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This story is a sequel to We Spoke Of Was And When

Equestria is known across the world as a nation of prosperity, the initiator of 'Pax Equestria, the global demilitarisation initiative that ensured worlds peace for the foseeable future.

Unbeknownst to the masses, a conspiracy thousand of years in the making is brewing in the heart of the country, and only one pony can set things right.

Will she liberate the country from the veil of ignorance, or will the diarchy succeed, bringing about the age of total control?

Find out in Foals of Liberty.

Cover art obtained via Rusty_Kettle's friend. Check the guy out, he's got some interesting stuff, and he is really underappreciated!

A longer story than what I usually write. Not sure how often I'll update it, but I'll see it to the end.

Featured 17/05/22.

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Interesting, i'll be watching.

And I know your feeling, i did it similar once about Story chronical orders

Thanks for your comment, glad it caught your attention!

Very nice! And good idea on xof, pity it was never said in Metal gear what xof actual means

Youre welcome, eager to see more

Comment posted by Reclusive deleted May 19th

Thanks, fixed.

originating form without the

from within

I was meant to say that the call came from outside the facility.

Good. The Foals of Liberty has finally begun. Also, I’m getting an XCOM vibe off your story here. If so, I like to be named Commander Warhorse in your story here. Mainly making decisions on what to do in situations you know.

go through this razy plan

i think you mean Crazy ^^

Yeah, my bad.
Thanks for pointing it out, fixed!

I'm in love with your stories. This story has me hooked and looking forward to more. Really glad to see someone writing metal gear solid stories so well, been craving the military conspiracies that really only come from metal gear.
Excitedly waiting for the next chapter.

Don't flatter me, young man, you're making me blush!

Glad to see people like my stories, I've noticed the distinct lack of 'conspiracy' stories on the site too, and sought to remedy that asap.

Next chapter is like 1/3 complete, with a rough draft of around 4-5 chapters after that already written.

So basically from what I understand Celestia went full on tryannt mode and only likes things to be completely peaceful and nobody to stop her?

so that's how it was about redheart. and nice use of doctor hooves!

I wouldn't call what happened to Steelhooves's squad in the last chapter peaceful, would you?

I'm afraid it's a tad more complicated than 'Celestia wants peace', we'll find more about her motives in later chapters.

Oh okay that makes some sense I guess.

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