• Published 14th May 2022
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Giving Life - RandomChance

Twilight returns the favor to her life granting coffee machine.

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Good Morning, Coffee!

The earliest rays of morning sun pierced through the leaves of the Golden Oak library. The light illuminated the bark of the tree inside which the books were kept. Across the oak tree, a multitude of insects and other small creatures shook off the thoughts and dreams of the night from their minds as they set out to start the day.

One such creature was a bantling dragon named Spike. He felt the tiredness and exhaustion of the night escape from his mind as he set about the morning routine. He took quiet steps to make sure he didn't disturb the lavender unicorn that was sleeping not a stone's throw away from him, still snoring softly, and unaware of the current hour.

Spike made his way down into the main area of the library, where a certain machine sat on a countertop. With expert motions Spike placed a multitude of ingredients into the machine, from coffee beans to milk, as well as sugar and a small amount of cinnamon. After the ingredients were placed into the machine, he pressed a few buttons that set it into motion.

With the masterful craftmanship of a deity, the coffee machine boiled, plunged, and mixed the concoction into a masterful brew. The smell permeated the old library, almost bringing life to the wood and paper within the room. Every ingredient was expertly added in exact amounts of perfection, not a single grain or drop out of place.

Spike hummed with delight as he got a whiff of the brew being poured into the coffee pot. Almost unable to wait a moment longer, he grabbed it the second the last drop of coffee entered the pot, pouring it into the cup he had gotten while the machine had done its work.

Spike took few moments to enjoy the early morning, before the hustle of the day truly started. He closed his eyes after taking a slow sip of the brew, listening to the sounds of the day. There were the chirps of some birds, the buzzing of some bees, and the faint sounds of a certain pony's snores. It was the moments Spike really enjoyed. Sure, he liked spending the day with the girls, he enjoyed the adventures they've had since coming to Ponyville, and he could never get enough time with Rarity, but these moments were special to him. Those rare moments where he didn't have anything that needed doing, he didn't have any notes to take, and could just be in the moment.

Of course, all the good things in life have to come to an end, as he heard the sounds of snoring stopped with a violent fit of coughing, and a single groan indicate that the day had fully started for him. The soft clopping of hooves made their way down the stairs, and directly to the coffee machine. Spike opened his eyes to see Twilight standing in front of the machine, although she looked different from the bright and plucky purple pony that was seen by her friends and the ponies in town.

Twilight's mane and tail were an absolute mess of tangles and curls, to the point where the streaks of other colors had been completely buried underneath the messy fluff that was called a mane. Her eyelids sagged slightly and were a darker color that clearly showed a severe lack of proper rest.

"Good mornin' Twi." He said in a soft voice as she stood in front of the coffee pot.

"Mmmmgbrrruuuuu" Was the sound she made in response. Spike honestly couldn't really say why he bothered; it wasn't like she was really awake at this point. He watched Twilight as the mare took the mostly full pot of coffee in her hoof, before proceeding to chug the entirety of the liquid. Sighing, he made his way to the cabinets to, once again, make another pot.

The effect that the coffee had was almost immediate. Every sip Twilight took seemed to breathe life into what, in comparison, might has well have been a mummy. Her fur seemed more vibrant and bright, her eyes filled with energy, and even her previously tangled mane seemed to lose some of the tightness in the tangles.

After having chugged the entirety of the coffee pot, Twilight let out an extremely pleased sigh, before setting the pot down. As she moved to get a cup from the cupboards, Spike moved back to where she had been previously, refilling the coffee machine with more materials for it to work with.

It took a short amount of time, but the machine refilled the pot back to full. After it was filled, Twilight ignited her horn, intending to pick up the pot with her magic. However, her sleep addled mind didn't have the focus necessary for such a thing in that moment. Instead, Twilight was filling the entire coffee machine with her magic, though it wasn't something that could be seen with the naked eye.

After a few moments, Spike took notice of the mare's activity, or rather her lack of activity. His eyebrow raised in confusion and a not insignificant amount of concern.

"Twilight? What are you doing?" He said, getting the semi-awake mares' attention. She noticed that her magic wasn't doing what she intended to do and set about fixing the spell. With a slight hint of a blush on her cheeks, she properly lifted the pot with her levitation spell, before throwing away any image of manners as she proceeded to down the pot of coffee as she had the previous one.

"Haaaaaaaaaaahhh... Spike, take a note." Twilight said, causing the dragon's ears to flick.

"Already? But nothing's happened yet worth telling the princess about." He said, as the mare looked over to him with a smile.

"It's not for the princess this time. I just need to remember to send mom a thank you letter for shipping our coffee machine." Twilight corrected, to which the dragon responded with a small nod.

"I honestly can't believe you forgot it. Back home you barely ever a minute away from the thing. It was an absolute nightmare getting you up without it. If it weren't for Pinkie's cakes being so sugary, I'm not sure you'd have been able to start the days until it arrived." Spike mentioned, which caused the unicorn to flush slightly with embarrasment.

"Yeah, I'll need to thank Pinkie for that. I'm sure she'll be at Sugarcube Corner right now. We can thank her and then get started with the rest of today." She said, making her way to the mirror and putting the tangled mess into the more familiar flattened style that other ponies were accustomed to.

Spike also stood up from the table as he made his way to the bathroom, brushing his teeth and making sure his scales were all giving off their proper shine.

After their morning hygine routine, the two made their way out into town to see their friend.

Meanwhile, the energy within the coffee machine had condensed into a core. It was yet to have any thoughts, any will, but it still was there, giving off the slightest thumping. It was almost like a tiny heartbeat, like the very first sign of new life.

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

Thump Thump

Author's Note:

Hey guys! This is a new story that I had the idea for. I was sort of inspired by stories like Pinocchio and one fanfic on this site that had twilight build a robot (Though I can't remember the name). I thought this may be a good story to put out for my sort of rebirth. The way I'm going to approach this is going to be in a back-and-forth schedule, as I have a story I'm writing on another site at the same time.

It basically go with me working on a chapter here until it's ready, post it, and then do the same with my other story. Maybe I'll change it up a bit and do two back to back if the mood strikes me, but I'm not really sure.

Hopefully I made an enjoyable chapter for you, and I'll be sure to work on the next one as soon as I can. Have a good night/day/whatever and happy reading!

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This will either be brilliant or a catastrophe for twilight and i cant wait to find out which

"Mmmmgbrrruuuuu" Was the sound she made in response. Spike honestly couldn't really say why he bothered; it wasn't like she was really awake at this point. He watched Twilight as the mare took the mostly full pot of coffee in her hoof, before proceeding to chug the entirety of the liquid. Sighing, he made his way to the cabinets to, once again, make another pot.

Wow! She's more of a caffeine addict than the average American! (Joke)

A thousand words in, and this is already a good little story. Interesting premise, with a good execution. You have a good attention to detail, although you had some awkward phrasing here and there that, honestly, wasn't that big of a deal. My biggest complaint might be that I felt you could have been a little subtler at the very end with regards to the plot hook. I think it would have been more of a hook if it was a bit more mysterious what was happening.

Thanks for the critique. I'll do my best to keep up the quality work.

Yo e leído cientos de fanfics, pensé que ya no habría nada que me podría sorprender, al parecer me equivoqué 😁🇦🇹

No that's pretty close

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