand.
“Shut up!” Hook protested.
“Enough,” a woman, Maleficent, says.The villains look over to the tall woman in a black cloak. She gazes through narrow eyes at the image on the table, her green skin echoing its pale light. Her long fingers curve around the staff in her hand. “The Keyblade has chosen him and a few of his little friends. Will it be them who conquers the darkness? Or will the darkness swallow him? Either way, he could be quite useful.” She smiles darkly as the others disappear in Corridors of Darkness. Suddenly, the area around her turns gray.
“Spoken like a true villain, Malef! So, what’s the plan, eh? Do what your underlings suggested and kill the kids now?” A yellow triangle with one eye and black limbs and a hat said.
“The name’s Maleficent. And this is not your place, Bill! You, along with Xehanort, may have laid the groundwork for our future plans, but that doesn’t mean you can barge in on my meetings or other plans!” Maleficent complained.
“Haha! Making you mad is just too easy! But, do you really believe doing nothing about those kids won't bite you in the butt later? The Keyblade’s strength does grow stronger as time goes on and the wielder grows as well, after all,” Bill Cipher pointed out.
“If they do start becoming a problem then we’ll find a way to kill them when the time comes. For now, so long as they don’t hurt our plans we should leave them be,” Maleficent decided.
“Aw, does Malef have a soft spot after all?” Bill teased.
“No, I do not! I merely don’t believe they can do much. Especially once we find the remaining princesses,” Maleficent reminded coldly.
“Right, right. The plan to make Kingdom Hearts ours! Just remember to free me once we find the last of them, right Malef?” Bill reminded Maleficent.
“Oh, don’t worry, Bill! You’ll get what you deserve when the time is right,” Maleficent said with a malicious grin as both figures laughed wickedly.

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