• Published 15th May 2022
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A Bond Is Broken - WatchTower1992

Rainbow Dash’s lifeguard duty forces her to break a promise that she has made to Scootaloo.

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Rainbow Dash’s Day

“Rainbow Dash, I appreciate your swift arrival,” said Princess Celestia.

“Well, I am the fastest pony in Ponyville!” Rainbow Dash reminded the royal alicorn.

“Are you fast enough to be the official lifeguard for Equestria’s national swim meet?” asked Celestia.

“Aw, man—I thought I would compete in the tournament!” grumbled Rainbow Dash.

Celestia bent down and whispered to the pegasus, “Not many ponies know this, but did you know that the pegasus is good at swimming as well as at flying?”

Now armed with this knowledge, Rainbow thought, “Wow—that’s just awesome!”

Everypony whom Rainbow Dash knew, except the Cutie Mark Crusaders, attended the swim meet.

“I’m proud for you,” whispered Fluttershy to her, “because I could never be a lifeguard!”

“Awww—thank you, Fluttershy!” answered Rainbow Dash.

“Erm—you’re welcome?” answered Fluttershy, a little embarrassed by Rainbow Dash.

“Today’s my big day, you know!” Rainbow Dash told Fluttershy.

Just then, the swim meet officials sounded their trumpets and announced the swimming race.

Since Princess Celestia was unable to attend the swim meet, she had chosen Princess Luna as her substitute.

“Welcome, everypony, to Equestria’s one and only three-on-three swimming tournament!” announced the younger princess.

Luna announced the members of the home team, saying, “From Cloudsdale—Fleetfoot, Soarin, and Spitfire!”

Then, she announced the members of the visiting team, saying, “From Baltimare—Steam, Liquid, and Ice!”

“Go, Cloudsdale!” cheered Rainbow Dash.

Luna gave the starting signal, and the swimming race began.

“Aw, man!” cried Rainbow Dash in disappointment when she heard that the Baltimare team won the first round.

“On your marks—steady—and go!” called Luna, starting the second round.

“Now we’re talking!” cheered Rainbow Dash when she heard that the Cloudsdale team won the second round.

“Oh, no—somepony’s drowning!” cried Fluttershy, because somepony was, indeed, drowning in the pool.

“Never fear; Dash is here!” shouted Rainbow Dash, and dove into the pool to rescue the drowning pony.

“Please stay away from the pool, young stallion,” Luna warned the pony.