• Published 20th May 2022
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My Little Dream Becomes Reality - Tilltheafterlife

A human finds himself in a completely different world full of creatures such as ponies who can talk. He then must travel around and search for a way back home or make friends with the ponies.

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Chapter 2: A Dream Inside of A Dream

Author's Note:

For those of you who are wondering. Nightmare is an OC I created after the inspiration of four antagonists.

  • Freddy Krueger
  • Nightmare Sans
  • The Tantabus
  • Bill Cipher

Sam was still confused as to what the demon was doing. It greeted Sam by giving its name to him and asking Sam to do the same as any normal respectful person would do.

But Nightmare wasn't a normal person. A normal person would never stalk someone throughout the entire day and invade their dreams for no reason. At least, Sam didn't believe he had done anything wrong to the guy. After a few moments, Sam hesitated, but then spoke.

"S-Samuel. My name is Samuel, or you can call me Sam," Sam looked at Nightmare in horror, hoping the demon had the heart to show him mercy.

"Samuel. Well, that's a name I won't forget. I can assure you, you'll live, in my memories. " Nightmare's eyes grew bigger. "You know, boy. This dream of yours is something else. This world barely has any negative energy for me to feed on. And it doesn't make it any better, when I'm in such a weakened state after being sealed away for a long time."

"What do you want with me? Did you follow me all the way here to cause trouble? What are you anyway?" Sam could only assume Nightmare was trouble just by Nightmare's appearance.

"You don't even know who I am, do you? Whatever. There's no point in telling you. You're already a dead man. I managed to pull your physical body into this world, but I lost mine in the process. So now, I have to keep you in this other dream world these ponies have. Once I produce more negativity, I will have enough power to take your life. " Nightmare laughed, giving Sam chills down his spine.

It got even worse, as blood began to poor out of Nightmare's mouth. It looked as if he had eaten hundreds upon hundreds of people in the past. Sam could even hear the screams and cries from the tortured souls the demon had eaten.

"You psychopath!" Sam wanted to punch him in the face so hard, but forgot his body wasn't even with him to do so. The surrounding area was nothing but darkness.

"I've got to say I'm surprised, boy. For a man who dreams about cupcakes, rainbows, unicorns, and whatever girly things are in this world, I expected you to scream like a little girl. Yet here you are, all calm about your upcoming painful death." Nightmare's smile faded away. "The nightmares I created for these ponies, have done a fine job at satisfying my hunger. At least they were, until a dark blue pony, taller than the others I've encountered, appeared and destroyed the nightmares I crea- " before Nightmare could finish, a flash of blue light engulfed the darkness surrounding them. Nightmare's entire body was now visible, and the moon could now be seen, shining bright in the beautiful night sky.

"WHAT DARKNESS DARES ENTER THE DREAM REALM!" said a feminine, loud, and familiar voice to Sam.

"Speaking of which, " Nightmare made a face of annoyance.

Then, something came out of the moon and glided all the way down to the ground. The thing wasn't a thing, but a pony. Her fur was dark blue, the mane was a lighter blue that appeared to be sparkling and flowing on its own without any wind, the cutie mark was a crescent moon that had a little black fur around it, and she both had a pair of wings and a horn. There was no doubt in Sam's mind that this was Princess Luna.

"Wow, she is so beautiful," said Sam.

"Well, I can't have her in the know of your presence, so may we meet again, if you live that long that is, " Nightmare snapped his fingers causing Sam to black out. Nightmare then turned to face the alicorn.


"Let's just get this over with. I'll even let you have the first attack, " Nightmare looked at her with no interest. Luna circled around and glared at Nightmare. Luna then took a deep breath and her horn glowed bright.

Sam wakes up for real, believing it was all a dream that turned into a nightmare. Sam felt relieved to be able to feel his own human body again. When he sat up, there was nothing but grass and trees around him.

"What the?" Sam looked around seeing he wasn't in his bedroom anymore. For what Sam could remember the power in his house went out due to a severe thunderstorm. Looking up, he saw the moon shining in the abnormal colored night sky with no storm in sight. The night sky wasn't pure black as its color was for some reason purple and blue mixed together. "Wait. Am I still dreaming?" Sam walked up to a rock he spotted on the grass and grabbed it.

Sam froze when he felt the rock as he picked it up. He gazed at the unrealistic looking trees near him. "Was that demon telling the truth? Am I really physically here right now?" Sam threw the rock the same way he would throw his alarm clock except this time it hit a tree instead of a plain wall. The boy took the longest and largest breath a man could take. Then, he shouted in excitement. "YES! YES! I'M REALLY HERE! I'M IN PONY HEAVEN! LESSSS GOOOO!!!!!"

Sam took the time to calm himself down. Happiness was EXTREMELY important to Sam's life. Though, he didn't want to take it for granted. Especially in a situation like this. Equestria to Sam may be like heaven, but there is some random demon out for Sam's head. A regretful feeling came after realizing how loud he was when shouting.

One thing for sure, the area Sam was in was none other, than the Everfree Forest. The forest was dark and scary, and he could hear the crickets chirping. "It's about time I put my survival skills to use. Here I thought learning those skills from my dad were a complete waste of time. Guess I was wrong," Sam climbed up a tree and picked an apple to eat. He took a bite out of it but was caught in surprise as he spat out the apple in disgust. "Good gravy! Do ponies eat this garbage every day?! I hope there is something good for me to eat out here."

There was a sound of a crack nearby. Sam turned around to identify the source, only to see a timber wolf jumping out of the bushes. The wolf looked right into Sam's soul with its yellow eyes. It circled around Sam, getting ready to strike.

Sam thought this was going to be the last day of his life. He knew better not to challenge a wolf with his bare hands, but there is no outrunning an animal that moves on all fours. Sam had no better option but to take the wooden wolf, head on.

'It would be nice to have an ax or something in a fight against an enemy made of wood,' Sam felt something weird on both his right and left hand but ignored it and charged at the timber wolf. As he did, the timber wolf did the same. The timber wolf then jumped toward Sam, preparing to bite him. Before it could, Sam sliced its entire body in half with, his, fist?

"Whoa, what happened to my hands?" Sam observed the solid black shaped axes that had replaced his hands. "Wait, this is all a dream. I can imagine anything I want!" Sam imagined another coke bottle being in front of him, but nothing happened. "Huh?" Sam felt a sting on his back. It was like a wasp three times the size had stung him. Then, he heard a growl.

Behind him were five timber wolves staring and growling at him with the intent to kill. Sam looked at the black shaped axes that killed one of them, in one slice. "Alright, I guess that's fair," Sam immediately lifted the ax to the timber wolf in front of him and sliced it's head off.

Two timber wolves then came in front of him ready to attack. One took his right while the other took his left. Sam managed to slice the one on his right in half. The other one unfortunately, got close enough to dig its claws into Sam's chest. Surprisingly, the only thing he felt was the same sting that felt like a big wasp stinging him. And the wound the timber wolf had made wasn't bleeding red, but black.

The timber wolf felt the ax hit its torso, but it wasn't the sharp part of the ax, causing it to land onto the ground unconscious. The unconscious wolf was finished off with multiple blows of the ax. Sam looked up to see one timber wolf backing away.

"Wait I've only killed four. Weren't there six of you?" Sam's question was answered when he felt something heavy hit his back. One of the timber wolves had sneaked behind, and tackled Sam to the ground. Sam groaned in pain as the timber wolf bit into his leg ripping it off. The timber wolf in front did the same, only this time it ripped off Sam's arm.

"NO! I refuse to die here!" Sam bit into one of the timber wolf's legs chewing it until it was completely off. The timber wolf roared and backed away from Sam in agony. Sam got back up and used his remaining arm to slice the other timber wolf's torso. The last remaining one still in pain from his missing leg, looked at Sam one more time, gave out a weak howl, and retreated into the deeper parts of the Everfree Forest.

When it was all over, Sam was in pain. He had lost his right leg and his left arm. Worst of all they were oozing blood, but the blood he was losing wasn't red. It was black. The wounds that Sam received on his back and chest from the timber wolf's claws were also leaking out black blood. Sam crawled and lay downed onto the ground. The ax on his right arm became a hand again.

"What did this psychopath do to me? Am I just going to die out here?" Sam had lost all hope. This was it; he was going to die from blood loss, Nightmare was going to win, and Sam would never be able to live his own dream in Equestria.

Sam felt something weird on both his missing arm and leg. Assuming it was the amount of blood he was losing. When he looked, he saw something black was growing out of his left arm. It seemed the blood was beginning to thicken or harden into a complete solid. It kept growing until it was the same size of his right arm. It began to change shape and color until it had fully developed into his left arm. The same thing happened on his right leg. The wounds on Sam's chest and back began to close themselves back together.

Was Sam even human anymore? He could only imagine how painful Nightmare would make his death, but it also seems that he won't be dying anytime soon due to these new regenerative abilities. Why? Just why? Maybe Nightmare wanted to see him suffer before he decides to kill. This didn't feel like a dream anymore. It felt all real.

Sam got up from the ground feeling physically fine but mentally not. He began to travel around the Everfree searching for food, water, and shelter for the night. The walk continued until a river was finally seen.

"Water!" Sam decided to set his base near the river. Turning his hands into the axes that were used to chop down the timber wolves he fought earlier, he began to clear out the trees around. After what seemed to be about an hour of cutting trees, Sam had already built a fire, made a bowl and a traveling bag, and caught some fish. He didn't feel like boiling the water to kill the germs within because he believed his body would just regenerate itself constantly until all the germs were dead. The fish he cooked was much better compared to that ripe apple he ate.

One thing he noticed was his teeth being sharper than before. That could explain why the wooden leg on the timber wolf was easily ripped apart from a single bite from his mouth. Was he a carnivore? The fish were perfectly fine, but the apples were the complete opposite.

"Hey you. Creature," said a strange voice from behind.

'Does almost everything in this world have to sneak up behind me,' Sam turned around to see another creature that he had known to be potentially hostile, especially towards ponies. A changeling.

Sam turned his right hand into a sword and his left hand into a shield. Pointing the sword directly at the changeling, he asked. "Are you here to kill me as well?"

"What? No. Of course not. I was only scouting around for any wandering ponies to take back to the hive. Queen Chrysalis is planning an invasion in Canterlot soon. And me and my siblings just so happen to get ambushed by a pack of timber wolves. We were no match for them until you came out of nowhere and saved us. Queen Chrysalis is planning an invasion in Canterlot soon and, I was only wondering if you by any chance, would like to assist us in our quest to feed on Equestria's LOVE!" The changeling stood there, waiting for a response.

"Ah, so this dream of mine is taking place somewhere in Season 2." Sam laughed at the thought of breaking the 4th wall if there was an audience watching him. Of course, the changeling didn't even understand any of that. "What's in it for me?" Sam had an unsure look on his face. He wouldn't want to get involved in any of that mess. The changelings would just lose and helping them wouldn't change a thing for the better. The ponies would probably hunt Sam down if he was caught helping the bug ponies. Which only means double the trouble. Being hunted by a demon is hard enough, so he certainly didn't need an entire race hunting him down.

"I don't know yet. You will have to ask Queen Chrysalis about that. But please. Think about it, ok." The changeling buzzed his wings and flew away.

At this point, there were only two options. It was either to stay in the same spot and wait for Nightmare to show up or find some help. His best bet was to join the changelings or the ponies for his own safety. Trying to make peace with the ponies comes with a risk of being attacked and captured. And he didn't know if making peace with the changelings would exactly be peaceful.

Sam got back on his feet to search for any pony to talk to. The long walk continued with him running into branches and hearing an owl hoot again and again. Normally his legs would've been soar by now. Sam began to run around the Everfree impatiently. It all ended when a castle in the distance could be spotted. Sam smiled at the sight of shelter and the possibility of ponies exploring the place. "The castle of the two sisters."

" Sam. Please. Help me, " a strange voice whispered into Sam's ear.

"Huh?" Sam searched for the source of the voice but found nothing but a staircase leading down somewhere.

" Please save me, " the strange voice said louder.

The voice sounded pitiful. The source of it was definitely coming from the cave below the stairwell. 'Could it be?' Sam thought to himself. Going down into a dark cave wasn't a wise idea, especially if there's a voice luring you in. But getting help and answers is needed even if a risk is to be taken. Sam walked down the staircase and into to the cave to find the Tree of Harmony sitting there. The tree spoke, surprising Sam. " My power is wanning. Retrieve the elements. "

"What? Why?" Sam walked closer to the tree.

"You are in great danger. What you saw was only a tiny fraction of the demon's power. I can help you destroy him and save this world."

"Really? How?"

"I'm holding back Nightmare's power as best as I can. Once my power fades, all of Equestria is doomed, including you. I will guide you through this world, but you must retrieve the elements." The Tree of Harmony's words made Sam's eyes widen. Nightmare's true powers were being held back the entire time. It only made him wonder of what other tricks the demon had up on the sleeve. Sam left the cave, heading back up to the surface, and into the Everfree.

The Tree of Harmony was his only hope. Not only did it know about his troubles, but it was also one of Equestria's greatest defenses. "Looks like I found the help I need. Now, I just need to help it first." Sam kept running without stopping. His very next destination was Canterlot.

Luna shot a beam at Nightmare hitting him in the chest and knocking him back a bit.

"You are surprisingly strong. I never believed some horse with little girl magic could do so much." Nightmare gave a creepy grin at Luna.

"QUIET FIEND! YOU WILL PAY FOR THE NIGHTMARES YOU CAUSED TO MY YOUNG AND INNOCENT SUBJECTS!" Luna shot another beam, but this time Nightmare was ready. Nightmare opened his mouth and sucked the magic beam in. Nightmare then reflected the beam right back at Luna by shooting it out of his mouth. Before it could hit, Luna flew into the air and shot another beam. Nightmare avoided being directly hit but was hit by the explosion it caused.

"This has been a fun experience, but it's time to end this." Nightmare closed his eyes and focused. Luna's eyes widened when six large tentacles came out of Nightmare's back.

"At first, I was surprised, but it looks like you're the one who is now surprised. Did you know throughout this entire fight, I have been gaining power from the fears and negative feelings from these ponies I've invaded? You managed to help some of them, but you haven't saved them all yet. " Nightmare's tentacles were unleashed into the air to attack Luna from above. The princess flew in a zig zag to avoid them with ease.

"You are the source of their nightmares. It is my duty as Princess Luna to protect those from their nightmares. However, I cannot keep up with all the negativity you are producing in every pony! Thus, destroying you is the best option I have, unless you consider surrendering and calling off the darkness you created in my realm."

"HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Surrender, to a pony? " Nightmare's tone became dangerous." Let me show you true, DARKNESS! " Nightmare charged at Luna ready to impale her with his long sharp horns. Instead, he only hit an incredibly strong magic barrier.

Nightmare started constantly punching and stabbing the magic barrier with his tentacles. The princess of the night struggled to keep the barrier together. But Nightmare showed no signs of stopping. When the barrier finally broke, Nightmare punched Luna in the muzzle knocking her 15 feet away.

"Tell me princess. Do you bleed?" Luna attempted to fly away into the moon but was impaled six times by six tentacles. Luna only growled in frustration.

"Bleed? In a dream? No. What about you?" Luna charged all of the power she had to the tip of her horn. The moon was now shining brighter than ever, completely eliminating all of the darkness around them. Luna released all of the power and a gigantic dark blue magic ball of light appeared. Nightmare stood there in shock at how much power this pony had. He was going to regret underestimating the obstacles that had to be dealt with in this world.

"THIS ENDS NOW!" Luna then fired the energy ball with all her might. The attack destroyed the tentacles that impaled her completely. When it impacted the ground, an explosion unlike any other went across the entire dream realm, causing every pony including Luna, to wake up from their slumber.

"Sister, are you alright." Celestia opened the door to Luna's room only to see her younger sister, terrified. "What happened? It sounded like you were yelling at some pony." Celestia tried to comfort Luna as best she could. Luna had calmed down, but her expression was still filled with concern.

"That thing is still alive! I can sense it. I couldn't save every pony from the nightmares it created." Luna looked out of the window and said, "ah, yes, it's time to lower the moon. I will tell you everything, sister. For now, I need some time to think things through." Luna walked out of her room, leaving Celestia behind.