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This story is a sequel to Alone

Life was normal- or as normal as it gets in Ponyville- for Tempest. Until on a fateful day, she is commanded to the city of Canterlot, where she is told of an existential threat that becomes a harbinger of ultimate destiny.

Despite there being references, no prior reading is required.

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This wasn't a bad introduction to what I'm assuming will be a decently long story. Your premise is a bit simple, although admittedly, that's pretty on par for "big bad guy" conflicts in My Little Pony. I will say that it felt a bit rushed, as you tried to do quite a lot in a short chapter. If you had taken the time to add a bit more detail in places, I think this could have been a much better work. There are places in this where you do show good detail, so I know you're capable of doing it.

I tend to agree that I could've polished this more- though polishing is one of the many things I struggle with- and admittedly, it is a bit rushed. I noticed when writing towards the end that it seemed a bit jumpy and skeletal. I could list some long winded excuses but it's mostly null and void. But a bit of a spoiler, I didn't really intend for this story to be very long. But then again, I don't exactly plot or plan everything out so that could change. But I do greatly appreciate the feedback and I'll definitely try to make the next chapter more thorough.

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