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Yep! Look forward to your thoughts!

interesting, what got you the idea?

Chrysalis Resistance timeline in season 5 of MLP.:raritywink:

of course, eager to see how it goes. If you fin any use for Hanzal and/or Candy, go ahead, i don't mind

This story is quite packed, but I'll keep them in mind!

just a friendly offer if you need them

Well for one, seeing the three headed dragon getting ready to fuck Bea, Icyln, and Midnight reminded me a lot of War vs Shining! Ngl I kind of expected something to happen *blushes* XD

Is this dragon bigger than Midnight though? Proportion wise I think Midnight probably has him beat, but would he be bigger than Midnight? Idk, but either ways I don't think Midnight would've liked to experience that without any preparation XD

I'm surprised Icyln's a boy. Like Beatrix said before, it's not gender that's the problem, how Iclyn acts. Hopefully things will improve.

I'm excited to see what will happen to Lightning Spark. Damn, Snowy Blizzard got wrecked though. I wonder how Lightning Spark will react to hear that Thunder Storm wasn't her father, instead it was Shining Armor. So much guilt must be within Snowy.

I'm not surprised that Lightning Spark doesn't have as shapely assets. In fact, I was kind of expecting her to be flat all around, given that she probably wouldn't have been fed very well, much of her muscles must be very weakened and to the point of almost not functioning at all. They need to prevent prisoners from escaping right? In fat I wouldn't be surprised if one could see her bones.

I imagine that mares like Snowy would be properly fed only for the sake that they would survive pregnancy and be bred again. And well, if they're pregnant to the point where they're massively swollen, they probably wouldn't be able to escape even if they were freed and given a headstart. Poor Snowy! She must've been broken in so many times!

I wonder if Lightning Spark's body could recover and gain some mass. Again, considering that she had little to no mobility ever since she was captured when she was young, I'm surprised she could even walk and fly. Or be athletic. Thankfully she's determined to free herself and turn things around! Maybe after time passes she'll develop a better body, because again, I wouldn't be surprised that Lightning was all bones and little to no fat right now.

I wonder what the family heirloom is! I can't wait to see if this has any secrets!

Actually, I figure the changelings would keep the mares well-fed, simply to make them better breeding material. Lightning Spark is naturally more on the lean side, but she has fluffy fur like Midnight.

Well, I assume Lightning hasn't been bred yet as otherwise, she would've been like her mother. The changelings probably wouldn't give her any room to breathe once they began their process with her.

But I still imagine that mares who were already being bred would have 'top priority' food, leaving Lightning to be on the border of starvation. She'd get her full meals after she gets bred. Like, that would be an effective manner to get more willing subjects. As willing as it could be.

I doubt Lightning would get her exercise to be athletic. And wouldn't the changelings prefer to have very juicy mares that can make breeding easier? Thus that's why I say that until Lightning gets bred, she isn't given as much food. Just enough to let her live another day. That's just my opinion.

But yes, fluffy fur is a very good trait! Fluff!

I'm thinking they would try and tempt her with food in exchange for sex, but Lightning would resist, realizing they are trying to break down her resilience. They would also wait to breed mares until they're most fertile, fortunately for her!

I'm thinking they would try and tempt her with food in exchange for sex, but Lightning would resist, realizing they are trying to break down her resilience. They would also wait to breed mares until they're most fertile, fortunately for her!

much appreciated:twilightsmile:
that was to be expected to meet you here

Yeah, that was my thinking. This is why Lightning wouldn't be as supple as she could've. She's flat basically. And yeah, it's a good thing that Lightning isn't at her fertile point. It's sad that Snowy Blizzard has been knocked up so many times. But at least Lightning Spark can perhaps give the team the changelings location so that when the war reactivates, they know where to strike.

I would find it very ironic that had Lightning gotten her meals or wasn't under changeling subjugation, she might've been very curvy. She wanted to be a Wonderbolt (which would be a military unit but still dedicated to flying), not a soldier persay.
"Dang it! Make me more aerodynamic!"
"... but curves are aerodynamic...?"

Lol! And I wouldn't call her 'flat', probably a B cup, basically bigger than Shadow Scythe (A cup) but smaller than Cerise. (C cup)

11242221 mhm



How comes you can be curvy, yet still be good at fighting, Moonlight?


Innocent whistle

Andrei is roughly around this size. Not overly giant, but fairly big.

Iclyn is transgendered and uses she/her pronouns. More on that will be explored.

I think Moonlight's a C cup in my lore? Athletic but shapely, body type similar to Cerise but a tad more muscle.

Ikr? Partially where I built his backstory from.

Still, I would find it very ironic that after recovering from such poor conditions she's bigger than say Moonlight, who's in between B and C I imagine. Heck, it'd be even funnier if she was a D cup in the future, in between Cerise and Beatrix.
Moonlight: "Hey! How come you're bigger than me!?"
Lightning: "I know right! Stupid anti-aerodynamic assets..."

Lightning has not been fed properly, as a tactic to make her cave into the Changeling's desires. So it wouldn't be surprising that after getting some mass her body forms like this. Wouldn't be surprised that their parents genes could make her curvy despite Lightning wanting to be athletic.

Can't wait to see where you two take things!

of course, i was just making up a joke, based on how she's curvy, yet a lunar guard it what me and Blitzer did together

I meant his *cough* *cough* trident *cough* *cough*, but I guess that also gives an idea.
Alright, I'll keep that in mind when addressing Icyln.

Yeah, I figure she is super fertile like her twin, although there isn't a female equivalent of a hyper-stallion.

Yeah. Luckily the changelings don't know this!
"Dang it! If only we actually fed her!"

They might be able to smell she's very fertile, but don't comprehend the extent.

Yeah. Which is good for Lightning! I don't think any sane mare would trade their freedom for curviness.
Poor Snowy though, she's getting absolutely wrecked. Hopefully she can survive!

I never wondered what their anthro proportions were due to the fact that they don't hang around that much and any stories that do feature them are feral (pony). In some RPs Lightning is very curvy, but that's just RPs.

Well, I can't wait to see more! Thank you!
So will you be alternating between the two stories? One chapter here one chapter there? Two chapters here two chapters there? Etc?

Alternate I imagine, since they will cross over at key moments.

Alright, well I wish you and Nota luck!
Can't wait to see more of this new arc between Unbound and Prisoner

Definitely our most ambitious project!

Look at that. Changeling/Mi-Go Hybrids, and a tricock dragon.

Both NotaPonyPerson's ideas!:raritywink:

NotaPonyPerson did the Mi-Go thing? I'm touched.

I’m a big fan of cosmic horror, so when we wanted to tackle Changelings again, I figured I try something different with a Mi-Go Cordyceps angle.

Oh this will be wonderfull. I'll throw you two things. See what you can do with them.

"Biogenerated Plasma Rifles"

"Biogenerated Plasma Shields"

And one final thing.

"Replaceable Bodies."

Hmm, I’ll see what I can do. Might not be full on biogenetic, but I’m sure we can apply those tropes in places.

which I suggest you read up to chapter 5 before this one for better context.

Wouldn't it be better to just give a breif summary in the first chapter? And what's a "Mi-Go Cordyceps"?

There are summaries given at key moments, but no, that would kill the point and pacing. The whole idea is to create two interlinked stories as the party splits in half, think of it like how comics crossover.

(1) Ah, I like how Sombra's dimension has a fertility festival, sad to know the reason why it had to be implemented.
(2) Huh, didn't know that Beatrix had the chance to become part of Sombra's herd, but well, I didn't read Oblivion or Fire and Shadow so that explains that. I am still reading though so that's nice!
(3) Seeing Icyln 'cool' Beatrix down was a bit funny. It reminded me of the skill I gave Snowy Blizzard in LOVE, though it's more on the intimidation skill than pure magic.
(4) Ah, talking about foals eh? Yeah things were tough for them. I imagine if Midnight's Awakened Hyper Stallion form was powerful enough to break through contraceptive potions, he would've already made some foals with Cerise and Moonlight before they knew! Though that'd bring the question of what would happen in Lightendark, with Midnight breeding Cerise within Doppia's previous body and Oona. Eh, another world, another AU that doesn't need to be discovered as of now.
---> (5) I wonder what will be Lightning's favorite food once she's able to properly eat. Her form has probably not been at the best shape, which also surprises me as to how she's able to fight so effectively. You don't really pick up those skills unless you were made to have those skills.
Perhaps her cutie mark then is the ability to resist foes? No matter how strong or desperate the situation is, she'll fight and her ability to fight will increase the more determined/desperate she is?
(6) Nice that Equinox came and saved Lightning, otherwise she would've become the next changeling broodmare!
(7) Lightning being sad upon hearing that people are going missing and thinking that one of them is Midnight makes me a bit sad, though I'm glad that Midnight is alive. Hopefully they'll meet up soon!

---> (8) So is this Crystal Empire an old one or new one? The Crystal Empire doesn't appear until after the Changeling Invasion... wait... how did the remnants of Equestria manage to defeat Sombra? Maybe Shining won a duel against him?

Or maybe upon seeing the greater enemy they unite forces? Like, in a person's video he said that Sombra upon seeing x bad future just simply leaves, but seeing that the Crystal Empire is here, it might've become the resistance's base. Kind of reminds me how the USA became the Allie's energy boost during both world wars. Here it's the Crystal Empire acting as a way to gain more soldiers, a strong safe haven (I imagine the changelings lost due to winter XD) and a way to eventually retake Canterlot.

Wonder what happened to PoW Sombra. Maybe he died while fighting, died in the Crystal Empire against Shining, is an ally who just likes to be left alone? Ooooooooooooooooooo! So much potential!


“We roam the land in search of any clues pointing towards changeling hives, mostly with deserted establishments like this. If it hasn’t been destroyed and appears valuable, we take it as payment.”

“W-what? But that's stealing?"

“Uh, yeah? Weren’t you raiding their fridge before the swarm dropped by~?”

“T-that was just for survival! I wouldn’t have done this otherwise!”

“That sounds like a you problem,”

Oof to Lightning, she just got owned!

(10) Nice pool scene! Honestly it is a sad fact that Midnight could die very early without any treatment. His soul is just to hot that it burns him, his fate shown by his blue flame cutie mark (at least that's how I interpret it here). It's interesting how Cerise considered Moonlight and wanted Midnight to give her more special treatment, and at the same time she almost considered getting knocked up as there was no telling if Midnight would still live.

(11) Oh dear! Omen tells Beatrix what had happened! But at least he tries to comfort her. At least he tells her to tell everyone, and even if he didn't, Icyln overheard everything. So oof.


She thought back to something Zeloph said and couldn't agree more at the moment. All deers were dicks.

---> (13) Oh, almost forgot, but it seems even the changelings are worried about the thing that's infecting them. Maybe we might see a small unification or a rogue changeling just wanting to escape from this infectious fungus?

---> (14) An idea I had. So you know how the changelings just want to use mares as incubators, and how big hips equals easier child birth? Maybe just maybe whenever they capture a mare that's too young to be bred, they inject a serum that is designed to cause a mare's hips to increase so that pregnancies could be 'easier'?

Like we know that if they were truly monsters, they would've bred Lightning when she was a filly, but changelings seem to have standards. And they seem to feed the captives only to keep them alive at least. Maybe Lightning had been injected with this, and as she recovers from not having the best diet, (I imagine mares who became incubators get slightly more and better food?) her hips grow? XD

Just a random idea I came up with. Because she will eventually fill up naturally after going back into average weight (she's probably underweight now), so maybe this is what could happen to her?

We’ll no, because both this story and Undeath & Rebirth take place at the same time. They’re ongoing.

It’s essentially a mind controlling fungus, a parasite that targets arthropods.

Oh? All right.

Beatrix isn't a prostitute, she is a Depraved Slut. There is a difference. (Not that I mind, but it's pretty obvious that it gets her into more trouble than it's worth.)

Folklore will give Beatrix so much shit for basically sending the Mi-Go Emperium a signal flare pointing to the vulnerabilities of the multiverse. (At least it's what I think is happening.)

Though as a militaristic/investigative vigilante character he is pretty damn pragmatic and will lock her in with him in a lab with all the available data and they aren't getting out until a way to close that vulnerability in the multiverse is figured out. They are basically going to take turns in a small shower and live of Chow Mein Noodles, coffee, and water. Not to mention so much paper, pencil-lead, and chalk on several blackboards are going to be filled with the sort of Equations that are going to make a few astrophysicists and engineers turn to alcoholism.

He probably is also going to tease her endlessly for pissing him off and deny her any release. Because that is what you get for dooming us all Beatrix. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn. Man is devoted to his cause!

Nicely done and interesting to see lily longsocks here.

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