• Published 12th May 2022
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EQG: Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Canterlot Duelist Academy - Grand-Galvatron

Expert Turbo-Duelist Sunset Shimmer, is about to enroll in the Canterlot Duelist Academy, meeting a lot of old and new faces as she progresses. Time for Sunset to bring her A-Game.

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Prologue: Rage of Resonator's: The Dueling Adventure begins

Sunset Shimmer was looking through her Red Resonator Archfiend deck as the boat that was supposed to take her to Duelist academy arrived.

"Ahh, Finally, it's here," Sunset said with excitement as she hopped in.

To tell the truth, Sunset was kinda a little nervous about her first day in Duelist Academy, since duelists from around the world would also be joining in for the fun.

"Oh, if only Mama and Papa could see me now," Sunset said as she started to blush a little.

Sunset had always been a big fangirl of Duel Monsters ever since she was a little kid, but she had never gotten the time to actually get a deck since she was busy with chores, school-work, and most of all, spending time with her mother and father.

Her father was known around town as a duel monsters champion, as he was the victor of over 5 tournaments. Her father always told her that Duel Monsters will never be easy peasy lemon squeasy but as long as you play your cards correctly and never give up your hope for victory, you will always succeed in battle.

That was really clear when Sunset went to get her first deck at the card shop, even though their was a deck there that had a lot of powerful fusion monsters, Sunset preferred to have Synchro Monsters since they were easier for her to master. Her deck was a combination between Structure Deck: Jack Atlas and Red Dragon Resonator. She got this kind of deck since she was a huge fan of Jack Atlas. She also knew to put her crimson duel runner along with all the others in the Cruise-Ships Runner Parking lot.

After parking her Duel Runner, she looked at her cards to predict what the outcome of her day would be like.

"Alright here goes," Sunset said as she pulled out a random card. "Hmm, Barrier Resonator, looks like I'll spend the day without any physical injury."

"Hey dweeb," A voice said revealing it to be Trixie Lulamoon, who was Sunset's Turbo Dueling Rival.

"You're Duel Runner looks pretty...Too Pretty," Trixie said as she took out a sharp piece of metal.

"NO, YOU'LL SCRATCH THE PAINT," Sunset screamed as Trixie left a small gash on the Duel Runner.

Now Sunset was feeling a surge of anger flow through her, and Trixie's laughter was making Sunset angrier.

"Ohh...you just made a Big Mistake," Sunset snarled as she got her duel disk out. "You scratch my paint, I scratch yours!"

"Oh, are you challenging me to a duel, Sunset Bummer," Trixie said. "Very well, challenge accepted!"

"LET'S DUEL!" Trixie and Sunset both shouted as their duel disks activated.

Sunset Shimmer LP: 4000

Trixie Lulamoon LP: 4000

"My Turn, I draw," Sunset said as she drew a card. "First I activate the Spell Card Double Summon, this allows me to normal summon two monsters on the same turn. Whenever their are no monsters out on the field, I can summon Big-Piece Gollum from my hand without tributing. So I summon Big-Piece Gollum to the field in Attack mode."

Big-Piece Gollum: ATK: 2100, DEF: 0.

"Alright and because of Double summons effect, I can summon another monster to my field," Sunset said. "So now I summon Medium-Piece Gollum which will also be in attack mode.

Medium-Piece Gollum: ATK: 1600, DEF: 0.

"And thanks to Medium-Piece Gollum's Special ability, I can now summon Small-Piece Gollum to the field," Sunset said.

Small-Piece Gollum: ATK: 1100, DEF: 0.

Then I put two cards face-down and end my turn.

"Alright, Dork, my turn," Trixie said as she drew her next card. "I summon Big Insect in Attack mode."

Big Insect: ATK: 1200, DEF: 1500.

"Wait a minute, you're using the Basic Insect Deck," Sunset said as she burst into laughter. "Wow, that's one of the most useless decks out there. Where'd you get that from, Weevil Underwood."


"Yeah, I'll do that once you start getting a better deck, as well as some grammer lessons," Sunset said chuckling, making Trixie even more angry.

Big Insect attack her Small-Piece Gollum.

"Not so fast Trixie," Sunset said. "You just activated my Face-down, The Mirror Force Trap Card. If you attack me when this card is in play, not only is the attack negated, but all of your attack position monsters are destroyed.

Trixie only watched as her insect were destroyed.

"Wahh, no fair, that card should be forbidden," Trixie said.

"No it shouldn't be forbidden," Sunset said. "You're just being a spoiled brat who doesn't like to lose."

"Grr, I end my turn." Trixie said.

"Alright my move," Sunset said as she drew another card. I play the spell card, Resonator call. With this card I can add one Resonator monster from my deck to my hand."

"And now that I've added one Resonator card to my hand, I now summon, The Tuner Monster, Red Resonator," Sunset says as she summons the tuner monster to the field

Red Resonator: ATK: 600, DEF: 200

"Oh and when Red Resonator is normal summoned, it's special ability activates, in which I can summon a level 4 or lower monster from my hand," Sunset said. "So I will now summon the level 3 Clock Resonator to the field.

Clock Resonator: ATK: 1200, DEF: 600

"And now I think it's time for a little tune-up," Sunset said as she prepared to synchro summon.

"I tune up my level 2 Red Resonator with my level 4 Medium-Piece Gollum, to Synchro summon Red Wyvern," Sunset said as the synchro summon commenced.

Red Wyvern: ATK: 2400, DEF: 2000.

"And after using the Star-Changer Spell Card, I can either increase or decrease a face-up monsters level by one," Sunset said. "So now, I increase my Small-Piece Gollum's level to 4.

"Now I tune up my Level 3 Clock Resonator with my now Level 4 Small Piece Gollum to synchro summon Exploder Dragon-Wing," Sunset said.

Exploder Dragon-Wing: ATK: 2400, DEF: 1600.

"Alright, Red Wyvern, attack Trixie directly," Sunset said as her monster attacked.

Trixie Lulamoon: LP: 4000-2400=1600

"And now, Exploder Dragon-Wing, let your fire loose and lay waste to the rest of her lifepoints," Sunset said as her dragon let out a fire-ball.

Trixie Lulamoon: LP: 0

(Duel Concluded).

"Welp, Looks like I win again," Sunset said as the duel concluded

"Argh," Trixie growled as she laid on the ground in defeat. "Grr, YOU ALWAYS WIN, WHY WON'T YOU LET ME WIN FOR ONCE! ARGH, I HATE YOU!"

"I'LL GET YOU BACK FOR THIS, I PROMISE YOU THAT," Trixie roared as she and her cronies took off running.

"Sigh, when will she ever learn," Sunset said as she was polishing her duel runner in order to get rid of the gash on it.

In the sidelines, Celestia, one of the head-masters of the academy, was watching Sunset and Trixie's duel.

"Hmm, It seems that you have a lot of dueling potential," Celestia thought to herself. "You are going to be perfect for the Synchro House at the academy."

(Will continue in Chapter 1: Synchro Spectacular: Getting to meet new faces)

Author's Note:

These are the decks I found for Sunset to use.