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Yo, im a dude that likes writing. Am I good at it? Idk but I like to think I'm at least decent at it. Been a brony for years and still am.



Hated and shunned by the population of Canterlot High, Sunset decides that she's done with being their punching bag; being insulted and blamed everywhere she went for something that she wasn't even doing. Even after saving the whole school, they're still dumb enough to think that she was the one spreading those secrets. She goes to clean out her locker when a group of students decide to give her a not-so-good sendoff.

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Sequel perhaps?

Is there any chance of creating a sequel?

sequel please!!!

Eh maybe. I just wanted to write this small segment but I'll consider writing a sequel.

I'd like to see more of this too!

I want to see Applejack and Rainbow Dash's expressions once they find out it was the Crusaders's doing.

Nice story.

I'm pretty sure that with their current attitude, the powers they received from being 'Elements of Harmony' would not work. Not with their personalities like that.

Interesting story and I would love to read a sequel if you ever make one.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it bro!

Desperately, Sunset began backing up as the bullies swung at her, it was impossible to block both of their punches at the same time. Barely any combat experience left her at a severe disadvantage. Taking a leap of faith, Sunset threw a kick, knocking herself off balance. She hoped it would knock back one of them. It landed and it managed to hit one of them in the stomach causing him to fall to the ground but immediately; a mayhem of punches from the other henchmen began swarming at her and she threw up her forearms in an attempt to block them.

barely any combat experience? she for real soloing these guys

Will this continue?

And no teachers around. :facehoof:

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