• Published 24th May 2022
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Unexpected Assistance - The Three Musketankers

4 Huey Gunships and 2 AH-1 Cobras from Vietnam have ended up in the Equestrian Capital which is under siege by the Storm Kings forces. What will happen next?

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Shock and Awe

Twilight and her friends all began to run as the Storm King's army and Tempest Shadow chased after them. The Soon going to be retired princesses have already been turned to stone. As Spike and the other 5 run around the corner, Twilight lights a spell of smoke to conceal where they had gone. But that does not work as the spell only released a small bolt into the distance. Frustrated with the accidental spell, she continued to follow her friends as the Storm Kings Guards already saw her failed attempt of putting up a smokescreen.


"Hog-1, what the fuck just happened?"

"Hog-3, I don't fucking know. Last time I checked, we were flying in the sunset only for us to be in bright daylight along with a forest that doesn't look right to me," Replied Hog-1.

"Snake 1-1, did you see what happened?"

"Not sure Hog-4, last thing I saw while we were flying towards Da Nang was a bright flash of Purple light."

"Hey Everyone! There's a castle on a side of a mountain!" said Hog-2.

With astonished and amazed looks they could see the beautiful scenery of the castle from the air. That was until, they realized there were Airships, smoke, and fire emanating from the town next to the Castle.

"This is Hog-1 to all Gunships, move towards the Castle. I don't know where we are but, if that's a secret location of South Vietnamese forces, we must assist them."

"Hog-1, are you sure we're not in some 1500s-style area?" Said Hog-4.

"I don't know, but it's worth a shot. Besides, I don't recognize any of these landmarks. So we're pretty much lost until we find a way to get back on track." Said Hog-1.

As Hog-1 flew towards Canterlot, so did the rest of the formation. They followed in suit with smooth turns as they banked right.


As the Main 6 and spike are about to reach the bridge leading outside Canterlot, they are suddenly blocked by 4 other Storm King Guards that stood in the way. The Storm King Guards pointed their spears at them and the Main 6 quickly turned into the alleyway as their only exit was blocked. They came through a clearing where one of the flower parks was. They decided to go through the Hedgerow Maze to hopefully lose the Storm King Guards.

With twists and turns and some Storm King Guards here and there. They managed to escape the maze but the Storm King Guards followed behind them. They stopped as they came towards a cliffside and with nowhere to go they had almost accepted their fate. Except for Applejack and Rainbow Dash who stood in front of their friends and tried to defend them by attacking the Storm King Guards. But they were stopped by a bolt of lightning that landed in front of them. They backed away from their attacks and looked up to see who did that.

Tempest chuckled as her horn sparked with a blue hue.

"Now, stay still and behave. We already have you cornered. So what's the point in trying?" She chuckled to herself again, with a smirk.

That was when they heard a loud chopping sound through the air. One of the Airships behind the main 6 sounded an alarm and started to fire its cannons at something in the distance. The things that were making the chopping sound now spread out of their formation.

P.O.V: American Gunships

"This is Hog-1, we are taking fire from the airships. Take them out!"

"Snake 1-2 copies."

The AH-1 Cobra codenamed Snake 1-2 lines up its rocket pods with the Airship. The Pilot presses on the trigger stick firing 4 mighty mouse rockets at the airship. All four rockets hit their target and the airship bursts into flames. The gunpowder for the cannons on the airship light ablaze and creates a bigger explosion.

"This is Snake 1-2, splash one."

The Gunships were now taking down the rest of the airships that were still in the air. Some of the infantry on board one of the Huey Gunships looked down and saw ponies being chased by brute-looking creatures.

"This is Hog-2, one of the infantrymen on board said that were not in Kansas anymore. Apparently, he sees massive amounts of fighting down in the city with ponies and brute-looking creatures."

"Hog-1 reads you, all Gunships. Aim for the brutes, they were the first ones to fire off their shots at us with their airships."

P.O.V: Main 6

Twilight was amazed and spooked by how one creature managed to take down an airship with such ease. Analyzing the airships, they were made of steel to hold their cannons and armored enough to stop even the best of cannons. The part of the airship that keeps it afloat was even armored too. She watched along with the other Main 5 as the flying creatures flew over them and started blasting red streaks of some kind. Their loud chopping noises combined with explosions and sounds of some kind that she could only explain as long farts coming from the things that created the red streaks of light.

She only saw 5 of the creatures and wondered where the 6th one had gone. Tempest Shadow shocked at the devastation of her army ordered the others to fight off the flying beasts of death. Just as they were about to comply, the 6th flying beast Twilight was thinking about popping up from under the cliffside completely unnoticed due to the already loud noises and explosions of the other creatures. This time, however, she saw something that truly surprised her. There were more creatures with helmets and vests on them!

She watched as the two creatures talked to each other and then she looked at the small wings it had. There was a round black thing right next to a larger cylinder that was more greenish. She then saw the small black cylinder with the 6 poles start aiming at the Storm Kings Guards. It then rotated at a very fast speed, at that very moment they covered their ears as the loud black cylinder fired its streak of red light.

At first, she thought it was the end. But once the loud sounds stopped, she opened her eyes. She saw one of the creatures that wore the helmet and vests do a quick small salute. As if it was part of a Military or guard. She then noticed that the beast they road in was made of metal. During this time she thought it was something like a dragon or large bird. But it was made of metal that had these creatures in it? That's when she finally noticed that it was a contraption of destruction and war.

Remembering that pinky pie had one of these contraptions, it was most likely that these creatures flying the metal beast is actually a contraption. The Creatures in the flying contraption flew off to assist the others in destroying the rest of the Storm Kings Army.

As she came back to her senses she turned around and saw the devastation the red streaks of light had done. The Storm Kings Guards were torn in half or shredded into pieces. Tempest Shadow Loesing a hoof from the red streak of light only made her pass out due to the shortage of blood. Fluttershy horrified by all the intestines, blood, brain matter, and body parts made her pass out along with Rarity. The rest puked or were horrified in a state of shock.

P.O.V: American Gunships

"Hog-2, watch out! You got a cannon aimed directly at you to your 2 O'clock Low!" Screamed the Pilots of Hog-1.

The cannon fired at the Huey Gunship and managed to land a direct hit on the tail rotor. One of the AH-1 Cobra's came in and fired the 40mm Grenade Launcher it had on the turret gun. The small Grenades destroyed and spread shrapnel in every brute that surrounded the cannon. The Cobra then finished it off with 10 Mighty Mouse Rockets. Destroying the cannon and surrounding buildings.

"Hog-2 is going down! Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! Everyone Brace for Impact!"

The Infantry held onto their seats and the door gunners tried to close the back doors of the Huey even though they were spinning out, they managed to do it. The other pilots and infantry in other Huey's looking on in horror as one of their own birds were going down. The UH-1B Huey clips a part of the construction building's pole and would crash land in the middle of the street with a few houses that were under construction there. The Rotors of the Huey flew off as it made contact with the ground, now it was flipped on its side at a 90-degree angle.

"Hog-2 is down, Hog-3 go set your men down there to secure the crash site! I want all Gunships protecting the crash site!"

"Hog-3, Copies."

As Hog-3 comes in for a landing a block away from the crash site they come under attack by the brutes with their bow and arrows.

"What the hell is this!? Fucking medieval times?" Scoffed the pilot of Hog-3.

The M60 Door gunner facing the Brutes with bows retaliated with his 7.62 lead of freedom. His bullets tore right through the brutes. The 12 men aboard the Huey climbed out and secured the landing zone. As the Huey took off they then continued toward the crash site.

P.O.V: Hog-2 Survivors

Small Note: Hog-2 Carried 6 infantrymen aboard and 4 helicopter crewmen. only 5 are in good condition, the rest are wounded or heavily wounded.

"Ugh, Shit." Bell coughed as smoke began to clear out of the helicopter.

"That was one hell of a rough crash landing don't ya think?" Said, David trying to lighten the mood.

"David, get out there and secure our position while we get everyone stable and ready to go." Said Willo

"Roger that!" He said as he swung his M16A1 around his back.

He then climbed up pushing the closed-door aside and climbing down. Once he got down he started circling around the Huey making sure there were no brute creatures were not approaching the Crash site. Bell then climbed down and as he did, war cries and horns sounded throughout the street. With only 2 of them outside defending against the large force of Brutes, they decided together that they would hold them off as long as possible.

Seeing 5 brutes charging at them, David fired full auto at the charging group and killed all of them. 2 of them were shot in the head while the other 3 were killed by hitting the torso. More Storm King Guard started showing up to avenge their fallen brethren. David and Bell started using the M1911 after both of their M16A1s ran out of ammo.

"Die you, bastards!" Said David as he pulled a grenade pin and threw the grenade at a group of Storm King Guards.

P.O.V: The Main 6

As the Main 6 hid in a building, they contemplated the gore the flying contraptions caused. Fluttershy now awakened only to be more afraid and possibly given PTSD.

"What the heck was that Twilight!?" Yelled Rainbow Dash.

"I-I don't know..." Twilight looked out the window as she could still hear the chopping noises from the flying contraptions and their spells of mass destruction.

"What'evr they are, they're dangerous. They had resorted ta violence instead of usin anotha way of dealin with thangs," Applejack shivered as she thought about the red paint that now laid in the flour park.

"Guys, can we please not talk about those things? Pinkie could use some comfort right now!" Yelled spike.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash go over to comfort Pinkie Pie as she was currently suffering a mental breakdown. Twilight decided to explore the building a little more and went up the 3 story building. It was completely abandoned and eerie with all the furniture knocked over. She then went up one more stairway that led to the rooftop. As she came out the doorway, she saw the flying contraptions still firing upon something in the distance. The city was on fire almost everywhere now. Everywhere she looked there were at least trails of smoke in the sky.

"How can we recover from this..." She muttered.

P.O.V: Hog-3's Infantrymen

"Sarge, are we there yet?" Said Corporal Becket

"Almost there son, just be patient!" He whispered.

The platoon had split into 2 groups of 6 men. They had almost reached the crash site and encountered many of the indigenous horses either running away from them or terminating the brutes that had seen them. As they were about to round a corner, an arrow lands 4 inches away from the Sergeant's head, narrowly taking him out. The rest of the men responded with gunfire and took down the brute that was on the rooftop.

"Sarge! Our other boys found the crash site and are currently helping defend the site along with our gunships. We need to regroup with them now!" Said the Corporal with the radio pack.

"Double time men! Move, Move, Move!" The Sergeant and everyone else started running even faster toward the crash site now.

As they approached the crash site, they had come upon a cannon that was aimed directly at the downed Huey. The Brutes were loading the cannon and gunpowder as they had just arrived there. The Sergeant called over the anti-tank gunner and they quickly readied the M72 LAW.

"Bladen, aim directly for the cannon, you better not miss this shot or I will personally shoot you myself." Said the Sergeant.

Bladen took aim ready to tap on the trigger to fire the M72 LAW. One of the Brutes turned around and yelled at them. The others looked and were stunned.

"Eat this you fu-" Firing off the M72 LAW, the 66mm rocket hit the cannon and exploded with shrapnel flying into the Brutes. The spot where the cannon and brutes used to be was now just flames and a piece of tubular metal junk. The group then moved toward the crash site and secured the area. The remaining brutes had started to retreat due to their dwindling numbers.

As they try to stabilize the wounded men and helicopter crew, Hog-3 comes in for a landing down the street. The medics carried over the wounded and tried to fit as many of them on board.

"Hog-3 is full, Hog-4, come in for the second medevac. You should be able to fit them all aboard your chopper, over.

"Hog-4 Copies."

The Storm kings army would retreat from Canterlot and the last of the men on the ground boarded the Huey. Half of Canterlot was now turned into a blazing fire.

"Don't let that Huey fall into the indigenous people's hands, we don't want them knowing how that bird works," Hog-1 said.

The AH-1 Cobra would fire off all their rockets on the downed Huey to ensure that nothing was left behind.

"This is Snake 1-1, we shall fly off into the sunset, I am unsure if we may ever find our way back. May God help us all."

P.O.V: Main 6

Twilight watched as the Contraptions had lined up in a flight formation and started flying off towards the setting sun. Their chopping sounds growing fainter and fainter. She had wished she could know more about who these beings were. But at the same time, she did not want to know in fear that they would only cause more destruction as they did to the Storm Kings Army.

12 Hours Later

With Celestia, Luna, and Cadence still trapped in the black crystal made from the things Temptest hit them with, Twilight still became the new princess of Equestria. The ruler of the Crystal kingdom was now only her brother and his daughter. Setting up a team to find out how they can release the 2 retired princesses and Candence, she examined the things on her desk. Eyewitnesses say that one of the contraptions had gone down from the Storm King's army and bi-pedal creatures had rescued other creatures like them from the contraption.

Looking at all the things gathered there were a lot of interesting items on her desk. A bunch of tiny yellow cups in 5 full buckets. She did not know what these were but the smell had something familiar to gunpowder. There were also 2 metal plates from the contraption that read U.S Army and a strange rectangular symbol of red and white stripes along with a tiny square on the top left in the stripes with stars in the blue square.

Nothing else was left at the spot where the contraption had crashed. The scouts sent to find the other contraptions had no other reports of other strange creatures that had fled. With the Royal Guard stronger than before, they can hopefully hold off anymore attacks from the Storm King.

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I was hoping this would be satire making fun of edgy power fantasies.


Just to clarify that this is not an alternate universe of Vietnam.

So it's not really like this one, then?

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for a one off short story i can say this is good.

Haha, nope! Nothing like that at all! Totally nothing like that...

Thanks! I appreciate the compliment.

RDDash #9 · May 25th · · ·

American helicopters are lightly armored, there is no way they would be armored enough to protect themselves against equestrian cannons, if that thing hits them they are dead.

Exactly! Although they are maneuverable, and one of them did go down when they got hit in the tail.

Fear the power of the air mobility tactics!! Luckily they were not witness Rolling Thunder, which is way more traumatizing to them.

Old Huey Crew Chief and pilot:derpytongue2:

Is their gonna be a sequal of this like what did happen to them or something like this

Depends if I want to do a Sequal or not, maybe in the future!

Fear the B-52 that can carry a crapload of bombs!

yup, 70,000+ pounds of bombs

Oh okay

Oh also like your profile picture. Looks good

Also what was your what inspired you to make this story anyways not trying to be rude just curious is all.

Or aircraft carrying naplam

Surprise help was my inspiration for this, the story was really good and I wanted to do my own with a little more aircraft and ground point of views.

Man, this reminds me of the Apache flight version over the changeling attack. That’s old school, and funny to see it recreated basically here.

Yea, It was inspired by that, good eye!

This felt so random, I love it!

In all seriousness, I saw the title and word count and thought "Eh, this could be a good one shot". Way to beat my expectations! Very well done The3Musketa. Excellent work!

is that photo cover from WarThunder

Indeed it is, it's a screenshot I took of me in my Huey lighting up the treeline. It was made specifically for this fanfics front cover.

nice, I love that game have top tier in 2 nations Germany and Russia

I only have top tier for American.

Oooh! What’s the title of that?

Cobra gunships. The original brrrrrrrttt.

Speaking of that, for all stories about human aircrafts in Equestria, like A-10, Phantom F-4, etc., I haven’t read about strategic bomber like B-52 or B-2 in Equestria.


Sadly, the turret gunner only had 40mm Grenade Launchers instead.

Well, It would be complicated since it's a huge aircraft and the thing can't land anywhere in Equestria. This means that the crew would have to crash land or bail out of the plane in order to survive meaning that a B-52 story would be pointless for me to make, but I can probably come up with something with the B-52s.

This was a good read!

Good fucking read dude, I've read this twice because it is was so entertaining (or I just don't have a life) but overall, awesome.

Would be cool to see F4 Phantoms destroying the airships but this is still great

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