• Published 25th Apr 2022
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Twilight's Traveling Tomes! πŸ“š

"Cocoa, check. Book to read, check. Heater, check. Alexa playing fireplace sounds for a fun illusion, check."

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. Mind repeating?"

"Nothing, Alexa."

Doot doot doot.

One snowy winter evening in Pennsylvania, novel enthusiast Zach lied in his apartment nestled on a sofa with a good book, being bathed in the warm air of a crackling heater while enjoying a nice cup of cocoa. A perfect and chill time, nothing stopped the fiction fanatic from immersing himself in the literature.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

Until the faintest noise of what sounded like a wagon in desperate need of an oil treatment slowly wheeling by outside. Setting his book down, Zach moved to slightly tug the door ajar, spotting a blue snow-covered wooden cart on wheels timidly inching his way.

"May I help you?" he asked.

Stepping from behind the cart was a small purple unicorn with fluffy but frozen wings, all fashioned in a fuzzy quilted cap and scarf. Her shivering demeanor alerted the man.

"Oh, my goodness!" he gasped, guiding the chilled creature toward his home. "You must be freezing, come in, come in!"

Shaking the bits of snow off her cap, the alicorn shuffled inside, her creaky cart in tow. Inside, Zach pushed the door shut and went quick to fetch a blanket for the poor baby once he sat her by the heater.

"That better?" he cooed, flicking the remaining pieces of ice from her fuzzy cheek.

The alicorn nuzzled her face into his inviting hand, purring low. She stepped back to shed from her frostbitten clothes, fluffing out her lovely colored hair.

"Aww, I love your hair."

The pony flapped her stiff wings, her uncomfortably cold expression melted into one of appreciation.

"So, what brings ya, tiny pony? Whatcha got in the cart?"

With enough strength to move, the human's company dusted a blanket of snow draped atop the cart's vibrant sign to show a curvy line of text.

Twilight's Traveling Tomes, the sign glistened in the light.

"Ah, well it's wonderful to make your acquaintance, Twilight." Zach smiled, giving a slight bow. "Can I get ya anything? I got cocoa still brewing in the kitchen if ya want some."

Twilight rubbed her tummy with a adowable pout.

"I got you covered, sweetie. Don't you worry."

Zach fetched a quick cup of hot goodness for the mare, who happily gave tiny sips to her beverage and proudly wore her chocolate mustache high for all to see.

"You're a silly thing, aren't ya?"

"Pffft!" Twilight blew a friendly raspberry.

"Hmm, tomes. You mean, like, books, right?"

Her ears raised, Twilight went to open the large cabinet doors of the cart, plucking a book in her magic and placed it in the human's hands

"Heh, you must really like books, huh?"

The immeasurable energy manifested from the magical word sent a sharp tingle to her horn, its wave traveling along her smol form to trigger an untamed amount of tail wagging. Geeked out beyond the point of no return, she nudged the book closer to Zach.

"Oh, you want me to have it?" he tilted his head. "I'm always down to add to my collection. How much do I owe you?"

A slip of folded paper is levitated atop the cart's wooden counter.

πŸ“š = πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

"Books for cuddles?" Zach read aloud. "What a strange deal you got there, little pony."

Twilight gave a playful shrug.

"You must still be chilled to the bone, it's the least I can do. You're my guest after all."

A tiny squee later, the gleeful alicorn was already clinging to the amused man's legs, squeezing tight. Lifting her up, Zach held her by the armpits, bestowing the cuddly critter with a generous Eskimo kiss to the boopable nose.

"I'll be sure to tip you well." he winked, swaddling the little thing in the blanket.

Curled up in his long arms, Twilight's sparkled eyes mesmerized Zach as she settled in her cozy position. "You are just cutest thing! Who's an adorkable silly filly? Who is it?"

Twilight squirmed a hoof free to poke the blubbering goof's nose.

"How dare you, you're the one that's supposed to be booped!"

Boop, Zach retaliated.

"There, how ya like that?"

A mischievous smile graced the alicorn's face, she managed to grab ahold of Zach's affectionate hand and proceeded to nibble along the fingers with adowable "nums."

"Heyyy, what are you doing there? I am not food, silly!"

"Mmm!" Twilight hummed, nibbling further.

"Nuh uh, I am not 'Mmm'-worthy. Come here, you."

Twilight's crimes against humanity costed her dearly. What befell her was a near-endless assault of cheek kisses and swift booping on all sides. Zach sat on a nearby rocking chair, unfurling the blanket to scratch her squishy belly, her smol hooves kicking around in pleasure. Her guard down, the sneaky human took a deep breath and...


The loudest raspberry known to man and ponykind echoed throughout the apartment, Twilight erupted into a giddy whinny as she wrapped her arms around Zach's neck in a thankful hug. The deed done, Twilight sat up in her friendly customer's lap.

"You're the sweetest little pumpkin," he hummed. "I wuv your cuteness."

A heavenly glow grew upon Twilight's cheeks. Her transaction complete, she slid down Zach's legs and pushed the cart with her magic for the door.

"L-Leaving already?" the man rose up. "It's still cold out there."

Twilight let out a meek sigh, hanging her head.

"You can stay the night if you want. It'll start getting warmer tomorrow anyways, lemme keep you cozy. I insist, Twi."

Her stature more uplifted, the pony was quick to hop back into Zach's lap as he sat down in the chair. He chuckled, waving his new book teasingly. "What do you say we rest with a fresh book?"

Twily smiled wide, lightly stomping her hooves under the cover before nuzzling into her kind host.

"Okay, here we go. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away..."

Author's Note:

Role of Zach: twidash1993

"Wonderful company, just wonderful. A HUGE nerd for literature, but that's a plus in my book!

5/5 Bookhorses!"