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aw :) cute well written little fic with a lovely message

also it includes smoking tea pots :P

Wanderer D

Aww, that was cute. Thanks for the story!


TY D <3


Black tea is in fact the best tea.

Also in all my years of making it, I’ve never used an actual teapot to do it.

Very philosophical. Nice job. :twilightsmile:

qiley #7 · May 15th · · ·

Very well written and an interesting topic indeed!

Twilight: Spike! I need you to send a letter to Celestia!
Spike: Sure thing, Twilight! *gets a scroll and a quill pen*
Twilight: Dear Princess Celestia, I have a very important question.
Spike: *is writing*
Twilight: Can alicorns get diabetes? Your student, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Send it, Spike.
Spike: *sends letter*

Celestia: *receives letter*
Celestia: *reads letter*
Celestia: ...Can we?

Smoke began seeping from the teapot.

Twilight is that bad a cook and that powerfull a magician, she manages to BURN WATER/TEA
I guess she learned that from Sweetie Belle . .

Yeah, you know me, facts and logic, science, all that junk.

This is worse than Horus!

Smoke began seeping from the teapot.

Pretty sure that should be "steam", not smoke. They're both visible gases caused by heat, but they're not interchangeable.

“I’m right, I know. It’s cool to hear that for the first time, isn’t it?” Twilight smirked, pouring her piping hot tea into her cup whilst hovering another cup and saucer from the cabinets. “It’s kind of the same thing as if you’re walking down the street and someone bumps into you, and you say ‘it’s okay’ and go about your day and forget it. But if you’re the one who bumps into them, Celestia forbid, ‘oh my I am so sorry,’ and you tell yourself they think you’re clumsy, and no way Celestia gave your stumbling ass a pair of wings. But if they bump into you then you think…”

Please replace boldened word with "butt", "rump", or "plot". Unless she's talking about a donkey, "ass" is not appropriate for an E-rated fic, and there's no reason to bump up the age rating for one word in an otherwise perfectly fine E-rated fic.

That stuff aside, this is a nice little fic. I feel like Twi's a little blasé about science in one line, but otherwise this is a nice, sweet conversation between nerdy princess and nerdy student. :twilightsmile:

My faithful student,
While a sample size of one cannot realistically be used to prove anything, I have good reason to suspect that we no longer possess biology as you understand it. Go ahead and eat as many sweets as your royal stipend can afford. In fact, turn to face Spike right now.

*A banana cream pie hits Twilight in the face*

You're welcome. :trollestia:

This was fun! Good dialogue between them. A lot of the fics I've read lately are heavier on introspection and description, so it's nice to see a more dialogue-centric story. I tend to focus on dialogue, myself, so I start to miss it. :twilightsheepish:

Really good story. Short and sweet.

Also, I take my tea like Celestia, apprently.

Celestia: *shrugs as she sticks her snout into her fifth cake of the day.*

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