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Just your average Roblox fan. Hm...What else to say...Maybe that I like dragons as much as ketchup! And I love ketchup A LOT!


This is PARTLY comment driven story! You can interact with main character by talking to him, explaining something or even giving items! Imagination is your limit!

(Oh yeah, 18+ and 16+ are forbidden)

Some tags are going to be added in future chapters

Massive glitch appeared in Roblox Universe. Luckily, team of moderators successfully took it down before it could affect anyone...Or did they?

Unfortunately for Fan, he was the first and the last one to be affected by this glitch. Before danger was sealed away, abomination threw Robloxian into another universe, hoping to enter it's body and come back sooner. Fortunately, it failed. Even though danger was taken down, Fan was completely wiped from his reality, making everyone forget who he was, what he did and everething else. Also, after glitch was defeated, Fan is about to get 'deployed' in the random universe.

Oh, one more thing! He now has some powers from his universe in arsenal.

So what waits for him now? Let's find out!

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I really don't know what to say about this story...other than I think it could use some refinement.

The most ambitious crossover since End Game.

Ayoo nice story you got there mate, but the only thing you need to work on is spelling mistakes... It still needs corrections, though, but this story is excellent apart from the spelling mistakes! Honestly, there are a few mlp x Roblox crossover, and ngl this is the 6th story with a Roblox on it. But still great work and keep it up!

Thanks mate! I'm trying my best with those mistakes.

"Well... since no one else is helping so far... I'm going to tell you this. This is a land called Equestria, you are currently in the capital, Canterlot. This land is basically controlled by the magic of friendship. Yeah, that might sound hilarious, but it's true, so befriending the ponies is a good idea. Also, please don't make the ponies think you died if you didn't.

From, GleamingKyler111, who definitely doesn't have the same username as his Roblox character."

I agree with 21RoadsWasTaken that this story is great if the errors are ignored.

Thank you for the help, kind stranger!

Dark, darker, yet darker...

Ah yes, an Undertale reference.

Fan awkwardly shrugged "Uh...Meow?"

The Main 6 screamed in terror, Fan did the same thing with a crack in his voice.

"Great, we are being watched by some sussy entities, got thrown into another world and asleep..."

...AmOnG uS

I cringe at my last reference ..

Great chapter, also...

Gleaming Swarm


That's a weird coincidence, or at least I'm assuming it's a coincidence.

Fan suddenly gasped "Hey! I remember this dude!" he put his arm to his chin "What was that game...'Adventure Up'? He was the only one to help me upgrade..." he then looked back at his companion "So, what is he writin'?"

Secondly, I'm not completely sure whether or not that actually happened.

1: I named Doc like that on accident :')
2: I assume you were the guy who helped me complete dungeon with crystal zombies

Cool music

and cool game play from wanderbot https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVmM0UVcquYKbmXKEmRwm1ZbKIcTinHyA they are no underhero mlp fan fictions can someone please fix that

1.Ok, good to know that it was just a coincidence.
2.The last time I played Adventure Up was months ago, so probably not.

This is my roblox profile if you want to follow me there. I'm currently at the 200 friends max right now. I did play at Adventure Up on roblox before. My roblox username is newbuildersman and my display name is WillightRobinbineYT. I might do more roblox gameplays on my RBLX youtube channel called Willight RobinbineRBLX soon, don't know how long but I'm gonna do more.

"I have nothing to say, except, you might have jinxed yourself."

I hope it'll be better than this one, either way you get a thumbs up from me for trying anyway.

Thanks man, I will try not to mess up with the next one...Though don't expect too much from me.

welp, at least nice for trying and I hope the next one will be better. Great job either way and im gonna give you a thumbs up for trying your best!

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