• Published 10th May 2022
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Kamen Rider Utopia: Sunset Shimmer! - SunsetShimmer222

One night whie riding around the streets of Canterlot, Sunset Shimmer finds a strange device falls from the sky. When monsters start to terrorize the city it's up to Sunset and her friend Twilight to stop them.

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Utopia's Arrival (Part two)

On the USB drive Sunset found it shows schematics of a device called a driver. The two girls decide to keep it a secret from the others until they know what they're doing, later on Sunset gets attacked by a number memory, number 17 Leviathan Dragon.


"Welcome Kamen Rider Utopia, Sunset Shimmer." Twilight and Sunset eyes grew in shock. "Did it just talk?" Sunset asks. "I think it did... and look there's also a blue print on here." Twilight says. Sunset looks at the screen, a picture of schematics of a belt that looked very similar to Tempest's is on the screen. "What is this for?" Sunset questions. "It says that this is called a driver, you'll need it to transform. I'll just save this file and look at it later." Twilight says.

"Your going to build it aren't you." Sunset says. "If what you said about this Shocker organization is true then, you need this driver built as soon as possible." Twilight says. "And besides, with the two of us working together nothing can go wrong."

"What about that time during the chemistry test? We blew up the lab and it smelt like burnt eggs and vinegar for three weeks... I can still smell it." Sunset says. "Yes, but we passed didn't we?" Twilight asks and Sunset nods. "There you go, and plus knowing how reckless you can be your going to need me."

Sunset smirks and scoots closer to the girl. "Are you sure this isn't just an excuse to be alone with me~? If it is then I don't mind~" Sunset takes Twilights hand and gives her a wink. "Y-you flirt!" Twilight yells blushing and pushes Sunsets face away from her. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry Sparky, I just couldn't waste the opportunity." Sunset smiles.

"I guess we won't be telling the girls about this right?" Sunset says. "It would be better if we told them but, I guess it'll be safer for them if we leave them in the dark for now." Twilight says and collects her things, she hands the USB back to Sunset. "I'll start working on your driver when I get home and look at the files on my laptop." Twilight says. "In the meantime, you need to stay put and not do anything crazy." She tells Sunset. "What? I'm perfectly behaved!" Sunset says and Twilight just gives her a deadpanned expression. "Says the girl who just got herself into a Multiversal War."

"Do you need a ride home?" Sunset changes the subject. "I can drive you home if you'd like?" She says. "Sure, but just don't drive to fast..."


Episode one: Utopia vs. No.17 Leviathan Dragon


In the blink of an eye the next day rolls around and this time Sunset woke up to her alarm clock. I wish it was the weekend already... She gets out of bed and goes through her daily routine. Get in the shower, get dressed and brush her teeth. She slings her backpack over her shoulder and heads out the door of her apartment. Making it to the parking lot she revves up her bike and makes her way to school. She drives by the street where she found the USB number memory. There were several police cars parked around the crater with police tape. A news van pulls up to the scene and that's when Sunset drives off. Don't need to deal with that.

Sunset parks her motorcycle in the student parking, she takes off her helmet and makes her way to the school entrance. Rainbow Dash was the first to notice Sunset. "Running a bit behind aren't we?" Rainbow says. "I guess I'm still pretty tired." Sunset says and her stomach growls. "And hungry..."

Pinkie pie bounced over to Sunset and pulls a cupcake out of her hair. "Cupcake?" She asks. Sunset looks at it and then back at Pinkie. "You know what Pinkie, yes I would like one." Sunset says and takes the cupcake from Pinkie pies hand. "Y-your really going to eat the surgarcube?" Applejack asks. "Food is food." Sunset says and starts eating the cupcake. This is actually pretty good!

"Anyways, did you guys see the bunch of police cars on the way here?" Sunset asks. "Yes I have, something must've happened." Fluttershy says. "We should totally check it out after school!" Rainbow Dash exclaims. "Are you sure that's a good- (*YAWN!*) idea..?" Twilight asks and rubs her eyes. Sunset sits next to her and let's Twilight head rest on her shoulder. "Oh come on, aren't you guy's curious and want to see what's inside that crater?" Rainbow asks. "Well..." Applejack thinks.

Sunset turns her attention to Twilight. "Are you okay? You seem really tired." Sunset asks. "I've been up most of the night looking through the files from the USB memory drive and working on your driver. I'm almost done, it should be finished later on tonight." Twilight explains and Sunset frowns. "Maybe you should rest, you look really tired." Sunset says. "I'll stay in the nurses office for the rest of the day after lunch." Twilight says.

"Rainbow I'll come with you afterschool." Sunset says and Rainbow Dash punched the air. "Yes!" Rarity sighs. "I guess I should tag along aswell." She says. "All of us might aswell go then." Applejack says. "Twilight will you be coming?" Rarity asks. "No thanks," Twilight yawns. "I'll sit this one out." Twilight says. The girls talk for a little while longer before they split off to their classes.

The day went by slower than Rainbow wanted, once the bell rung signaling that school was over. Sunset walks into the nurses office to pick up Twilight. "Hi Mrs. Redheart." Sunset greets and said woman smiles.

"Here to pick up Miss Sparkle?" Sunset nods. "She's behind the curtain, she should be awake by now." Nurse Redheart says. "Thanks," Sunset opens the curtain to see Twilight still fast asleep.

"Twi, it's time to go." Sunset gently shakes her shoulder. Twilight stirred in her sleep and grabs Sunsets hand. "S-sunset....?" Twilight slowly opens her eyes. "Welcome back to the land of the living sleeping beauty!" Sunset says and hoists Twilight up in her arms holding her like a princess.

Twilight perks up and hides her face in her hands. "S-sunset you can put me down now..." Twilight stutters. "Nah, I think I'll carry like this." Sunset says with a smirk on her face. She gets Twilights bag and tell Redheart goodbye and walks out of the nurses office with Twilight in her arms.

Twilight's face was as red as Sunset's hair. Her heart started beating faster than normal whenever she was around the redhead. W-whats with me?! I shouldn't be reacting like this, I mean it's not like I don't like Sunset. She's my best friend, but...

Twilight looks up at Sunset who has a confident smile on her face. She's so pretty... Wait no! I can't think of her like that! She might not even like me that way, but she has been flirting with me a lot lately but–

Twilight snapped out of her thoughts as Sunset called her name. "Sparky, you okay?" She asks. "N-no I'm fine Sunset!" Twilight quickly says.

"Ok then, the girls want to check out the crater so I was wondering if you'd tag along." Sunset says. "Sure but can we go to my place first? I want to the driver I've been working on, just in case." Twilight asks. "Ok, I'll tell the others." Sunset says.

Sunset let's Twilight down and the two walk down the steps and head to the parking lot where they're friends are waiting. "Took you two long enough!" Rainbow Dash says leaning on her speed bike. "Are you two ready to go?" She asks.

"Just have too take Twilight by her place to get something, we'll meet up with you guy's later." Sunset says and gives Twilight her helmet. "Alright then, you two drive safely." Rarity says giving Sunset a look. "Don't worry, I won't drive too fast." Said Sunset, she starts the engine of her bike and Twilight climbs on behind her and wraps her arms around Sunset's waist. "See you all later!" Sunset holds up a 'V' sign and drives off.

"We should start heading to." Rainbow Dash gets on her bike. "Those love birds are going to be gone for awhile." She says while the rest of the girls pile into Applejack's truck and the five girl's drive away not knowing that something was waiting for them.


Nearby the crater a black and dark purplish metallic looking dragon sniffs around the crater. The police cars and news vans that we're there hours earlier had left for the day. The Dragon was tall enough to tower a grown man but was shorter than a lamp post. On it's long neck in yellow was the number "17." It seemed to be looking for something... or more like someone. Down the road was a girl riding on a Rainbow speed bike and a truck is tailing behind her. The creature then flies off and hides in the nearby woods and watches them.

Rainbow Dash parks her bike off to the side and heads to the crater. "Woah..." She says. "This thing is huge!" Applejack parks her truck and the rest of the girls get out and join Rainbow Dash. "See Dash, we checked it out. Nothin' here, let's go." Applejack says. "Look! There's animal foot prints!" Pinkie Pie says. The foot prints were bigger than a car tire. "It looks like it might belong to some type of reptile." Fluttershy says, Applejack kneels down and I touched the ground. "Fluttershy, I don't think a crocodile or any animal can make somethin' like this surgarcube."

Rainbow Dash then perks up. "Maybe a alien landed here!" The other girls gave Rainbow the "Are kidding me" look. Even Pinkie, and that's saying something. "What? If Sunset is from another world and came here then maybe aliens do exist." Rainbow says.

"Well, you do have a point there." Rarity comments, Applejack shakes her head. "Doesn't matter, whatever was here must be long gone by now. We'll let the police or someone else hand this." Applejsck says.

"Your such a buzz kill Aj." Rainbow says.

"I'm just being realistic here, if we do end up coming across whatever made these tracks, what if it attacks us? We haven't been able to use our magic since the friendship games." Applejack says. "We're technically screwed Dash,"

"Fine! I get it," Applejack sighs and puts a hand on Rainbows shoulder. "Look Dash, I'm not tryin' to boss you around or anythin'. I'm just tryin' ta' look out for you."

"Your right, I'm sorry." Rainbow says. "It's fine, I know. We should tell Twilight and Sunset that nothin' is here." Applejack says. "So are finally leaving?" Rarity asks. "My shoes look dreadful covered in dirt." She says. "Yes, we're going Rares." Applejack groans at Rarity. The girls walk over to their respective vehicles when a roar broke out. Stopping out of the forest was a black purplish dragon. It's red eye's lock onto the five girl's and roars again. "LOOKS LIKE WE FOUND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR RAINBOW DASH!" Rarity screams. The monsters red eyes gleamed.

"Alright, time to go!" Rainbow yells and hops on her bike. Applejack puts Rarity over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes and run to her truck, Pinkie and Fluttershy who is already inside starts the car. Pinkie slams her foot on the gas petal and swerves towards Applejack and Rarity.

"GET IN AJ!!" Applejack throws Rarity inside and she climbs in the passenger seat. "Step on it Pinkie!" Fluttershy yells and Pinkie steps on the gas petal, the back tires kick up dirt as they drive away following Rainbow Dash onto the road.

The monster flaps it's wings and roars. "UTOPIAAAAAH!!!!!!" It flies up too the sky. It's eyes land on a red haired girl with with blonde streaks riding on a red metallic motorcycle. Sunset's bike swerves to a stop.

"Hey!" She yells, the dragon lands in front of her.

"UTOPIAAAAAH!!" It roars. Sunset covers her nose and sticks her tongue out. "Eww, ever heard of a breath mint?" Sunset says, the dragon opens it's mouth and prepares and breathes out blue flames. Sunset quickly drops to the ground avoiding what would be a painful fiery death. She gets back on her motorcycle and revves it's engine. "You want me? Come and get me!" She yells and drives off leaving dust. The Dragon roars in frustration and flies after Sunset. That's right, come take the bait.

Sunset looks at the driver around her waist. It's a gold belt with a Sun as the belt buckle, two slots on each side of the belt and a slot on the side behind the belt buckle. Twilight, I hope this thing works!

Sunset gets on the main road and weaves between cars and semi trucks. "S-sorry!" She shouts.

The Dragon being a few meters behind her flips over cars, Sunset can hear police sirens coming closer. I really should have come up with a plan... Her phone rings in her pocket. Ugh,

She quickly takes out her phone and puts it on speaker. "Sunset Shimmer speaking," She says and ducks her head as a car flies over her head. "SUNSET!!" Twilight's voice yells from her phone. "Hey Twi, this isn't the best time to call—"

"Please tell me your not where I think you are. You suddenly just took off and took the driver with you." Twilight says.

"Would believe me if I said that I was at home?" No response. "Yeah, turns out one of the number memories are after me. And it just so happens to be a dragon, so how do I work this thing?"

"Well you'll need to get somewhere secluded to transform." Twilight says. "Oh, like one of those power rangers that do the whole three minutes transformation scene?" Twilight groans and mumbles a 'Yes, Sunset. Like the power rangers.'

Sunset makes a sharp turn down a alleyway and gets off her bike. "So uh, how do I do this?" She asks."Put the USB in the slot on your buckle and say 'Henshin.'

"Twilight, I'm not doing that." Sunset says. "Sunset, you do realize that you don't have a choice right?" Twilight tells her. "Fine..." Sunset groans. She takes out the USB and puts it in the slot and pressed the button.



A golden light envelops Sunset, her outfit completely changed. She's now wearing white armor with a turquoise chest plate and wearing a white and gold helmet, white armored shoulder pads with gold highlights and gold knee pads in the shape of a diamond. On her hips are two swords on each side of her waist connected to her belt. On her back is white mechanical wings with gold highlights. On her left shoulder in red is the number 39.

"Woah... Is this really me?" Sunset asks herself.

"It worked!" Twilight happily exclaims.

"Twilight if I survive this, I'm so taking you out on a date!" Sunset says. Her wings open and her flies to the skies.

The dragon roars and fires a fire ball at Sunset. Sunset spins and kicks the sphere of fire back at the dragon, exploding on impact and smoke covered the monster. "This is.... So cool!" She exclaimed.

The flies from the smoke and rams itself at Sunset slamming her to the ground. Sunset punches it in the snout and kicks the dragon off of her. "Ew. Ever heard of a breath mint?" She slams her foot on the underside of it's jaw.

"Ray Buster!"

The armor on Sunset's arm forms two cannons, she releases yellow beams of light hitting the dragon. Sunset looks at her arms amazed. "I can definitely get use to this!" She smiles.

The dragon comes flying back and slashes Sunset with it's talons sending her flying through a window of a office building. The workers all start screaming in fear as the dragon flies inside, Sunset lifts a desk off of her. "I probably shouldn't have gotten all excited..." The Dragon's tail wraps around her waist and she sighs. "This is going to hurt... isn't it." Sunset gets thrown through the ceiling flying up several floors before ending up on the roof. Sunset lands with a thud, she gets back up to her feet hearing the dragon land a few meters from her. Helicopters swarm around the two in the air.

Oh great, now people can see me get my butt kicked on TV.

The dragon roars and opens it's mouth wide to prepare for another attack. "Alright, time to see what this thing can do!" Sunset takes one of her swords and gets into a stance similar to a Samurai she would see in anime. Her sword glows a yellow-goldish color and a aura of golden light surrounds her. Her wings open adding an extra flare as she prepares her finishing move. "Hey ugly! Eat this!" She yells with fire in her eyes.

"Rising..." She flies up into the sky, "Sun..." She holds up her sword over her head and the dragon unleashes a deadly blue beam of energy at Sunset.

"Finishing move! RISING SUN SLASH!!!" Sunset flies towards the beam of energy and slices through it and the dragon. She lands on the ground in a kneeling position and puts her sword back in it's sheath as the dragon explodes into yellow particles.

Sunset stands up and catches a blue USB drive. I actually did it... She thinks to herself shocked.

"Excuse me!" A woman yells.

Sunset looks to her side to see a black haired woman with white steaks in her hair, behind her is a man holding a camera filming her. "Yes?" Sunset says.

The woman straightens up before facing her camera man leaving Sunset confused. "We're here live with the hero who just saved Canterlot!" The woman says and holds the microphone near Sunsets covered face. "Please tell us, what is your name. And are you going to be protecting Canterlof from future threats?"

"For your second question, yes I will be protecting Canterlot from futures threats like from what happened today!" Sunset says confidently and flies up to the sky.

Wait!" The woman says. "What's your name?"

Sunset thinks for a moment and then smiles and strikes a pose holding up the 'V' sign.

"I am Kamen Rider Utopia!"

Author's Note:

Well, here's one of my first stories on here. Can't to see how this turns out.