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First in the Ante Solem anthology, details here.

Private First Class Lightning Dust, during her service in the grand army of the Holy Equestrian Empire, has committed a grave transgression against the state that has landed her in a court-martial. Unfortunately for her, her case is being tried by the feared and infamous hanging judge of Equestria, the chief autocrat of the church: Saint Twilight Sparkle of House Magia.

Things are complicated further by the addition of another, perhaps even more feared individual: the high prosecutor Saint Rainbow Dash of House Fides, who has other plans for the traitor of the state.

Perhaps the razor would've been more preferable...

This story is the first in an anthology that will serve as the spiritual successor to Ein Sof Zealotry, and take place in a completely different universe from both that setting and from canon.

Story and Art by ZhaoZoharEX.

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Innocent of all charges

Excellent start so far. Will definitely track this story.

I started the day in a state of unexplained anxiety and mild depression. I want to thank you for your comment made me feel slightly better. :pinkiesmile:

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