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Twilight receives another visit from Future Twilight Sparkle, who speaks only in questions. Present Twilight attempts to deduce the reason for her future counterpart's vagueness - and the reason for her visit.

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If I had an OTP, it would be Twolight. Nicely done :twilightsmile:

Twilight, what have you done? :twilightoops:
You've changed the future! You've created a time paradox!

Oh the closed loop paradox... poor Twilight. She just can't win. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_future.png

Wait... what?


Silly Twilight!

Found a typo: book at the right age, too."

What just....... What did I............ HUH?!


Twilight recieves another visit from Future Twilight Sparkle, who speaks only in questions. Present Twilight attmpts to deduce the reason for her future counterpart's vagueness - and the reason for her visit.

Receives*, attempts*.

Behold, spelling!

lawls were had.

Wow... She went back in time... to, uh... do herself... :twilightoops: I guess that means she experiences it twice. Future Twilight gave Past Twilight the eyepatch she got from herself, which means there's an infinite loop of Twilight giving herself an eyepatch, and we'll never figure out where it came from... I think. Time travel is confusing! :twilightsheepish:


1292140 you read my ears! Lolwut.avi

Perfect. Exactly what every time travel story needs, a bit of confusion that leaves everyone wondering whether it is one of the best, one of the worst, or just plain is story. I LOVE it.

1293678 Further closed-loop time travel paradox confusion: The eye-patch is a physical object, which we may assume is made of cloth, snake leather, or a similar material which will degrade over time. Seeing as the eye-patch can only move forward within its respective timeline (I.E. age) as it gets passed from Twilight to Twilight, it would be infinitely aging within the same scenario, yet it would have to retain its integrity as it was passed on for the loop to remain closed.

My closing statement.

My god, that ending was so astoundingly perfect. That was one of the best utilized Chekhov's guns I've seen in a good long while. I'm in shock.

Well, it's just a little paradox. Don't worry, we all cause a little paradox once in a while. For example, Elizabeth the First is called the 'virgin queen'. History's biggest exaggeration.

Thanks... I ran the story through spellcheck, but apparently I should do that for the synopsis as well. I am clinically unable to write two sentences without a typographical "erroor".
And the spellchecker doesn't even get them all.

I know it's not supposed to work :derpytongue2: It's like that to show that despite the Twilights' best attempts to avoid paradoxes, she failed.

1295406 Are you sure it wasn't... Chekov's gun? :twilightsmile:
With closed time loops, isn't nearly everything a Chekhov's gun? Everything with any plot significance, anyway. Maybe things just needs a character who's time-travel-savvy enough to make use of them.

1295682 Hm. I actually noticed that I had spelled it wrong, then went back and edited it. It seems it didn't take.

Whether or not everything is a Chekov's gun is irrelevant; it was your utilization that hit me. I had assumed it was a Chekov's gun from the very start, but had also assumed that Twilight knew why it was there and what made it significant, given that she was the one wearing it. That it had a deeper meaning than a simple punchline — a meaning that she herself wasn't aware of — was what made it so impressive.

Edit: Well, it just looks silly, me saying all this to the guy who wrote the story. Suffice it to say that, as I had stated in my original post, the utilization floored me. Commendable work.

Pure YES!

I understood this perfectly, including the lolz-inducing ending. (which, by the way, was pretty creative)

Nicely done.:moustache:

1295708 No, you had it right? :twilightblush:
It's a long-standing tradition of tropers to intentionally confuse Anton Chekhov the author with Pavel Chekov the Starfleet officer.

"You must not arrange for sex to be predestined. Past ponies must be able to give meaningful consent."

Tumblr would be proud :P


EDIT: Wait a moment, eyepatches degrade. It's not a closed time loop - with enough iterations, the eyepatch will get oily and sticky and nasty and will be thrown away.

1295734 This is my cue to go to bed. Goodnight.

Edit: Oh, I remember now; I had originally spelled it "Checkhov".


Well, in defense of the spellchecker, age is spelled correctly. Just not the write word.

Also, I totally intended to use write instead of right there. These two sentences weren't added after noticing the mistake but deciding to leave it in for humor value. :scootangel:

Selfcest LIves! :twilightsmile:

That eyepatch is now instantly and irrevocably INFINITY years old!

That's a really badass eye patch, to last so long.

Perhaps, if it could be examined, the fabric could be analysed to quantify and reproduce an undecaying fabric. Sadly, as it is always worn by Twilight Sparkle, there are no holes in the time loop in which it could be examined.


Huh, that's another aspect I hadn't considered. It's not just infinitely old, it's been effectively erased from the universe going forward. Outside of Twilight Sparkles own personal knowledge of the eyepatch, it does not, never has, and never will exist.

It didn't just come from nowhere, it went back to that same place, and got locked into a tiny section of repeating time. Assuming some quirk prevents it from ever timing out, Twilight just figured out how to effectively destroy matter. Sort of...

"Sparkle Brand Nuclear Waste Matter Disposal Units!"
"Caution: Destroyed material may be released at the end of the universe."

Not sure how to actually start the process though, since we don't know how the eyepatch got inserted into the loop in the first place if it has no start point.

129606612922211293678 1295749
I have a different hypothesis on the eye patch.

The eye patch was given to past Twilight by future Twilight who had received it from future Twilight when she was past Twilight. It is locked forever in a stable time loop and only exists within said time loop. It can not exist outside of the loop and therefore it does not exist, but rather is a creation of the time loop itself. It comes into being the moment Twilight arrives in the past and ceases to be the moment she leaves the future.

It is confusing I know, but its the same principle that the Land of the Lost (the show, not the movie) was written around, just on a much smaller scale.

So you place the "discontinuity" in the eye patch's existence at the moment of the time travel spell?

That's an interesting way to think about it. In a sense, the eyepatch was created as perfect in the past by the energy of the spell. Then it existed, decayed, and was destroyed in the future by the casting of the spell. Instead of being moved backwards in time, its (restored) replica was created in the past from Future Twilight's knowledge of it.

That is, weirdly, a consistent framework in which the stable loop decay paradox is averted, but the bootstrap paradox of it's appearance still sort of remains...

"I know where I got my eyepatch. The question is, where did all you zombies get your eyepatches?"

There's too much eyepatch madness going on here... why did I even read this? I like paradoxes, but that doesn't mean I understand them. :rainbowwild:
Oh, well, it's faved anyway.

EDIT: Oh my god, before I liked it there were 66 likes and 6 dislikes... I pity the poor soul who got the 66 like...

I had to reference Wikipedia when I was writing this (I wasn't sure what the Bootstrap Paradox was called). Readers might be at a disadvantage, since not even I am sure what exactly is going on at all times.

1298591 But that's good! Never be sure of what you're writing! That leads to the best results. If, that is, you are a good writer, which I can see you are.

Thanks for the praise, as undesrved as it is. I know my English is clumsy at best, because it isn't my first language. Whatever illusion of skill I maintain comes from half-remembered fragments of the fantasy books I read in my teens.
As for not knowing what I'm writing - I sort of knew beforehand that I wanted to place some sort of inconsistency in the time loop, but not how I wanted to resolve it. The infinite eyepatch was born to hint that something in the story isn't working as stated. It might be that paradoxes don't have to be avoided, or that the timeloop isn't shown as in its original iteration. It's left for the reader to interpret. I hate reading stories like that, but it wanted to be written here...

This.. I... what?

LMAO and after trying so hard to create a causality loop it still ended up being a paradox! I luv it The Doctor would be proud:pinkiehappy:

This was cool, and also very funny at the end.

Nicely done. The setup and payoff of that eyepatch was very good.

2532358 Thanks! That means a lot, coming from a writer whom I admire. I don't remember where the eyepatch idea came from, but I think I threw it in at the last moment. I feel it makes the story a bit more of a comedy instead of a preachy thesis about the laws of time-travel.

1297155 Argh, I just got this reference now. I've even read the story long before I wrote this, I can't fathom how I missed it until now.

It's always the little things.

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