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Twilight was ready for a relaxing day of peace and quiet with only her books for company. Fate had other plans however as a new wave of chaos washes over Equestria.

Clearly this is the work of Discord, who else could be capable of this kind of chaos? But when Twilight and her friends confront the Drconaquus, he denies all responsibility.

However, after some more prodding, he realizes just who's responsible for their current predicament.

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Self-love is at it again ( I just wanted to say this:ajsmug:

it is really good so far

“Try not to swear your loyalty to Applejack again, ok?”

Spike blushed and rubbed the back of his head nervously. “H-ha, sure thing Twilight.” He looked back and ran to the castle library doors.

Lol Spike At Your Service reference nice and I actually did like that episode

Wow this is a pretty interesting start of a story so it start out that Twilight was supposed to read her books all day but until she was interrupt by all the commotion especially her friends told them how chaotic out there it is and they all thought it was Discord who caused the chaos but apparently he didn't do it this time it was somebody else and he knows who it is apparently it was his wife her name is Eris which that was the character from The Nightmare Knights comic and I kind of wish there was more stories of her to be honest she looks pretty interesting but anyway apparently she wanted to get attention to Discord with her chaos Magic and it looks like she's not done yet and I wonder what is she going to do I guess we'll find out next time


which that was the character from The Nightmare Knights comic

Different Eris, she’s a genderbent version of Discord, not the character from the comics.

Ohh my mistake I was looking at the name and I Google it and I thought it was the character from the comic but okay

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