• Published 22nd May 2022
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Paradise in Limbo - Undome Tinwe

In Limbo, a Gardener cultivates a place of peace for a Lost Princess.

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The Empyrean

"This was a lot easier when you could just will the plants to grow," Princess Amore grumbled, panting at the exertion of digging. "And when we didn't have true physical forms that could get tired when we didn't want them to be."

"It's much more rewarding, though," Mistmane replied. "We could always wait for Rockhoof to arrive tomorrow, if you wish. He would be more than happy to help."

"I may take you up on that offer." Princess Amore let out a sigh as she sat down. "It has been a tiring day already. Do the plants need to be watered again?"

"The orchids, yes." Mistmane glanced over towards the watering can. "If you don't mind."

With a shrug, Princess Amore trotted over towards the shed and grabbed it. "It's good to keep busy, as long as I don't have to exert myself too much."

"How have the meetings with Princess Cadance been going?" Mistmane asked as they continued their work.

"We're still determining how to divide power between the two of us smoothly," Princess Amore replied. "She is eager for the ability to take a vacation, and I am eager to resume my rulership of my people."

"I'm happy for both of you," Mistmane replied. "And I am certain the Empire will flourish under your joint rulership."

"Only if I have a place to rest and reflect," Princess Amore replied, sidling up to her to press a quick kiss on her lover's cheek.

"This garden will always be here for you, my love," Mistmane replied, raising a hoof to tenderly caress Princess Amore's cheek. "As will I. For so long as you visit me, this place shall continue to be Paradise, as it was in Limbo."

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WhoHoo #1 · May 23rd · · ·

Quite good!

This was a fascinating story. It was really interesting seeing all these figures with only vague recollections interacting via the essences of their souls, across time, space, and relative dimensions. I will say it was kind of a headscratcher that Sombra was even capable of conquering other souls in this state, or that the Pillars could fight him, though. It was nice that Mistmane and Amore could reunite in the end; there was some easy tragedy out of them not remembering each other.

Author Interviewer

very well done :)

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