• Published 20th May 2022
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My Little Dream Becomes Reality - Tilltheafterlife

Sam finds himself physically in his dream. A dream demon decides to destroy everything Sam had ever loved and now Sam must find some way to save his own dream. Will he stay in a never-ending dream for all eternity? Or will he make it back home alive?

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Chapter 1: An Everyday Life

Author's Note:

Well guys this is my first time doing this kind of stuff so don't expect this to be done anytime soon. I am writing this story for my own amusement so if you guys somehow by any chance get interested into this story, I hope you have a LOT of patience because it's going to be like the year 2030 when I'm finished with this.

In a large open field, there was a medium sized house. And in that house, lived a boy, who disliked society, Samuel. The alarm clock rang right next to Samuel, interrupting his sweet and glorious dream. Samuel opened his eyes in anger and turned the alarm off. Grabbing the clock, Samuel threw it at the wall. He didn't throw it as hard as he wanted to since he didn't want to grab the attention of his parents.

"Great, another boring day of school," Samuel got out of his bed and went into the kitchen to go get himself some breakfast. He was planning on making an egg sandwich to help build the muscles he wanted. Before he could, his little amount of peace and quiet was ruined by an aggravating voice he hears 24/7.

"Good morning my son, could you come over here and read this out loud to me," his mom showed him what was on her phone.

"And there goes my peace and quiet," Sam whispered to himself while looking extremely annoyed at her.

Of course, as always, none of it was ever interesting to him. The only reason why she forces him to read it out loud is because she wants him to care about whatever the topic was, not that he ever will. And no matter how many times he tells her to stop and leave him alone, she is just too stubborn to even listen to him. Though, deep down, Sam did love and care for his mom. Depression was one of the main things that had caused Sam's emotionless state.

He decided to start making his own breakfast and it was easy really. Set the temperature to medium heat, add a slice of butter, get four eggs and beat them, add salt and pepper, toast some unhealthy bread, wait for the eggs to cook, put them together and add cheese if you want. After Sam had finished his breakfast, his dad came in and asked, "Honey could you get me some bagels."

"Right away dear!" Sam's mom grabbed four bagels, toasted them in a toaster, and added butter to it.

Sam's dad was alright because all he did was watch YouTube and kept his mom occupied by arguing with her all day. This also allows Sam to watch his favorite show, My Little Pony, in peace.

Sam went up to the calendar to see what day it was since he had nothing better to do. Today was Friday which meant the weekend was coming up, but what really piqued his interest was it being Friday the 13th.

Sam was then craving for something different to happen. He didn't care whether it was good or bad. It just HAD to be SOMETHING different instead of the same old baloney.

"Oh boy, here we go again," Sam had to leave way earlier than usual, he also had to make his way over to the school on foot since the car had broken down, while looking at the scenery.

It's a beautiful day outside when the sun is shining and blinding, there aren't many cars on the streets honking their horns at each other, and the animals are living the life in the trees without any man to cut them down.

Unfortunately, that's all about to change in a few minutes. Up ahead is a two-story building filled with sadness, depression, boredom, and hundreds of negative and edgy people. The majority of the people there were either annoying or aggressive. Most would just cuss you out or flip you off for being all nosy. Which is exactly why Sam never talks to others unless necessary.

"Welp, time to go back to the place I like to call prison. Let's see if I can survive this ordeal again to see the beautiful light of day and another episode of MLP." Sam always did describe school as another form of a prison due to the fact that it's a government building and people his age are there against their will.

Before he enters an incredibly loud noise erupts in his ears to which what sounded like a huge explosion that came out of nowhere.


He covered his ears and closed his eyes expecting more but none came. When he opened his eyes, he saw the sky's color had turned to what seemed to be a mixture of purple and black instead of blue. He then heard the screams and footsteps of many students running around and bumping into each other like wild animals.

"What happened to the sky?!" said a student.

"IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!" said another student.

Before another word was said, another explosion like sound came, this time louder than the last.


There was a white flash that blinded all of us as if somebody laid a gigantic flash grenade. After the blindness effect from the flash disappeared, Sam looked up to see the sky was back to its original blue and to see the sun was still shining bright enough to blind him.

When he looked around everybody had vanished, and he saw a black figure standing in the corner of his eye. He blinked and everybody reappeared out of nowhere as if nothing happened and the black figure was gone.

"What was that all about? Maybe it was just my head playing tricks on me," Sam rubbed his eyes.

Everyone was frozen in shock as to what happened, Sam and a few other students on the other hand just kept going on about their day. Sam wasn't all too worried about the event that just happened unless there was a huge global disaster report about it.

Sam could only imagine if Friday the 13th was actually going to be a day where people are unlucky to have a terrible fate or if Jason Vorhees actually exists.

After all that nonsense was over most of the school day was normal. He went to his assigned classes as usual and would always do the work but would fall asleep or play cool math games if the teacher was talking in class.

His first class was English, which was Sam's worst subject of all time. Thankfully, the class had the best teacher of all time, Mrs. T. At first, Sam was afraid she was going to aggravate him to death since she was loud and energetic when she first came in. But she gave Sam the peace and quiet he needed and showed him a lot of kindness.

And if he had any free time, he would always pull out his Chromebook and plug in his headphones that he took from his computer class to watch MLP in Chemistry class.

"Hey guys, Sam is watching MLP again!!!" Carson went up to a few more boys, tapping them on the shoulder to grab their attention, and pointed a finger at Sam.

Sam liked Carson as a friend because he always seemed to be quite the cheery fellow. One day Carson caught him watching the show and at first Carson started asking him why he was watching it. And then it started to become a thing with a few more boys asking Sam weird questions that should never be specifically said.

"Oh, great, just what I need," Sam closed his Chromebook to prevent the boys from seeing anything.

Carson frowned. "Aw come on Sam! You know we all wanna see it."

"Yea. You should be put on this TV series called My Strange Addiction. You'd make that series perfect," one of Carson's friends suggested.

"Just be honest with us. Do you :eeyup:nope:eeyup: off to it?" Carson made a perverted smile. Sam didn't say a word. Instead, he got out of the chair and ran out of the room, heading to his very last class after hearing the sound of the bell.

Sam's last class before he could finally leave was art. Art was probably the only fun class, compared to the rest of the classes. His art teacher, Ms. Green, was a very chill teacher he ever had since she understood him quite a lot. And it was satisfying to draw and color in things. Better than reading or listening to someone talk about an uninteresting topic.

When the final bell rang, Sam immediately got out of the school as quickly as he could. Once out of campus he began to run home like a madman. The glistening sun made it difficult for him to see but he kept on anyway. When he got close to home, he was all too tuckered out to keep on running so he decided to take a short cut and walk through the woods instead of the sidewalk.

Sam wasn't afraid of going into the woods because he knew there were no wild animals to bite off his flesh.

After what seemed to be about 5 minutes of walking, he was almost out of the woods. Suddenly he tripped on a hidden rock under the leaves and fell to the ground.

"What the!?" Sam got up and looked behind to see what tripped him. "Oh, stupid rock." Sam turned in the direction of the exit to the...wait.

He turned around to where he was last facing and saw nothing. "Who's there?!" Sam didn't get a response, just utter silence. He could've sworn he saw three purple glowing eyes in the darkness. It felt as if he was being watched or stalked by someone or...something!

Ignoring what is believed to be seen. He continued to walk home hoping not to get ambushed by anything. Monsters didn't exist and it could have been a hallucination that came into effect after the event where the sky turned purple and black for a few seconds. Who knows what kind of secret organization and experiments are being used and hidden in this world today?

At home, Sam finally made it in one piece. The daily routine was still followed right after school, which was cleaning the house from top to bottom, playing final fantasy 7, working out, watching MLP, and going to sleep. Before he went to bed the lights went out.

"STUPID POWER OUTAGE!" Sam's dad smashed his remote control on the ground, causing the batteries to come out. He definitely wasn't in the mood to fix whatever the problem was with the power, and it didn't make things better when he was on the best part of one of his old western movies, Matt Dylan or Gun Smoke possibly. There were sounds of thunder and rain coming from outside. Sam couldn't see it, but the storm sounded pretty rough out there. Even hearing the sounds of lightning striking the ground.

"Of course, there's a storm, because what else would cause a power outage. Guess I'll just sleep in complete darkness," Sam tucked himself under the covers hoping for the power to be back on when he awakens.

Sam opened his eyes to find himself in Ponyville as a pony. His fur was light tan, the mane was black with a white stripe running through, the pupils were completely black, the cutie mark appeared to be a circle with one half being white and the other half being black, with two little dots being the opposite color on both sides.

He then felt the wings on his body and the horn sticking out of his head. Sam then realized he was dreaming about being a pony and not just any pony, but an alicorn in Equestria. Sam walked around the village excited to finally be able to talk to these friendly cute ponies. Could this all really be true? Was Sam truly in pony heaven now?

After a few minutes of walking, he came across what seemed to be an apple stand. Getting an apple was the first thing on his mind, but when he went up there, he realized he didn't have any money or should now be known as bits.

"Sorry for the trouble I forgot I didn't have any bits on me," said Sam in a sad tone of voice. The pony didn't respond, nor did he look like he was paying any attention. It was as if Sam wasn't there at all. Sam was about to walk away but saw a panicking pony behind, that was about to collide with him. Instead, the pony passed right through his pony body as if he was a ghost.

Then suddenly it was obvious on what was going on. When the panicking pony got the other pony's attention it became clear. "Right, this is only a dream. None of this is actually real. But if this is a dream, can't I just imagine anything I want in this dream?"

Sam then started thinking about a coca cola bottle being in front of him. His horn glowed bright and an incredible tiny beam of white, shot from his horn and into the ground. A tiny white flash appeared and disappeared in a blink of an eye where the tiny beam was shot. And there was the coke bottle, just sitting, waiting for someone to drink it.

After getting all excited about his new ability to imagine anything he wants all of a sudden, the sun wasn't shining bright anymore. When he looked up, he saw a ginormous number of dark clouds pouring rain, right about to hit Ponyville.

Every pony was taking cover as fast as they could. Normally Sam would always find the rain to be pleasant because it would make the environment feel sad and depressing just like the way he is in the real world. But this wasn't the real world, and Sam certainly didn't like seeing the ponies suffer or having all of that positivity of theirs to be ruined.

Sam decided to imagine about all of the clouds disappearing. His horn glowed once again but this time an incredibly tiny black beam shot out his horn and into the clouds incinerating them all.

All of the ponies came out and were screaming with joy. Not even knowing who or what got rid of the clouds. But it didn't matter to Sam. As long as they're happy, he's happy.

Suddenly a very familiar explosion sound popped into Sam's ears.


There was a white flash that blinded him for a few seconds. When it wore off, he looked up into the sky to see it was the same purple and blackish mixture he remembers seeing in the real world. Looking at his surroundings he was in complete shock. Every pony had vanished around him. But that wasn't the only thing that caught his eye.

In front of him was a dark figure with three disturbing purple glowing eyes, two eyes were on the bottom, one eye was on the top. Two horns were sticking out of its head, and it had this psychopathic, monstrous, bloodied smile on its face. Its body was the same shape as the black figure he saw at the school. Its eyes were the same eyes that he saw in the woods on his way home.

Sam at first thought it was all in his head. Nothing was following him at all. It was just a dream that turned into a nightmare, and it will end at some point in time. Then the demonic like figure thing spoke.

"I got you right where I want you," said the demon while keeping that murderous smile on his face.

"You can talk?!" said Sam.

The demon didn't say another word after that but charged at Sam to which felt like the speed of light. When the demon collided with Sam all Sam could see was darkness.

Sam felt something grabbing him by the neck but couldn't tell what it was. He couldn't even see his own body whether he was still a pony or a human again.

Several seconds later the unknown force on his neck came off. Sam felt himself fall down while gasping for air. Three eyes of the demon appeared glowing brighter than ever. Sam tried to move but to no avail. He couldn't even feel his own body. Sam didn't know what was real or not real anymore.

All he could think about was the demon that was staring at him. What was it going to do, kill him? The demon had followed him to school, near his home, and in his dreams. But why did it have to be Sam of all people. After a moment of silence, it spoke again.

"Hello human. You are now in my domain. My name is Nightmare. Who are you?" Nightmare asked.