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There's not a lot that can be more disruptive to your life then suddenly being shoved into the body of a tiny colorful equine. Finally about to make something of yourself and Wham, along came pony. From advanced underground labs to lost magical artifacts, walk a mile in his hooves as Zēnith copes with what's been taken, learns to use what's been given, and tries to unravel the circumstances of his abrupt metamorphosis.

There, finally a summary I like the sound of! Even if it is a bit further forward then I have written...

Second person perspective for psych reasons, which means if you get confused, no you didn't skip anything, but remember you're reading from the point of view of the character, so everything is subject to his perceptions of reality.

Being written for the transformation thread on /mlp/, since they've been very nice and supportive. Hi guys!
Thank's to my fantastic editor Globebutt, without whom my story would be riddled with comma splices and tense slips galore!
Cover art by a super-awesome guy by the name of magikarp over in the draw thread. Thanks bro! (And don't worry, the story ain't as sad as little Zeni there makes it look!)

Rated Teen for Language.

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...Zenith is the name of my own OC (a male pegasus) and one of my few internet handles.


Anywho, should be interesting to see how this unfolds. Tracking for later when I have the time.

This seems very well written. Now, let's see if you can overcome the "turned into my OC pony" negativity. :duck:

Pretty mary sue, no? But this is set on earth as we know it, with the addition of one unicorn. Dat .gif though... I can't look away; it's too close to the reply box!

Yeah, I actually more or less made this OC for this story, since I wanted to write off the prompt, but had never gotten around to finishing mine. The name just kinda... fit? I always think it's weird when I see a Puck around online, so I know the feel.

Why do I get the feeling the cause of the aches and pains is that he is transforming?

So he acts like he's been a pony all his life and all it took was a human to remember that he was one too? :unsuresweetie:

That's what we call a stress induced psychotic breakdown, yeah. :pinkiecrazy:
He didn't want to face the reality of it, so his mind just kinda conviently ignored some stuff.

You could pretend I did all that in a dream sequence and he just slept-walked up the hill, if it'd make you feel better. Not much of a difference actually. :twilightblush:

1308852 And maybe the jerky wasn't really rancid, it just seemed that way to his new pony sense of smell.:duck:
This is a rather interesting story, one that I shall keep reading for now.:moustache:

And that is why you don't go hiking alone (even if you do have an awesome plushie of your O.C. with you) no matter how good of an outdoors-man and hiker that you think you are.

Well, buck. This should be interesting after he wakes up.

I was O.K. with seeing Astrid's point of view while Zenith was asleep, but you did call her Artemis at one point.
I enjoyed reading this chapter, and I hope to read the next one soon.

Doh! :derpyderp1:
Fixed. I thought I caught all of those, thanks :twilightblush:
The next part is coming along nicely actually, I'm at 4600 words and breakfast was just finished.

Shotguns, advanced technology, and a shower scene, look forward to all this and more in the next installment of:
Zenith: The Really Slowly Updated Adventure! (:yay:)

1399862 Nice. I'm glad to hear it. Sounds interesting, the wait is still nothing compared to that for some of the other stories that I've been reading.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_future.png

I think I can do that, lol. The next part I post was originally going to be the end of that one, so it should go faster since I have it more thought out. Might not be as long though. :twilightblush:

EDIT: Okay, well, it's now shaping up to be the second longest chapter, and I'm almost-but-not-quite done with it.

Very good chapter. :raritywink: Can't wait for the next one to find out if she was trying to trick him into showing that he was self aware or if she really going to put him in a private zoo.
Can't wait fo find out. :twilightsmile:

Oh, you, Astrid! Leaving your notes out where the strange, small, blue and orange unicorn could read them and leaving them turned to a page that would obviously elicit a panicked response.

Really great chapter. I eagerly await the next chapter.

AND NOW YOU KNOW. Spoiler:<Good guess man, it was really hard not spoiling it ahead of time.>

1548137 Sorry, didn't mean to spoil it, too much. :fluttershysad: Still was great to read what you wrote. :twilightsmile: and I can't wait till the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

Heh, no, I was hoping someone would guess, but I had really wanted to tell you that you got it right sooner, especially after it took so long to get that chapter posted. :twilightblush:

1549993 Thanks bro :twilightsmile:

That last line made me laugh. I love snarky A.I. :rainbowlaugh:

1550451 Yeah, that was awesome. Great chapter, I eagerly await the next one.

Would love to see this finished. Its a great concept.

The lead-up to this moment is actually very interesting for me. Slice of life-y, but you can really feel the underlying wrongness. And then up to this very chapter, the actual happening.

I'm hooked.

Holy crap, that is some crazy well-written stuff.

What the nuts was this? The language is pretty but I can barely follow the whos or whys.

Anyways, is the next chapter done?

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