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Pinkie Pie finds a new cupcake bakery in Canterlot, where the dragoness owner's cupcakes give Pinkie a life-changing experience.

Cover art is by illegal2ailen!
Contest Entry for the Thousand Word Contest.
Contains vague references to the Witchlight Carnival and species from D&D, magical edibles that cause self-awareness, and a touch of symbolism.

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Oh my goodness, girl! You sure do have a lot of questions

To be fair, she's only asked two.

“Do you understand the beauty of love? What it means to suffer? To hope?” Myernaan asked.
“Wait, what does that have to do with cupcake flav-”

Pinkie certainly understands what all of those have to do with baking cupcakes in the first place, but not necessarily flavoring them.

Pinkie may be the pony best equipped to handle this revelation. Cadence and Twilight are on the short list as well. I'd like to see what happens to Pinkie after this; it's really more of an inciting incident than a full plot in its own right. Still a fascinating little snack of a story. Thank you for it and best of luck in the judging.

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