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Stalin with Da Spoon

Greetings, I am Comrade Stalin, a soviet with a spoon who has discovered the art of writing fan fiction. Now, I have embraced chaotic comedic crossovers to further communism and memes. Ura, Glory!


Meet Ken Tucky, and his friends Jerry Jones, AKA the breaker, Daniel Dan, Fingle Dan, and Anne Droid/Rob Otte, all of them master gas station robbers of Los Santos, working together as a gang called 'The Bitches'. After accidentally driving off a cliff which causes them to somehow wind up in a new city by the name of Maretropolis, a city of walking talking anthropomorphic ponies, they react the way you would expect them to. They rob everything, and cause chaos that rivals even discord, as the power ponies work to stop Ken Tucky's gang and their attempted robberies.
Emphasis on attempt.

ken tucky was created by the mad lad Charborg and this video.

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The absolute beauty of this story brings tears to my eye

i already love this good work!

So is Ken Tucky Robs the World a video game or something?

It's a video created by Charborg, based off of GTA V gameplay. So, technically, yeah.

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