• Published 20th May 2022
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My Little Dream Becomes Reality - Tilltheafterlife

A human finds himself in a completely different world full of creatures such as ponies who can talk. He then must travel around and search for a way back home or make friends with the ponies.

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Chapter 3: A Thief

"Spike! Where have you been? The sun is about to go down!" Twilight gave Spike a look of concern before noticing the big object Spike was carrying in his hands. It appeared to be a bottle containing dark fluid. The bottle had something red wrapped around in the middle, having the words coca cola written on it.

"Sorry Twilight. I was busy helping the pegasi search for the cause of a mysterious beam that was shot out of Ponyville hours ago. You should've seen it Twilight! It destroyed an entire storm!" Spike's smile turned into an apologetic one when Twilight was still giving him the look of concern.

Twilight sighed and asked, "where did you find that Spike?"

"It was just lying on the ground near one of the apple stands. It was pretty heavy when I picked it up, but it's nothing Spike can't handle," Spike flexed his arms to show all of his strength and glory. That moment didn't last long, as the bottle was encased in a purple magic aura, and immediately floated into the air right next to Twilight.

Twilight made her way up the stairs, placing the bottle on a nearby table. Using her magic, she opened the cap hearing a hissing sound come out of the bottle, causing Twilight to jump in surprise. Twilight stared at it for a moment. She didn't want to drink anything unknown. It could be a potion of some sort made by evil unicorns who were capable of casting powerful dark spells. The safest thing to do, is to hand it over to Princess Celestia so she can study it herself.

Twilight looked out of the window to see the moon has risen. The two in the library both let out a yawn, ready to go to sleep. "Spike, whatever you do, don't touch it while I'm asleep, please," Twilight placed the cap and closed the bottle with her magic and went off to bed. Spike did the same.

Twilight opened her eyes to find herself in the throne room. Princess Celestia was sitting there, with a face of hatred. Including a black figure standing next to her. "I don't know why I chose you to be my faithful student! You will never be forgiven Twilight Sparkle!" Celestia stood up and walked towards Twilight, horn glowing at the ready. The black figure disappeared into the shadows.

"I don't understand! What did I do wrong?!" Twilight backed away in fear. Something was wrong. Twilight never did anything wrong. She only did exactly what the princess wanted, to make friends. And Celestia would never jump straight into a fight or a war without reasoning. Before Twilight could say another word, Celestia shot a beam towards Twilight. Twilight closed her eyes and covered her face with a hoof.

Twilight heard the beam hit, but it wasn't her that was hit. Did Celestia miss on purpose? She opened her eyes just to see Princess Luna standing in front of her with a magical barrier surrounding them both. Luna took a deep breath and stomped her hoof hard on the ground, causing the barrier to explode into a shock wave, knocking Celestia into a wall. Twilight watched as Celestia's body disappeared out of existence.

"I am here, Twilight Sparkle. Do not let your eyes deceive you. This was only a nightmare I fought off," said Luna.

"Oh, thank Celestia. Well actually what I meant to say was, thank Luna," Twilight let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm afraid our time together will be short. A great darkness has been unleashed onto the dream realm. Nightmares are becoming more and more common because of its presence. Please, take care," Luna flew out of the window and into the moon.

"W-Wait! Princess Luna!" Twilight woke up to see her lovely library she now called home. The mysterious bottle Twilight placed on the table before she went to bed was gone. Twilight was frozen in shock. The first thought that came to her mind is Spike's curiosity getting the best of him. Who knows what kind of nasty effects the potion had in store for Spike? She almost yelled out his name before finding him sleeping in one of the smallest beds in all of Equestria, with no bottle in sight.

If Spike wasn't the pony responsible for the bottle's disappearance, then who was? The potion must've been extremely valuable. Why else would some pony sneak into the golden oak library, desperately trying to steal a dark potion undetected. The pony in question, either took it to a much safer place or plans to use it for trouble. Princess Luna did mention about a great darkness being unleashed upon Equestria.

Twilight wasn't about to let the thief go so easily. She grabbed one of the most advanced books on the shelves and began reading. The spell she was about to cast, allows the user to look into the past. Twilight closed her eyes and focused on the spell. The spell was definitely more advanced than any other spell. So advanced, that only unicorns at Twilights level could cast it. Several seconds have passed, but Twilight refused to give up.

She was determined and made one last push, casting the spell on herself. Twilight's eyes turned blue, and she could see herself going to bed before the bottle went missing. All she had to do now was wait.

After what seemed to be half an hour of staring at a single bottle. Twilight spotted the thief sneaking in from the window quietly. The thief walked slowly towards the bottle, and a golden aura surrounded it. The thief had a mint colored coat and a cyan mane with a white streak. Twilight already figured out what this was about.

"Lyra Heartstrings, how am I not surprised," Twilight made a face of annoyance as she saw Lyra jump out of the window, galloping all the way home.

"I'm starting to get fed up with this human nonsense," Twilight took the spell off, along with her eyes turning back to their original color. Spike was left behind as Twilight didn't even bother to wake him up as she quickly left the Golden Oak library.

'Welp, looks like these ponies won't be too happy to see me for sure,' Sam made his way into Canterlot without being spotted. He knew the ponies would just scream the word monster out loud if they saw a two-legged creature wandering around uninvited. Suddenly, a giant, pinkish, magic barrier appeared, surrounding Canterlot, and trapping Sam in the process.

"Great, I need to act fast before the invasion starts. The Tree of Harmony's instructions were clear. Grab the Elements of Harmony and return them. Piece of cake," Sam sneaked past multiple guards until he reached the main parts of the castle. There were hundreds of ponies all over the place and half of them were guards. One guard spotted him and almost alerted the others, but Sam was quick enough to knock him out cold with his new and improved hardened fist.

The unconscious guard will be a problem since Sam was no killer. Sam grabbed the guard by the hoof and dragged the stallion into a hidden area. Sam turned his hands into sharp claws, allowing him to climb all the way to the top of the castle. Once he reached the very top of the castle, the door containing the elements were just down the corridor.

As Sam walked to his destination, he realized how long the corridor actually was. Running would make things faster, but that could blow away his stealth. The corridor had so many glass paintings with Celestia, Luna, Discord, and of course, the mane 6. When he was halfway there, he heard hoof steps coming his way. Sam readied his fist, prepared to knock out whatever pony guard that was behind him. Instead, a tall mare came from behind with an evil grind on her face. Sam knew this was the very beautiful Princess Candance, however, another thought came to his head that this was Queen Chrysalis in disguise.

Candance/Chrysalis locked eyes on the human. Her smile faded away and she stared at Sam curiously. Sam on the other hand kept a neutral face and continued to walk, hoping she would just ignore him and move on. Sam didn't want to hurt a Princess and he most certainly didn't want to pick a fight with Queen Chrysalis, in fear that his head will be on a bunch of wanted posters by the changelings/ponies. Sam made it all the way to the sealed door containing the elements. He changed his right arm into a sledgehammer, capable of destroying many things in its path.

Sam felt a hoof tap him on the shoulder before he could smash the door. 'Uh oh, she's onto me.' Sam turned around to see a face of anger and annoyance mixed together.

"Ahem! I'm talking to you." Cadance/Chrysalis kept staring at him. Sam didn't know how to respond. He knew this had to be Chrysalis in disguise, due to the amount of negativity swirling around her.

"Oh! Um! My name is Sam. It's a pleasure to meet you Queen Chrysalis" Sam bowed down to her. As he did, he realized he just gave away her true identity. "I'm only here for the Elements of Harmony, nothing more, nothing less," Sam kept his neutral face on throughout the entire conversation.

Chrysalis changed into her real form and laughed. "Well, that weapon of yours won't completely do the trick. This door isn't just any normal door. It's reinforced with a magical spell casted by Celestia herself. If you damage it in any way, Celestia will be alerted. However, I am willing to destroy the spell, as long as you don't tell any pony here about my little secret. A few of my children have told me a lot about you, and I'm pretty sure they have informed you about my plans."

"Fair enough. I'm good at keeping secrets." said Sam.

"Oh, that's not all. A few of my children also said they wandered into the forest, encountered a pack of timber wolves, and were nearly eaten alive. When all hope was lost, you came along and saved them. I am truly grateful, really. And I came up with the very most bright idea of all time. Once you steal the elements, you must serve as my guard. Deal?" Chrysalis gave Sam a nasty grin, showing all of her teeth, including her fangs.

"You sure do like to make things difficult for one to decide," Sam didn't have much of a choice. He already had a hard time deciding whether or not he should join the changelings or the ponies. But now, joining the changelings was the only hope of his survival. If Sam wanted to even have a chance against Nightmare, he needed the Tree of Harmony's help. Without the elements, the tree is utterly powerless.

"Alright fine. I'll join," Sam stood there in silence with a frown.

"Good boy. I will be sure to take care of you once we feed on Equestria's LOVE!" Chrysalis laughed and laughed until she was out of breath. She then walked up to the door, pointing her horn at it. Chrysalis's horn glowed green as she focused on the spell. Sam just stood there thinking of himself as a guard dog or something. Before he knew it, Chrysalis had let out a barrage of green lightning that covered the entire door in green raging flames.

Sam looked at it all in amazement. 'Yep, Chrysalis is overpowered. Please nerf.'

The flames disappeared and the door stood there still. Chrysalis turned around proud "Well what are you waiting for? The spell on the door has been broken!"

"Oh, right," Sam backed away prepared to charge with all his might. He took a deep breath and ran with his sledgehammer ready. The door was then smashed into pieces causing a huge impact noise through the entire castle. A container which appeared to be a treasure chest was right in front of Sam. The elements were right there but Sam had to leave Canterlot as soon as possible. The impact noise made by the sledgehammer caught a lot of attention. Staying there wasn't an option, unless it was the need to be swarmed by hundreds of guards.

Sam opened the chest and added the Elements of Harmony into his traveling bag. Everything was going according to plan, that was, until the galloping of many ponies could be heard. Sam panicked on the inside while Chrysalis remained calm. "Okay change of plans. I'm going to send you to a crystal cave underneath Canterlot. Find a way out and wait until the invasion is over. We will meet again to discuss things." Chrysalis walked up to a glass painting and smashed it, making it look like some pony jumped out of it.

Chrysalis changed back into Cadance and her horn glowed green once again. She was so confident and calm, but Sam can tell she was a little annoyed about the situation. Green flames began to surround Sam, and, in a flash, he was gone. Cadance/Chrysalis turned to see multiple guards galloping across the corridor. Cadance/Chrysalis sat down and began to act miserable. "Princess Cadance! What happened here?!" said one of the guards.

Cadance/Chrysalis kept the act by whining as good as Rarity could during the diamond dog incident. "Oh guards! Please help me! A monster came out of nowhere and stole the elements! It jumped right out of this now ruined glass! You need to do a better job around here!"

The guards nodded their heads in unison. One of them bowed down to her nervously. "A-As you wish your highness." All of the guards trotted out of the corridor while also escorting Candance/Chrysalis out.

Lyra walked into her house and placed the bottle onto one of her study tables. Countless books and pictures were scattered all over the room. Almost every book had something to do with her obsession of humans. Sweetie Drops, Lyra's roommate, didn't like all the clutter at all. "Lyra you really need to clean all of this up! For the last time, humans are not real!"

"Yes, they are! I have had dreams about them for so many years. They were the very first species to begin civilization. Humans are the reason why us ponies exist." Lyra began to stand on two hoofs instead of four in front of Sweetie Drops, and shouted, "HUMANS ARE REAL!"

"Okay! Okay! You can stop yelling!" Sweetie Drops covered her ears in pain. "What is that thing you brought with you anyway? Is it some sort of potion you shouldn't be messing with? Oh, let me guess. You obtained it from those imaginary creatures you call humans?" Sweetie Drops gave her the look of being fed up, but alas, Lyra didn't care once so ever.

"It's called soda. Once we find a way to make more, we can say goodbye to apple cider." Lyra opened the bottle with her magic causing a hiss to come out.

"Soda?" said Sweetie Drops

"Yes. It's basically water with a bunch of other stuff added to it. But the ingredients that were used are unknown to pony kind." Lyra stood there, examining the bottle. She wanted to take a sip so bad. But she shook her head and closed the bottle. As Lyra lifted the bottle with her magic, both of them heard a knock on the door.

"Okay Lyra, I've had enough of your crazy beliefs. Hand over what you stole from me, or I will tell Princess Celestia that you are messing with dark magic." Twilight continued to knock louder and louder. Lyra's eyes widened as she quickly ran and hid the bottle in a safe spot. How could Twilight possibly know it was her? Lyra was sure Twilight was completely asleep when she found her. So how?

Lyra ran up to Sweetie Drops and whispered in her ear. "Please back me up here." Sweetie Drops rolled her eyes. Lyra had already gotten enough attention in Ponyville with all those made-up stories. And now, Lyra was about to get the attention of Princess Celestia herself. Sweetie Drops opened the door letting Twilight in.

"Well Lyra. Where is it?" Twilight walked in without Spike to accompany her.

"How did you know?!" Lyra stood there in shock.

"Oh, just an easy spell." Twilight looked at her annoyed, looking for some way to stop Lyra from thinking about creatures that don't even exist. Sure, Twilight was able to restore her friends' memories after Discord messed them up, but a spell to erase a pony's memory would be extremely advanced, even for her.

"W-Well the bottle caught some pony's eye, and they took it from me in exchange for 50 bits." Lyra backed away and sat down on the couch in weird position while smiling awkwardly.

"Really?" Twilight raised an eyebrow.

Before the conversation could continue, Sweetie Drops decided to intervene. "Don't you have better things to do Twilight? I mean, it's the middle of the night. And I believe you need to get some rest for the wedding tomorrow."

Twilight looked at her in confusion. "Wedding? What wedding?"

"You know. The day your brother, Shining Armor, marries Princess Mi Amore Cadenza." Sweetie Drops showed Twilight the invitation on one of the clean tables that weren't full of human activity.

Twilight gasped "How come I wasn't invited?! Unless Spike got the invitation and decided to keep it from me." Twilight ran out the door and onto the streets. She couldn't believe this. Her very own brother forgot about her. The thought made her cry while she galloped. When she got home, Spike was still asleep. Twilight decided not to bother him until he was awake. She also needed to get enough sleep. Whether Shining Armor liked it or not, Twilight was going to the wedding.

When the green flames have cleared, Sam was no longer in the castle. All he could see in his surroundings were crystals. The area appears to be a cave meant for the purpose of trapping ponies in. Chrysalis did say find a way out and that's exactly what he was going to do.

Sam searched for a way out but only found a few small holes. They were too little for Sam to squeeze through. Instead, he punched the crystal walls revealing an opening. The crystals were broken with ease as Sam consecutively smashed every crystal standing in his way. After a long period of hammering crystals, the exit of the cave could be seen far ahead.

"Hey! Wait!" said a voice Sam knew.

"Huh?" Sam turned around to see the real Princess Candance approaching him at a high speed. He turned his hand into a sword just in case she planned on attacking him. Candance kept on until she reached him. Sam saw her out of breath and in a very weakened state, causing him to change his hands back to normal. "You, okay?"

Candance kept panting "Yea, I'm just, so, tired. Please. Help me escape before it's too late."

"Heh, I'll do anything for you, beautiful," Sam gave Cadance a weird look, but she was too tired to notice it.

"Not to offend you or anything, but. What exactly are you supposed to be? I have never seen a creature like you before."

"I'll talk about that later, right now we need to get out of here. Can you fly us all the way there?" Sam pointed at her wings.

"I'm afraid not. I can fly a good distance, but I don't think I can make it in the condition I'm in right now. We could use that minecart over there to get across." Cadance galloped towards it and began pushing to no avail. Cadance felt something grip her belly tight. She was then picked up and placed into the minecart. Sam removed the rocks blocking the wheels and pushed the minecart with a lot of force.

As the minecart traveled at a high-speed Cadance saw the end of the tracks. She readied her wings, prepared to fly with all of the energy she had left. As the minecart leaped into the air and began falling, Cadance began to flap her wings hard until she made all the way to the exit tunnel. Cadance turned to see Sam right next to her.

"Wait. How did you?" Cadance's question was answered after Sam dug his sharp fingers into a nearby wall. The two of them ran out of the cave to see the beautiful light of day again.

"You better get back in the castle right away. The queen of the changelings is probably by now messing with Shining's head." Sam turned his hand into the shape of a hoof, asking for a hoof bump.

"Thank you. I understand you don't want to get involved in any of this. However, I will be happy to see you again after this is all done." Cadance gave him and smile and turned around to see a familiar purple unicorn staring at both of them in confusion.