• Published 22nd May 2022
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Paradise in Limbo - Undome Tinwe

In Limbo, a Gardener cultivates a place of peace for a Lost Princess.

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The Primum Mobile

This was her last chance.

Mistmane braced herself for disappointment. She knew that if she didn't accept the possibility that she was wrong, then failure would break her. It might still, because after this, she didn't know what else she could do.

After they had freed Stygian from the clutches of the Pony of Shadows, Mistmane had searched desperately for the mare she had fallen in love with. Her memories were already faded, details lost to the mists of Limbo, but she remembered the love she felt for the princess who was trapped there still.

She knew the odds were astronomical that they'd both exist in the same time period, and even if she did find her, Mistmane didn't even know what she would do. If the Princess Triumphant hadn't been banished to Limbo yet, then could she even save her? And if she did, what would that mean for their love?

She'd spoken to Starswirl about her concerns, but even he could not give her an answer, and so Mistmane was left with only hope. Hope that the Fates would not be so cruel as to separate her from her love forever.

None of the living princesses was the one she sought. When she'd first heard of Cadance, part of her thought that perhaps she might have found the end to her quest, as she was the Princess of Love. But when she'd seen her, and felt nothing of her connection to the Princess Triumphant, her heart had sunk, and she'd retreated into her old garden for a month to collect herself again.

It was likely that the lost souls who had appeared in Limbo were from the Crystal Empire, but their royal line was dead, and stretched out far into the past. It seemed that Mistmane was doomed to be alone for the rest of her days.

And then, while investigating the old ruins around the Empire, she had run into Sombra.

His memories of his time in Limbo were even more fractured than hers, but they were reasonably certain that he was the Tyrant who had menaced those lost souls. And if that was true, then it was likely that the princess who had fought with them was Princess Amore.

And so, she had helped him find the pieces of her statue, and now, standing in the centre of the Crystal Empire, she watched as Radiant Hope restored her to life.

This had to work. Mistmane had nothing left to hold on to.

A bright flash of light filled the plaza as the spell completed.

Princess Amore collapsed to the ground, Radiant Hope barely able to catch her in her arms. "Your majesty," she murmured gently. "You're safe now."

"I— Hope?" The voice wasn't familiar, nor the face.

But she recognized the soul, and the tether between them that transcended this world.

"I've reversed the petrification spell," Hope said. "You'll feel weak for a short while, but you should still be healthy."

"Thank you," the princess said as Mistmane stared in wonder, her heart leaping with joy.

Unable to hold back any longer, she stepped forward. "Hello, my Princess Triumphant."

Princess Amore's eyes widened as she beheld Mistmane. "Gardener?" she whispered, hope and longing tinging her voice and making Mistmane want to weep for the pain she must have felt when they were parted.

"I promised I would find you," Mistmane said, rushing forward to hug her. It felt different, and yet the same love flowed between them, and that was what mattered.

"I'll admit, there were times when I lost hope." Princess Amore hugged her back tightly. "But I knew you wanted me to stay strong, and I wanted to prove to you that those you tended to could still flourish in your absence. Your garden still serves as a bastion of beauty and peace in Limbo."

"I'm glad." Even with the two of them free, there were other souls still trapped in there, and Mistmane hoped they could still use her creation to reflect on their lives and grow.

Princess Amore's gaze shifted towards Sombra. "Tyrant," she said, her voice guarded.

"Princess." Sombra cleared his throat, looking awkward. "I apologize for all I have done, and I thank you for the comfort you brought me in Limbo."

Mistmane grinned. "You did it, then," she said to her princess. "You saved him."

Princess Amore snorted. "I tried, but I couldn't get through to him in the end before he was returned to this world."

"You planted the seed that allowed Radiant Hope to save me," Sombra said. "Otherwise we would not be standing here now, any of us."

"Well, all's well that ends well," Princess Amore said. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I need to rest before I can tend to my people again." She winked at Mistmane. "Will you join me, Gardener?"

There was still a lot to discuss and to work out. The Crystal Empire had two princesses now, and that would need to be resolved somehow. And Mistmane and Princess Amore were no longer in Limbo, would need to see what of their relationship in that realm remained, and what needed to be rebuilt.

But for now, all she wanted to do was spend time with her Princess Triumphant. The rest would sort itself out in time.

Mistmane smiled. "I would love to, my heart."