• Published 11th May 2022
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Radiance - LSTS Connor

A failed invasion. A Race scattered. A Queen dead. From the ashes, their last cry of vengeance rises.

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Chapter Four | Past

Stunned by the luck that had befallen me I didn’t bother holding the door open behind me causing it to slam shut violently in a gust of wind. With a yelp and further buzzing of their wings, the creature fell to the ground behind the counter. A green light and the sound of rushing flames emanated from where the creature had fallen before suddenly a beaked face looked up from behind the counter. “Can’t you read the sign we’re clo-“

Their eyes locked onto mine as another rush of green flame surrounded the creature. And I watched as the biggest fanged smile I had ever seen grew on their face as they suddenly launched themselves with buzzing wings right into my chest. I got knocked back and soon felt the door press against my wings.

“Your alive, you're alive, oh by the hive you're alive!” I could hear them mumble into my chest as they pressed their muzzle as much as they could into my chitin. I was left… dumbfounded really. What was I supposed to do in this situation? Should I…push them off? Embrace them as well? I was expecting many things…this was none of them.

In the end, I just decided to let…whatever this was, run its course. That thankfully took only several moments as the little equine removed their face from my chitin and looked up at me with their large compound eyes. Said eyes suddenly shrunk as the creature realized what it had just done and began to backpedal away from me.

“My Queen, I-I’m so sorry! I was just…. just so happy to see you alive! Everyling thinks you’re dead! ” the creature exclaimed as they suddenly went into what I assumed to be a bow.

“That's not entirely inaccurate.”

“W-...what do you mean? My Queen are you alright?” The little equine asked with a small tilt of their head.

“Depends on your definition of alright, my little…” I circle my hoof to prompt their answer.

“Ezra, my Queen.”

“Alright… Ezra. Now what I’m about to tell you is going to sound strange, crazy even but you must believe me.”

“Of course, my Queen!”

“I don’t believe it.”

Yeah…I was expecting that answer. Ezra had since invited me into the backrooms of this building where a type of sitting room had been set up. I had placed myself on the large couch that occupied the far wall whilst Ezra was currently pacing around in front of me.

“Like, this has to be a joke right my Queen?” Ezra looked at me with a laugh and eyes full of hope. I had to dash them.

“Unfortunately no, my dear Ezra. I have no memories to speak of since I woke up in that desert.”

“But wait, it's the Deathlands out there! An entire continent away from Equestria! It took me days to travel here! Not to mention it's been over a week since the invasion. How did you survive out there my Queen, let alone without your memories?”

“I *ahem* didn’t”

“What? My Queen are you alright?”

“I am…” Just how on am I going to explain this…oh screw it I’ll leave it to Atarah. “Atarah? Can you please explain this?” I whisper to myself

‘Gotcha, Queen’ I hear the Ghost exclaim as they appear floating next to me in a flash of light.


“Ahh! W-w-what is that?!” Ezra exclaimed, voice full of fear and surprise as they tumbled onto their back and began to backpedal into a nearby chair.

“This, Ezra.” I begin pointing at the…posing… Ghost. I…Okay, I'm just not going to question what goes on in that constructed mind anymore. “Is the reason I am sitting here in front of you, without any memories to speak of. As well as the explanation as to how I survived in the Deathlands.”

“Hi! My name is Atarah and I’m your Queen's Ghost!”

“I, um..uhh what?” Ezra looked at me, eyes full of desperation for answers.

“This may sound hard to believe.” As if the rest of this wasn’t already.” But Atarah here…resurrected me…from the dead.”

“B-b-b-but t-that m-means y-your a l-l-lich! And y-you've come h-here to f-feat on my s-s-soul!” Excuse me, what. I would never! Even with the completely baffled look resting upon my face and the massive question mark, Atarah’s shell had reformed itself into looking like, Ezra began to hyperventilate.

“Ezra, dear, honey, little bug friend.” Began Atarah in what I can assume to be some vain attempt to calm Ezra down. It didn’t really work as the terrified little bug crawled away from the approaching construct.

This couldn’t stand, I wasn’t going to get any answers like this if my best source of information seems to be stuck in the middle of a completely irrational panic attack. Because I most certainly did not resemble a ‘Lich’! In Fact, I find the very notion utterly distasteful!

I needed to end Ezra’s fear right here and now, so let's use a little ‘Royal privilege’ to end this now.

“Ezra as your Queen I command you to sit down, shut up, and listen to what we are trying to explain!” I exclaimed in my most regal and royal voice possible. Ezra froze and followed the orders to the letter as if his very life depended on it.

Now he sat before me once again, eyes still switching between myself and Atarah with glints of fear, but it was contained. I was quite surprised that he did indeed follow my orders with such haste, it was almost as if his life quite literally depended on his obedience.

“Now, Ezra, I want to make this clear.” I began calmly hoping to ease his fears. “I am not a lich. I am not here to eat your soul and neither is Atarah.”

“The correct term for Queen would actually be ‘Risen’ and yes we are not here to ‘eat souls’ the Light is far more efficient.” Added the little construct as I watched Ezra’s eyes intently. The fear was starting to subside…somewhat at least.

“Anyway, correct terminology aside. Ezra, until one day ago I was dead and rotting in the Deathlands until Atarah came along. Apparently, I have been ‘chosen’ and thus was resurrected by Atarah here using a power called ‘The Light’. Don’t ask me what it is, I don’t know.” I shut down that question before he could ask it. “The Price of this resurrection however took all of my memories of my previous life. I don’t know my name, I don’t know where I am, I don’t even know what species we are or what we eat. The fact I was able to stumble across you is a miracle. So please, my dear Ezra, tell me: Who am I? What are we? What killed me?”

Silence permeated the room with only the dulled sounds of Atarah’s orbiting shell preventing an awkward situation. I could almost see the gears turning in Ezra’s head as he processed the information. His gaze lingered on Atarah before he slowly, ever so carefully, poked the construct eliciting a giggle from the little diamond.

“That tickles!”

“Okay…okay! I forget just how many magical artifacts there are yet to be discovered… So!” He clapped his holed hooves together. “I get to give the Queen a crash course in the entirety of recent changeling history, great.” He did not sound the most… enthusiastic, he almost sounded worried. But no matter, my reign couldn’t have been that bad, right?

“I would suggest starting with my name.”

“Ah, right, yes. It is Chrysalis, my Queen.” Chrysalis hmm… yes, I believe I’ll keep it. Certainly rolls of the tongue and through the fangs nicely. “And we are changelings, a race of shapeshifters that feeds on love. You are our Queen.” I inspected my holed hoof as he mentioned shapeshifting. A race that feeds on emotion and can shapeshift. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that stealth and subterfuge are our evolutionary specialty.

The fact that we fed on an emotion didn’t really phase me with my mind simply accepting that as fact. That did beg the question of why I hadn’t felt any hunger yet. Could our race perhaps sustain ourselves for longer periods of time on a single meal or was Atarah and the Light doing more than I had realized.

“If I may ask: How regularly do we need to feed on love?.” Might as well answer that question, it would be good to know for the future.

“Every day. The, uh, maximum we can go without love is 5 days. After that…” Okay…can I last longer on less then? Or perhaps the hunger pangs would begin tomorrow. I will need to keep an eye out then for any…sources… of food. Maybe the emotions of the avaians here are also edible?

Snapping out of my thoughts I focus my gaze on Erza once again. His eyes looked…forlorn, almost full of sadness even.

”Are you okay?”

“Sorry, my Queen. We are all…intimately familiar with that time limit. It is not something one discusses in the presence of royalty.”

“Tell me, what happened during my reign?”

“Famine, death, war… My Queen.” He looked me in the eye, tears threatening to spill out. “ I never thought I’d live to see my race die.”

“Please tell me…What happened.”

And so he did, and I was left speechless.

I was not a benevolent monarch in the years leading up to my death. I was at one point according to Ezra, but something changed. My mood, which was apparently quite bright, soured more easily and punishments for failure became harsher. The supply of love we had sustained ourselves on had begun to dry up allowing for less and less to be hoofed out freely. A disease known as the ‘Withering‘ had struck our food sources population, preventing us from gathering enough food to stay afloat

Eggs stopped hatching shortly after, and our race was on the road to ruin. But as the end began an opportunity arose that would have catapulted our race back from the brink of extinction. The disease that had affected the ponies was cured and I sent out for more love to be collected…yet it was still not enough. I had become paranoid, maniacal, and megalomaniacal as the shortage got ever worse as I began hoarding my own supply to remain in power.

We only had one choice left, and that was to forgo secrecy and conquer our food source directly with a swift attack on their capital known as canterlot. Our chances were slim to none but something had to be done. I ordered the attack with everything we had left with myself taking point by impersonating a bride. And in what I can assume to be some cruel stroke of irony, we were repelled by the very substance we had come to collect.

I…didn’t know what to think as I watched Ezra recount our history. Recount my descent into madness and paranoia. The fall of everything the changeling race had built. I didn’t need any further proof, the look in Erza’s eyes said it all. I pulled my gaze away and to the floor.

I…I couldn’t bear to see that look.

“Why…why are you helping me then?” I ask, my voice as soft as a light breeze. “After all I’ve done…After how I failed you all…You should be screaming at me…”

“Many would, I'm sure.” Laughed Ezra mirthlessly. “But I saw what you did before we were scattered.”

“W…What did I do?”

“You stopped the pony's retaliation long enough for a majority of us to escape. We watched you stop the ponies barrier all by yourself. It showed us that even though it all, you would sacrifice yourself in a heartbeat for us, even if it meant your death.” I saw out of the corner of my eye how his gaze now followed Atarah.

I looked up from the ground with hopeful eyes, I could now see a small and comforting smile resting upon his face. I could also feel the corners of my mouth begin to upturn slightly.

“Thank you… but I’m not fit to be your Queen… I caused the end of our race, I led you all to your doom. We don’t even have a home anymore…”

“My Queen. Obviously, you’ve done something right as I don't believe your little construct here would have revived you otherwise.”

“The Traveller and the Light chose you for a reason, Queen. Don’t forget that.”

Atarah was right. She has told me so many times before that I am not some victim of random chance and fate. Atarah was brought here for me. This Light and Traveller saw something in me and allowed me to be resurrected and to wield its power. I power I had already felt a taste of. Could this be why I was chosen?

To bring my race back from destruction? To reunite my people under a new banner? A banner of light…To return not as the tyrant that brought our race to ruin…but as the beacon of Light, our race so desperately needs right now. Yeah… I think I like the sound of that.

With this new power, I will take back what we have lost. I will reverse the mistakes of my past and lead the changeling race into the Light!

I could almost feel the flaming Light within burn-in excitement as my goal was made clear to me. Standing tall I looked my Ghost and Ezra in the eye, a faint multicolored glow of Light seeping out from between my exoskeleton plates.

“Ezra, I know you have no reason to follow me. I led us all to ruin, I exposed our race and scattered our species. But if you would give me a second chance, and follow me on my journey to reunite our species and bring them into the Light, I will need your help to complete this goal.”

“My Queen, as if you had to ask.”

Author's Note:

The time has come.
Execute order 312 and occupy the featured page

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Well Chrysalis certainly had an easier time acquiring knowledge of her past than most Guardians. I mean, Anastasia had to fake her own death, travel to an icy hellscape, oppose a worm-god, and reawaken an AI that previously was primed to prevent a machine-god from leaving Earth by blasting it. Not to mention the whole bit with her Sister being a timeline-hopping apocalypse survivor that has seen humanity fall more times than she can likely remember.

Ana never fsked her desth, she had it easy because the Bray facilities are a big deal. She abandon earth during the Red War to find Rasputin (the thing about crippling the Traveler is a rumor.) Agood example of a guardian having her own memories are from the Six Coyotes lore... and Crow.

And please give Chrysalis some exotics.

Hey she's got her name back, how marvelous.

I look forward to seeing if the Light can sustain Changelings.

I refer you to the Battle of Twilight Gap, where she faked her own death so she could go looking for her past to try and find information that could help humanity. It took her an unspecified number of decades after that before she even learned that Rasputin was on Mars.

Edit: Also, Crow DOESN'T have his memories, evidenced by his first encounter with Mara Sov after reviving. He says she "looks familiar" but doesn't actually recognize her as his sister.

Also, I never said Rasputin DID cripple the traveler, just that he was "primed to". As in he had a plan to do so if necessary, which the grimoire explicitly confirms.

crow does from season of the lost onwards. it took a bit but he is one of the only guardians that have his actual memorys back. Anna only has info and theorys tecnicly but nothing like a childhood memory

Upon looking Uldren's part in that season up, he also got his knowledge of his past from Savathun. Which doesn't really disprove anything, given how despite being unapologetically the biggest schemer and liar in the setting she is strangely honest when actually explaining stuff?

And Ana knows enough that even without having her actual memories, she could piece her life together pretty well. Reuniting with her lost sister and uncovering her grandfather's legacy really helped in that department.

A queen of lies bringing her brood into the Light. Now where have I heard that before...

In other news, i wonder how chryssy is handling that solar 3.0. My warlock friend is complaining about it, but it doesnt seem too bad (they spent all yesterday snapping things to oblivion in the new dungeon like roy mustang).

I’m curious how a ghost got to equestria in the first place. I’d guess through the mirror, but that bodes poorly for the humane 5.

The best schemes are well made by using the truth as bait. And honestly a good liar only tells half truths instead of a completely made up story.

I think Atarah said that the Traveler used the Light's paracausal properties to send Atarah to a different world/universe? Or at least that was the implication.

Well, that was certainly fortuitous that Chryssie ran into this changeling. Also, thankfully no Warlord Chryssie Risen.

Well Celestia will learn who's Light is stronger in the hard way XD


A queen of lies bringing her brood into the Light. Now where have I heard that before...

When I read this I thought about Radiance from Hollow Knight XD
Not in the sense that she is an enemy or "evil" but the implication Bug+Light=Moth

I assume this was going to be a redemption story but happy to get the confirmed. But let's see if she can change even though she does not know why she changed in the first place. Intensity deal with the hard decisions to come.

Well, that's disappointing.
In fact, I might even call it a waste of potential.
There is so much exciting stuff that could have been done if the secret stayed a secret for a while longer. And if she met real pony.
But no. Somehow, she immediately stumbled into her own subject, who for no logical reason hurried over to hide in this pub on a different "continent", as you say. And immediately spoiled to her all the info.

Immediately exposing all of your secrets, even potentially huge trouble like physical immortality to first friendly stranger if they say they know you? Is she naive or stupid?

By the way, saying "I don't even know what we eat" is a loaded question. First of all, no one will ask this in case of amnesia. Like, is this something you can easily figure out by yourself normally. And she has no incentive to know that it is anything special. Second, "we" implies that she already considered other party the same species, despite calling them "equine" earlier. And they really don't look all that similar. Which is an info leak, character using knowledge they not supposed to know yet. Just as well as that drone suddenly addressing ghost as a "construct". Despite having no idea what it was before, nor even a chance to know in the future.

Okay, past that. This drone seem to have no reaction to the fact that Chrysalis is being polite to them. Which makes no sense. Even Celestia doesn't speak like that.

Ah, yes. The power of coincidence somehow caused her to meet exactly one of the very few actually loyal subjects, who just happened to see her self-sacrifice. Whoop-dee-doo.

Meanwhile, I don't think Light power is something suited for ruling positions. It's a combat power and cannot be shared. Her words sound like as if she is starting a cult.

You do bring up some good points. I think your argument is overall flawed. As the changeling queen the only one to our know this see would have no reason to lie to her subjects and it's already been confirmed she already pretty much realize he was in some point of high social standing. Making it realistically necessary to lie on top of all of that there is a hive mind which he has eventually to get connected to. Now let's leave all that alone for a second and talk about the coincidence. At the high was broken of course they would leave Equestria and the doctor clean was dead so they would be scattered on the outside of Equestria not the inside so if Chrysalis left to the furthest point of her knowledge or without her knowledge see which still run into changelings. Plus she did not know how to disguise herself eventually someone's going to recognize her so you probably would have had at Max Street chapters without her someone would have to realize who she is and without the ability to safe shift or the memory of how to do it she was eventually going to be found out. And why since he not trust the changelings they loyally followed her at all times the only discontent was her holding of love which he did to keep everyone in line. But let's focus on the piece of resistance the sacrifice if you saw your queen who could have fled as soon as you saw it coming sacrifice her very life to save the rest of her people would you not have loyalty for her or at least respect. You could argue that she was not the best of persons but you cannot argue that she cares and did what was best for the hive and this situation. So overall the story was done correctly there was only a few things that literally could have been done different but still came up with the same result. And plus this is one changeling we only have this creatures perspective I'm pretty sure the other ones are not going to be so forgiving. I think you're forgetting about something the Queen is the only one that can have children. Let's ignore this is a redempting story and sees how to prove she's a worthy leader because he doesn't even need to do all of that. She could just take the easy way and say I'm the only Queen without me all the other changelings will die and they would have to follow her at least two sees able to make another queen. And from my understanding the light is made of pure positive emotions or positive energy in Chrysalis is radiating in almost un limited supply so arguably she could feed everyone of her people forever as long as he has the light.

Jeez, use some commas, damnit. You wall of text is painful to read. Did you even checked what you typed? Some sentences make no sense logically or grammatically.

But anyway, you seem to not understand what I said? Because you are talking about something else most of the time.
Also, "Hive mind" is NOT a part of this story, as it exists right now. AND IT NEVER WAS CANON. It's just someone's headcanon, that got popular.
What Light is made of, you also should have no idea, it's came from a videogame.
And where the fuck did you got that Queen is the only one who can have children, and they a are her's?
And that's far from all the problems in your comment.

I think you lost your head in the fanfics and can no longer distinguish original from made up crap.
Go touch some grass.

I love how you made the perfect point in your own argument this is not the original. You want to follow something that sticks to the original story I can tell you it is My Little pony friendship is magic if you look at that it would be pretty consistent to the original. And yes I understand some of the things I said was never confirmed in the story, but if we look at context it's pretty clear that these things happen or are happening in the story. Story does not have to clearly State something for it to be true it can be inferenced. and I hope you realize also the story is not ended already so the offer has time to write stuff in. So on your comment on he has not said it exists yet is a little silly because the story is not over he could or could not add in anything that would make the story more persistent. In because I'm outside on the grass while riding this, like to write a retort to your common on touching grass maybe you should go outside and touch Grace.


So on your comment on he has not said it exists yet is a little silly because the story is not over he could or could not add in anything that would make the story more persistent. In because I'm outside on the grass while riding this, like to write a retort to your common on touching grass maybe you should go outside and touch Grace. - vectorVll

I simply struggle to parse this "witty" answer. If you want to look cool at least make sure your answer is readable. Or at least contains less the two word per mistake.

Anyway, you seem to be confidently misunderstanding what I'm saying, again. But this is comment section, not a chat.
This discussion ends here.

Oh this is just delicious! Absolutely love the sheer amount of potential this fic has when it comes to content. To say that I am excited for more is an understatement of the century, cannot wait to see more.

On that note, Equestrian magic is already a whole new playing field between the power of the Light and Dark; each of which are more than powerful enough to mess with causality and all that super fun mumbo-jumbo.

"I also feel the need to kick purple butt."

Well, this should be interesting. Especially in how the ponies will react, but also other 'lings who may have a less favorable opinion of her.

'f-feat' - f-feast

'our food sources population' - our food source's population

'pony's retaliation' - ponies' retaliation

'ponies barrier' - ponies' barrier

I am happy that you understood what I said and got the wit. And I am sorry to tell you the rider is not only one who's up for criticism is also you and me in every commenter who's up for the same criticism, I have a feeling that we will be having this conversation sooner or later again. But I hope next time you can give me a more clear criticism then my writing is bad. And give a better explanation for your ideas of the story choices that should be made. I hope you continue reading the story and enjoying like I am wait for your next comment.

Absolutely require more of this one

This story is interesting hope it continues

Oh it will, just working on the finale of another one of my stories then im coming back to this

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