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"WE ARE THE FANGS OF THE IMPERIUM!!!"- 627th warbeast war cry

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Well this looks interesting and off to a good start and Im looking forward to seeing more and where things go from here

Pretty interesting start. I personally prefer yugioh because of the creative strategies that can come from the effects, but I'll give this story a follow.

If you need an OC for this story, just let me know via PM.

I'm interested love MTG but i do love some chainswords. I wonder were this will go will he go to the displaced or will he keep it to himself the mind wonders

So I'm guessing partial influence from the Overlord anime? Also, not many MTG Displaced stories. Curious as to where this will go.

I know of a great Commission artist who can draw up the character for you.

I wonder who's going to be his love interest

You've spiked my interest... Not many stories with "MC wields dark powers" themes tend to go very far sadly, so heres to hope!

You are rise again!

Is it supppsed to be worded like this? Or is it a typo?

An amazing start! Hope the fire for this continues:pinkiehappy:

ShouldI interfere preventing missunderstanding by explaing what is going on instad Celestia going Gun blazing especially to undead creature which she wouldPROVABLY NOT LISTHEN UNLES IF SHE IS RESTRAINED AND FORCED TO LISTHEN

In other words she is gonna provoke the dark magic entity then cry when she gets slapped back. I remember someone when i was in school did this

Let's see where it goes folks.

I had seen in 50% or More of This Racistic shit bias that all dark users are evil and should be persecuted exept those UNDER control or guarantee that would not misuse such thing .

Oh I almost forgot for the cases which her perfect Puppy Student knew more than permitted dark magic and still had to be deemed criminal like blood magic use ,
Or persecute innocent ignorant people for their potential in some cases of extreme Celestia Actions .

I had seen the same shit with magitechology inventors .

Excuse me for wishing to prevent misunderstanding and Bad guy bias to people who look like they jumped deep in the dark and look lost cause .

The closest thing should be REBELS OF THE EXE standard who do their best to be the good guys but Dimension border patrol did not listen , even when were at mercy of such was backup and it didn't belived and the things went complicated with this (Good Exe fate to be unkown)

Back to the story I don't want to change the story plans but is going to basic bias get the evil practitioner with no real way to excuse or that is 90% of the cases +Creepy Factor and look

At least in the body of their known vilians they listen more or consider amnesia face turn .

But considering if that created Nighmare Moon from Luna's feelings the Unsadtisfaction may as well shattered The consciousness and the bad is remoy and locked or put away taking part of self which is in my opinion harmoniums Brainwashing(excuse me for the crass language , I had seen that too many times)
With that said just 1 preemtive mesage just to litsthen unbised would not give her one more enemy and from the reltively civil talk to judge herself from the talk .
if the person feels less treathened/intimidated would be more incline for honest talk .
At worst just to keep a eye of it .

and (my name )/"Idcras Diveris"

Moving his clawed hand across his belt he found punches next to the 'holster' for the book and a knife?

I'm surprised that's a question.


Sorry the grammerly engine is burtal on spell check

Hmm very interesting and things are progressing well thus far and looking forward to see how the relationship between Alastor and Ink-Eye develop and grows from here

Keep up the good work

"No... I've seen many swamps this one is.. new to me," She turned back to him before closing her eyes. "But this realm... it's rich in magic yet it feels... unbalanced,"

Unbalanced but rich maic huh ... that explainw in the story/world the prson thought for some action to balance more thenery beaus oversauration with harmonyaic and te more natural mgicwhich is in Ever free is stiffled down .

Th pony ac do not see the effets ar are fine . about the rest species is unkown .

"Cipher... or something along those lines," Alastor half lied.

Wich Cyfer?

"Well I can't be certain but it seems that this is but it seems to be a form of pure liquid magic,"

Well at least this pure liquid maic is not corruption , Actualy that pure liquid magic
could be bridge for the message to The Equestri rulers in the liquid lake somewhere ,

Afte all Once I tried to send something a skill but turned to liquid

"That doesn't sound possible,"

Well Than There i pure liqui magic . in othr universe even is Cristalised magic energy from element saturattion.
Magic (minor sweearing censured)fuks/Mess up with Logic as is more exploited from Discord's way

The imagination is the border along with the provided energy and posibly matherials and imagination

what are those talismans ?

in the picturethesumon loks normal-ish compared to the sumoner .
But... she could be mitaken as diamod dog and that would proably end with tension but bete than shoot kill the ("vilian") undead

The Hero's first imperative is Ilusion to hide his skull face ,
I had seen simiiar meeting and well ,
I went with better reaction when the ilusion was revealed or disguise than just showinghat tuly was .
Even if it was not shown agression when most o his kind are infamus bad kind with few exepions ...
so that is recomended .

in this perticular case , Hide the skull , make i to look like helmet , or whatwold be if it has healthy flesh covering it .


“Correct 10 million points,”

Let me guess: That was one of the kinder pictures you found.


Not really… but there is a lot of art of Ink-eyes made by a p0rn artist that I’m not a big fan of due their not exact direct encouragement of r@p3 but it’s there and a character that is… I don’t want to get into

Like your name: I too have standards

Ok that is interesting and interesting support if he gets the good side of this prankster .

After all it is more dangerous than Wishes from Evil Chaos Genie from Minecraft . And Deal with the Devil/,Deal with
Nuclear Warhead?
He can twist the wishes in a way he desires .
If The bigot Celestia Invoke Cifer's Wrath Discord's Chaos reign would be like wonderland compared to what Cifer could offer .


My theory
(by not ever Existed To Die or cease to exist)

Can be Destroyed as it ever was hurt and bled

(Sorry for the theory Adds , Just Bill Cifer is the thing to pull all stops and the theory is what was my counter .
Bill Cifer is Scary powerful.
Hopefully not to cause another Ban , Just Fear and research made this theory add familiar )

"Or maybe I am a zombie that's smart! RAWR!" He moved his free hand out into a claw before Ink-eyes reached for her blade causing him to hold out his hand in defense. "Calm down! Jeez! it was only a joke... and people say I don't have a sense of humor,"

(It looks like a Duck , it acts like a duck , it quacks like a duck so it's a duck

Looks Like a zombie or Lich , it kind of like a Lich ,or Zombie it may Talk but are sentient beings undead but are still undead and still under class Dark Beings , The Princess could be Gun Happy as I fear .

Sorry if Repeat myself

Mr. Squirrel screamed causing Fluttershy to zoom over but it was too late, the moment she saw it her blood froze.

Sorry for the Squirrel mrs Fluttershy maybe the Undead Raven is hungry?

Making Mrs Fluttershy Sad with the death of Mr Squirrel is not goid , Nature id is Cruel unlike the cotton glovesiyn Equestria .
How to compensate Fluttershy . She could ring alarm about a black bird with glowing green eyes adding extra mistrust

Hmm not bad chapter and interesting with this new little companion of Alastor's and wonder what he will be called if he gets a name later

A good chapter even if it twas a bit short as it lets us get to know the established characters a bit more which is always a good thing.

A nice little chapter and horrified Fluttershy.

I hope this series continues it seems pretty good from what is shown these first three parts


I will... I saw the newest doctor strange, I got a refresh for magic-based stories like this

I hope you enjoyed the movie because I think it was good especially near the end they didn't defeat wanda the conventional way that most villains are defeated

Hmmm, not sure how to feel about this…servant of his attacking and killing one of flutters animals, but intriguing story so far.

Also mate please start to rework on old stories of yours, I looked at your stories and see I’m tracking a lot of em but I also see you add more and more stories thus leaving less and less time to finish older stories. So I ask you to please calm down on adding new stories and finish some of your old one or cancel em and let em finally find peace else you’ll become burnt out on writing and stories will die without a proper closet either via canceling or finishing, and I hate when a promising story dies. Anyways keep up the good work.

Moving his clawed hand across his belt he found pouches next to the 'holster' for the book and a knife.

Pulling it from his belt, he was amazed at how beautiful the craftsmanship of the very ritualistic the knife looked.

Placing a glass vial back in, the newly turned being's theory was correct.

Looking back at what he assumed was a Grimoire, he pulled the black-covered book out before going through the pages.

'I thought I saw something about... AH-HA! Here it is!' Placing a bone claw across the page gently before tapping it.

'Hopefully, I can get some answer or at the very least some help out here,' Looking from his 'Grimoire' he reached down to grab a stick, before drawing symbols in the dirt. Surprised at how steady his hand was, allowing him to easily make a complete circle and then another around that one with such ease.

Going to his knee he put his book next to him before pulling out the knife and placing it in the palm of his hand before pulling the blade against his flesh.

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Has this story been left to rot?

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