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After Granny Smith's funeral, life starts to pile up on Applejack. When she finally realises her relationship with Rainbow Dash isn't as strong as she thought, Pinkie Pie steps in as Ponyville's resident love doctor. But can she treat these two patients when their infectious love has spread to her?

When she realises too late that she's more invested than just a third-party observer, can she still trust herself to do what's right, or will she take this carriage by the reigns and ride it 'till the rooter calls for morning?

Written for Bicylette's ApplePie Contest.

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Congrats on the cover image for making me sad and hungry simultaniously.

Thanks. It's a temporary image though until I find time to draw one. Just needed something so it would look complete before submitting.

There better be another chapter coming
😂 like Pinkie, I find this whole story very fun to read. Maybe we can have a "choose your own ending" type of story, yes? no?
Thanks for sharing this story with us. The sad theme really nailed in the concept of realistic relationship problems.
The way you wrote the three characters involved makes me wish there's more to read.

Thank you. Aside from mystery, romance and shipping is the genre I have the least experience with. I'm much more of a sci-fi/fantasy adventure junkie. So I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

You wrote well though!!!
Of course I enjoyed reading it 💙💙💙

What happened to just waking up and picking apples all day?

aww, life was a lot less complicated in Season 1!

Fluttershy, preferring to go unnoticed, joined after the rest, but let Applejack know her door would be open whenever she was needed.

this was a nice touch, and reminds me of me

And though her mascara and eyeliner would drip after a day in a hot field, Applejack had to admit, she looked as pretty as a young mare could possibly be.

gotta admit im a bit surprised the Babs we see in the canon grew up to be into Rarity levels of makeup

In more ways than one, Granny’s death had made Applejack feel lonelier.

aww, yeah, with the rest of her family having those they are "closer to" now than to her. another sad change that can come with adulthood

Now her glare was as black as the night. What have I asked of you?

oof, and Rainbow Dash was prominent in her absence in the scene before. this is a moment that is sadly true to Rainbow Dash's flaws, coming together to result in something that would hurt any romantic partner

But she was done doing favours for Rainbow Dash. It was high time she did something for herself.

oof, and that does bridge the gap between the AppleDash of canon and the future ApplePie. there's something refreshingly classic about this i am digging, it feels like an homage to shipfics past that got past the inconvenient canon ship by revealing that it's covering up deeper unresolved conflicts that come to a head

But she knew one thing, at least. She couldn’t make someone happy unless they wanted to be, and Rainbow Dash had an aura of self-loathing that was as strong as they came.

aww, and a very fitting lesson for the older Pinkie to have learned

Even the idea of creating pleasurable party pursuits with her powers of pep and persuasion was hardly compelling.

hehe, always good to have a Pinkie Pie alliteration

Pinkie Pie, always being prepared for interpersonal tension, reached behind a framed picture of the Cake twins hanging by the door and pulled out a doctor’s stethoscope. “The love doctor is in.”

ah, i see this fic is going for a realistic interpretation of Pinkie's object-summoning canon powers

And, if I’m being honest, she’s about as good at being loyal as you are.

that brings to mind the joke that their elements should have been switched, haha

“Maybe you can focus on that feeling to sympathise with Applejack!” Pinkie shouted after her, but she doubted the words made it. Rainbow Dash was long gone.

aww, that is such good advice! more like Pinkie Therapist

Pinkie Pie, attorney-at-love

hehe, love this

soggier than a bath sponge living at the bottom of the sea.


She could count the number of times that had happened on her hooves. It was only a limit of four, but that’s just how rarely it happened.

hehe, i like this bit

Honestly, post office ain’t more’n a half-hour’s walk away from city hall.

oof, that's a long walk!

“Please tell me I’ve been overthinking things and you’re here because you’re looking for Rainbow Dash because you really really really want to talk to her.”

ah nice, Pinkie's powers of subconsciously knowing everything that's happening in the plot

The mare had strength to spare just from the near-constant sugar high she lived on.

well that makes me glad that pony diabetes isn't real probably

“Wait one apple-picking minute, she said what?” Applejack’s nostrils flared. “She thinks I don’t appreciate her?”

yeah i gotta say i am on Applejack's side here in the indignation

“There, there,” Maud said flatly, combing her sister’s hair straight.

aww, Pinkie's mane is straightened out now!

Pinkie Pie shot a glare through the crook of Maud’s hug, glaring at Mudbriar.

yeah, i would, too. not the time, Mudbriar!

“I’m picking up what you’re putting down. She totally pegs you, doesn’t she?”

well this came out of left field, and was very weird!

“Mhm,” Mudbriar muttered, “I think you just described yourself.”

hehe, that is indeed what she did

“Pinkie, you’re narrating again,” Maud reminded her.

i do enjoy this running gag! i am a sucker for the wacky character narrating in a way everyone in the story can hear thing

Big Mac blinked at her, not saying a word, not even breathing it seemed, for a very long thirty seconds. Slowly, he leaned back, finally seeming to take it all in.

“Oh,” he muttered. And then he exhaled. “I see.”

yeah, that is a lot!

The truth stung, especially when she had to admit it to herself. But whether it was her own voice, or her thoughts filtered through her memory of Granny Smith, she couldn’t deny the power in them.

aww, it is nice that Granny Smith's voice is still alive in Applejack's head :)

Burger patties made from packed beans, carrots, grains and rhubarb for colour were stacked on a big plate in the centre of the table, free for all to take.

yes, love the worldbuilding that explains away any pony food that looks non-vegetarian

“And I guess you ain’t dropping the issue like you said.” The words stung, even if the realisation on Applejack’s face told Pinkie that she hadn’t meant to snap so fiercely.

oof, now that is a good Applejack snap, could totally see it

Rainbow Dash was hovering outside her room.

classic! really takes the air out of the scene

Suddenly, all other thoughts drained from her mind. “BIG MACINTOSH!” Pinkie watched her storm out of her bedroom with bloody murder in her eyes. “Why in Celestia’s name am I just hearing ‘bout this now?”

this really seems like an abrupt ending! i'm guessing it was because you ran out of time to write? very understandable if so, the 12kw this ran to was already quite a lot!

there were a lot of great parts to this, with Pinkie being Pinkie and all the little gags about how she interacts with others being very clever and fun. and the relationship conflict between Applejack and Rainbow Dash was a great one. the thoughtlessness and lack of organization on Rainbow Dash's part causing her to miss Granny Smith's funeral is a solid inciting incident, and their mutual resentment over these little things they let fester due to not communicating about them was very on-point.

but the silly Pinkie antics and just how immature all three mares are for their age clashes with the grounded, serious conversations with Maud and Big Mac, because the latter point to there being a genuine and healthy connection between Pinkie and Applejack that develops, as well as character growth for Pinkie, neither of which happens. if it was always meant to be a series of disasters, then i think the story would have been stronger without their sections. still, it was an enjoyable ride, and disaster ApplePie tastes just as good. thanks for it!

Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually had more than enough time to extend the story but chose not to for editing's sake, and because at my core, I'm not a shipping/romance writer, and writing endings for something you suck at is hard. But I'm glad you enjoyed the ride anyhow.

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